I have been with Dr. Haduck for 18 years and would highly recommend him for a Primary Care Physician!!!??
Two issues here. Firstly, if you make and appointment at say, 11am, you wont get in until 2 or 3pm, In a closet sized lobby. Secondly, he does not believe in medical marijuana. Within a week of quitting weed, my sleep apnea came back, as did my asthma. Zero symptoms for years while smoking. Anxiety and back pain are much worse as well. I cannot trust a doctor who knows so little about medicine and the human body.
Our family switched to Dr. Haduck as our family physician two years ago. Best desicion we could have ever made. We trust Dr. Haduck 100 percent with all of out Healthcare needs. He is a very conscientious physician. Highly recommend Dr. Haduck.
I have been a patient of dr. Haddick since I was 2 years old (29 years and counting) and my family moved hear in Michigan . As far as how great he is there's not enough stars for me to mark. My son is 9 years old he's never been to a pediatrician only trust advice of my doctor which is Paul haddick.Great listeners,never judges and willing to explain so we all are on the same team. He's a great person as well as a great doctor we're very blessed to have him on this Earth. ..????.'
I've seen tons of doctors, many judgmental & prejudice against their patients, their habits, the way they lived their lives, but Dr. Haduck is not. He understands patients and their history and troubles & looks to help instead of judge or blame. He's an amazing man, an amazing doctor, compassionate, I can't speak highly enough of him. He may not have only saved my life, he may have changed it. I owe him more than 5 stars & maybe my life. The staff also helped me find an amazing Neurologist.
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