I've never had a doctor spend as much time talking and listening about my problems. Dr. Freydl is a real gem! Espescially in the fast paced world we live in. He has helped me with my physical problems greatly and I appreciate his frankness and honesty. I would recommend his services to anyone with back and spine issues. I can't thank him enough for his help and support.
I have the utmost respect for Dr. Perez-Cruet, this man has not only performed one surgery on my lower back but he has done six surgeries in four years on my back. I wouldn't want anyone else to operate on me but Dr. Perez-Cruet. He has done a lot of work on my back but because of Dr. Perez-Cruet and our Lord I am still able to walk, at one time I was in a wheelchair. He is very knowledgeable at what he does and if anybody can help you, he can.
Dr. Manalo is a Warm, Wonderfully Caring and Personable Dr. She not only takes care of her patients, but goes above and beyond her treatments and advice. She listens and I mean; REALLY listens and takes the time to make sure you understand well, everything she explains. You feel very comfortable when seeing her. And you donot feel like you're on a conveyor belt, get them in-get them out sort of thing. Her staff are Wonderful and her RN's also take good care of you. And relax anxiety. Thank You!!
Tells you exactly what needs to be done to correct a problem and makes it happen !...outstanding Doctor !!!
Extremely knowledgeable great and caring bedside manner. You must remember that he is a surgeon. He will tell you honestly if he thinks a surgical option will help you.
Dr Veyna was great. He sat across from me and my husband and took the time to explain everything from my MRI to surgical options. He also was very honest regarding how much pain relief cervical spine surgery would provide. After ten years of pain I feel that even a small amount of relief would be welcomed and we were grateful for his honesty as to what to expect. We never felt rushed despite the office being very busy that day.
Dr. Manalo is very caring and considerate of my needs and doesn't push medication. I have multiple issues with my neck and back and under her care I'm living my life with full function. She is genuinely concerned about progress being made. I have been a patitient for a couple years now and she as well as the staff have always treated me with kindness and respect.
I saw dr Venya last year. Very kind doctor explain your condition to you. I will eventually need a cage and screws in my neck. However he is one not to cut unless absolutely necessary. I will be going back soon as fir another evaluation since my condition has worsen. For another her consolation. To keep up with my pain and recommendations from him.
If you want a Dr who cares,who gets you an appt in a timely manner ( less than 6 months), who calls back with your concerns within a week, then this doctor is NOT for you. Gross negligence for existing patients including apathy after a surgery are just a few things encountered. I would rate him and his office a zero . Office visits appear to be a way to gain money and office copays while continuing to practice neglect and incompetence. Therefore I will not be back.
I had to see Dr. Fessler when I was in St. Johns Providence this past weekend. I found his mannerisms to be very offensive when he called me out of my name. I wouldn't recommend this doctor to any of my friends or family members. If this is how he speaks to patients who have not been given prior knowledge to certain specialists or doctors,it is only a matter of time before his rude behavior gets him into a world of hurt literally and physically.
Dr. Manalo is a super person. She is the first female doctor I had & realize she listens more than any male doctor I had. I appreciate her helping me feel like I have a life again. She is the best and I recommend her to all.
Dr. Manalo listens, cares, and tries to limit the number of procedures which saves me money and stress. I trust and would highly recommend Dr. Manalo.
DEFINITELY Dr. Manalo is a wonderful doctor! She is caring and compassionate and very detailed. I TRUST Dr. Manalo, as she is a great listener, makes me feel comfortable and doesn't run unnecessary test or procedures. I have and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Manalo!!!
When I was diagnosed with a meningioma of the spinal canal, I was shocked and scared! I had discomfort and pain for almost a year before a doctor ordered a MRI exam - and there it was, very clear. Dr. Fahim was one of two surgeons I consulted, and I liked the way he explained the problem, the proposed surgical intervention, and his directness and honesty. Because I have had cancer in the past, I chose to have him do the surgery as he had trained at M.D. Anderson in Texas.
Dr. Veyna has performed both a cervical fusion and a cervical decompression. He brought me through both with flying colors!! He is also quite a human being. He participates in doctors without borders. Above EXCELLENCE!!
I am so thankful for Dr. Manalo she is a doctor that listens to everything I had to say, she said I have many options that we can try to get your pain under control and we had a plan to start that day, and if that did not work we tried other ways then we found one that worked to get my pain under control I thank god for her everyday I have been to a lot of pain clinics and doctors just don't listen like Dr, Manolo.
I suffered four years with severe migraines and Dr. Fessler diagnosed me with my first visit before he had me get a MRI. He was a wonderful doctor and was very patient listening to me explain what symptoms I had. I has been to many doctors and specialist doctors that never could diagnoses my health situation. Thank you Dr. Fessler!
Dr. Jacob successfully removed an acoustic neuroma. Before the surgery, he spent the time to discuss my options, explain the procedure and answer all of my questions. The surgery went as planned. Dr. Jacob spent time in the hospital and in a follow-up appointment to explain how the procedure went and to check on my progress answer all of my questions.
Very professional, compassionate and competent. Wouldn't have anyone else work on me!
I find Dr. Richard Veyna to be an excellent doctor. He is very knowledgeable and has had an excellent education graduating at the top of his graduating class. He is a great communicator and took the time to listen to the problem I have with my neck.
Dr. Farhat examined my neck carefully and recommended a topical get to help ease the pain in my neck. It Really helped me. He was also very kind and knowledgeable.
Dr. Farhat is great! Very knowledgeable, and takes the time to listen to you. He has referred me to many doctors for all kinds of problems. He's really the one doctor that I trust to help me get well from my terrible car accident
Dr. Fessler is an excellent Dr. I would not be alive today without him
I would highly recommend Dr. Fahim. I am so pleased with the result of my neck surgery. There was so little pain after surgery and recovery has been great. He answered all my questions throughout the entire time, before and after surgery. After a couple of initial consults regarding my surgery, I feel blessed that I had Dr. Fahim as my surgeon.
Dr. Veyna has been my doctor for years. I first saw him at a different practice. He had treated me for neck and back issues. When he moved to the MHSI practice. I followed him there. He knows my case inside and out and there is no one I trust more for my back and neck issues then Dr. Veyna.
One of the worst experiences I've ever had at a Drs office! This woman spent more time talking about acupuncture, and the fact that she was treating patients before she was even certified to do so ,then she did talking to me about my procedure. I have absolutely no confidence that she will act as the doctor prescribed. She's more interested in acupuncture than treating patients correctly.
Dr Nida's self written profile is far from the truth. He has no compassion. He did not care about me as a patient. He was not the slightest bit concerned about my health. I was not the text book perfect surgery candidate. He is only concerned about his income not his patients
Arrogant and rude!
dr veyna did my last 2 neck surgeries and i must say i never felt so much relief i have in years. i was not only having neck issues the second time but also shoulder issues. i was seen another doctor for my shoulder,they thought it was seperate issues. well after this neck surgery.i am glad to say my shoulder issues are gone completely! i would highly recomend dr venya for any issue you might be having. i love his bed side manner and has a great sense of humor and loves his patients.
I am a 70 year old female. I had a cervical fusion (4 levels) 3 years ago by Dr Todd Nida. I chose Dr Nida from 3 other Spine surgeons. The surgery & recovery was excellent. I have not had any more neck issues or pain in the past 3 years. I had a lot of worry & concern before this surgery, I am glad that I chose Dr Nida.
Dr. Stewart has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. After visiting many specialists, she was the first to say, "I think I can help you." She developed a plan for addressing my spinal issues and has followed up faithfully. She has been excellent in addressing my total care and seeing me as a person, not just a spine. Her kindness has been a blessing. I am so grateful for her persistence in exploring new avenues to help me. She doesn't give up! I highly recommend her!
Dr Carrie Stewart is an AMAZING Doctor. Her concern and care is OUTSTANDING!
I had to have a herniated disc in my neck replace and the vertebrae fused. Dr. Diaz is excellent at what he does. I would trust him with life again and would recommend him to anyone who needs to neurosurgery done.
Dr Veyna said the incision would be 1" and it was 2" incision and sewn up very poorly. On my chart was I was allergic/adverse side effects to pain medication, which I get NO PAIN relief, loopy confusion and nausea. They gave me that medication anyway. I told the staff I was getting NO PAIN relief, vomiting, they just stated we gave you medication. I stopped taking the pain med and went home. He does not take care of his patients. Go get PRP or Stem cells instead.
He is not the surgeon that did my surgery but due to that surgeons death I have been sent to him. He seems to be very knowledgeable however, he has a sense of arrogance. I was very please to find out my tumor had not returned however, he talked down to me and made me feel because my MRI was good news he had no time for me and just wanted my money and told me what I had to return for my next check. I still have some issue however, because he could not cut he did not care!
For many years I had severe back pain associated with bulging and herniated discs, scoliosis and a few other things. I was so nervous about having anything invasive. It has been 2 1/2 yrs now and I am so happy to say I have been pain free for 2 years. I am able to walk 5 miles a day and pick up my 8 month old grandson. Dr. Fahim is great and I tell people so. His staff was very efficient. It is so invigorating to be pain free and enjoying things again.
I felt I was in very skilled hands!
Dr. Michael performed my lower back surgery for spinal stenosis late 2016. The results was total success and I recovered much quicker than I expected. After years of limited mobility and back problems, I'm totally without back and muscle pain. I've regained my posture and active lifestyle. I credit this entirely to the knowledge and skill of Dr. Michael. During the whole process he offered accurate assessments on the surgery results . For backs, there is no better doctor!
Dr. Fahim is an excellent surgeon. When I first met Dr. Fahim in his office, he was so polite and professional. He explained my surgery in detail and took the time to focus on me as a patient and answer my questions. Before surgery and after surgery, he is still the same caring surgeon that I met. He is a very skilled surgeon that treats every patient as if he/she were his family member. He corrected my back problem and I would highly recommend him to anyone experiencing back pain.
I went to the class and they said to control your pain. I had surgery. Beaumount never controlled my pain. I had a reaction to medication. I got blow off by the doctor and his staff. My pain was never controlled. I had to go to a pain doctor.
I am so glad I was referred to dr Stewart. She takes the time to understand me and my pain. She is friendly, caring and knowledgeable.
When you have an unusual condition, you want the best - that's Dr. Fessler. He's clearly one of the leaders in his field. I really liked his consultative, informative, pragmatic approach. I felt like I could ask any question and get a clear answer. He's in demand, so sometimes appointments are booked a bit out, but he's worth waiting for. I had a follow-up issue after surgery on Christmas Eve and he came by the hospital ER to check on me despite been over an hour away. Dr. Fessler is the best!
I was referred to Dr. Fessler by my PCP and tried to get appointment. They have cancelled and rescheduled three times. I could be 6 feet under by the time I get in to see him. 3 months for an appointment and he is the only physician in the practice that does this kind of appointment.
My experience with Dr. Fahim has been exceptional. He is a very talented surgeon who helped me tremendously, there is no comparison between when he first saw me and then after surgery. He puts patients more at ease with major surgery assisting to understand the procedure/problem and the follow up care needed. His genuine concern for patients is above and beyond reproach. I strongly recommend Dr. Fahim.
Dr. Fahim explained my brain surgery to me in a way that I was completely confident in his ability to remove my mass which he did. His bedside manner is wonderful. All of my questions have always been answered and everything explained to me in detail. I have complete trust in Dr. Fahim and his handling of my medical condition.
Dr. Fahim took the time to answer all of my questions, and believe me, I had lots of questions. He helped me feel comfortable with the surgery, what to expect with both surgery and recovery. I was very anxious about having the surgery, but I felt confident in Dr. Fahim and the surgical staff. After the surgery I realized that most of my pre-surgery anxiety was unwarranted. My recovery went better than expected and I am glad that I had the surgery.
DR. Fessler is a very compassionate doctor. He easy to talk to and explains procedures in detail. He is a very experienced surgeon. Rod had an anterior cervical fusion and everything is going fine. He kept me informed and also called me after surgery to update me on his condition. I work in the medical field and it is very refreshing to have a Dr. that is so caring. I would recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks again, Denise Kennedy
Love her! Wise and very good at what she does! Treats me respectfully every time!
Dr. Veyna, thank you for seeing me in the ER at RO Beaumont the other day. I was in a real bad way and my normal Dr (P-C) from your practice was out on state on vacation. And God bless him for it as you doctors work as hard and long as anyone and probably more. I felt like my life was spinning out of control and you gave me a path forward. I will be getting an EMG next week and seeing P-C on his first day back. God bless you are yours, JT
Dr Nida saw me for my neck injury on 11-18-16 because I didn't need sury he dismissed my injury and did not even listen to me after that, wrote a report to my doctor that was totally incorrect as far as my history of my injury and daily activities! If you not getting butchered don't waste your time!
Best doctor and surgeon I have seen in my life time. He cares about his patients. He did my surgery and is currently working on my sisters. He knows what he is doing. I thank God for him and his assist. She is wonderful too. You are in good hands with them.!
Dr. Marshall is very understanding, and professional. If I was asked to change any things during my visits with Dr. Marshall, there wouldn't be nothing I would change.
Very kind doctor. I felt well informed about my procedure. I also felt I was in good hands. He not only walked me thru what he was doing but options going forward.
Dr. Stewart was recommended to me by a friend who had seen her when she worked in Ann Arbor. With MRI disk in hand, I showed up for my first visit. She read all the conclusions from the doctors who looked at my MRI, then started looking herself. See located a cyst between L4 & L5 that wasn't even mentioned in my report. Since that first visit I have had that cyst drained twice and several steroid injections, all out-patient stuff. I feel much better with minimum pain and can walk upright. GEM!!
Ms.Carrie is a very carrying doctor who never miss treats her patients. She is a very helpful person who treats her patients like family. these are some people who agree with me Brenda Ray, Randy Jackson, Jada Strong, Mark Purvis, Maurice Nichols, Fred Micgoph, Ashton Settler, Stephanie Tullos, Marryane Smith, and Mikasa Ackermen. All of these people are sure that this doctor is a amazing she can work as if she is using a spell from a witch. she makes all of her patients feel comforted.
Dr. Venya did my back surgery he takes time when he sees you very kind and thoughtful. You will genuinely like him he is very competent, you'll be pleased.
Dr Veyna was wonderful. He sat down and explained what was going with my MRI and disc. He gave me 2 options and and of course i couldn't wait. He got me into surgery next day and i was walking soon after. If not for him and Dr Roth i would still be extreme pain. Thank you so much!
After suffering from excruciating back pain and 2 trips to the ER, I was fortunate enough to get an appointment with Dr. Stewart. She is a compassionate and caring physician and she was able to diagnosis and treat my condition and relieve my pain within hours. Dr. Stewart has helped me get the treatment I needed and is now a part of my health care team.
My doctor, my friend, I trust him with my life.
I was originally referred to Dr. Stewart by Dr. Brodkay, after having a back fusion. Due to her treatment I was able to continue working at my teaching job for five more years. I have followed Dr. Stewart. She listens to you, and spends time doing whatever she can to help. She called Blue Cross to help with medical coverage. She wrote letters for me to get short and long term disability insurance from work. In conclusion Dr. Stewart is the most caring and best doctor I have ever had.
Dr. Stewart has been treating me since my auto accident in January of 2015. I have found her to be a rare "personable" doctor. My injuries were both scary and confusing to me. She explained things in terms I could understand. She exhausted every option available in treatment for me. She does what is best for the patient, not what the patient wants. We need more doctors of her caliber in the medical field. Stay strong, and keep helping us doctor Stewart.
What an amazing, caring physician!!!! Thank you so much for helping me.
She listens and encourages me to ask questions. Takes time to explain and has assisted in alleviating my pain to a great degree. She has always returned my calls and has gone out of her way to follow up with me. I am so grateful to be in her care.
Dr. Stewart was my physician in charge of my pt after having back surgery from a neurosurgeon. Her care was excellent. She listened to all my concerns and administered to them with additional testing as needed. I continue to see her as needed. I have even recommended prople to see her forbtheir specific needs. She is excellent! And her staff is very good!
Very caring and his confidence inspired my confidence in a good outcome.
Dr Veyna is not only knowledgeable but has a can-do upbeat approach to medicine. I truly felt that I was his priority when considering a double Mobi-C Cervical Spinal implant. He kept me well informed unto the issues I would face, remembered my partner's name and occupation, as well as everything as regards to my desires for my life. After my surgery he was attentive to my needs as well as made sure to address my concerns post-surgery. For such a serious surgery it went perfectly.
I am very satisfied with the results of my surgery. I am back to my normal life.
I had surgery with Gilmer back in 2008. In 2012, after a second surgery with a different doctor for Arnold Chiari Malformation Type 1, I received the surgical report which stated before and after my first surgery, the MRIS show that during the surgery my C2 vertebrae had been broken and healed incorrectly and created a bone spur. Gilmer was responsible, she NEVER told me and instead left me to find this out on my own. I've been diagnosed with a secondary condition because of this bone spur.
Excellent office, pre-surgery class, surgical and Beaumont Hospital staff. Amazing difference after treatment
Doctor Gilmer is an amazing doctor. She saved my life. Her bedside manner is top notch. I have never had a more personable and caring doctor. I wish more would take after her.
I love this doctor! She took the time to figure out what was causing my pain, and went the extra mile to perform procedures that keep it under control. I can walk, move around, do housework, and work because of her. I'd highly recommend Dr. Manalo to anybody who is motivated to be well and willing to work at maintaining and maximizing his or her physical mobility.
He was absolutely amazing, my back was so messed up and I'm only 24, and he put it back to perfection with only two incisions. He was so kind and helpful with all my question, and was extremely kind after my surgery. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
Dr. Fahim is extremely thoughtful and thorough. He was very helpful in explaining his decision for surgery based on the findings and the rationale for his plan.
Thanks to Dr.Fahim, I am alive and I have my vision. I was refered to the doctor after MRI reviled a tumor near my pituitary gland. Dr.Fahim did exceptional job removing this tumor and was very attentive after the surgery. In addition to this, I had issues with my upper back and Dr.Fahim refered me to Physical Therapy that focussed on spine issues. I am almost pain free for the first time in 20 years. I am very greatful to Dr. Fahim and would trust him with health and life of my family.
Dr Diaz saved my life 15 years ago and for that I will always be grateful. At the time I had a vascular malformation that nobody in GR wanted to operate on. Dr Diaz took one look at the MRI and said, I think I can get that. He did successfully resect the malformation and I have done very well as a result. In addition to a skillful surgeon he is also a great man.
Poor bedside manner, doesn't listen to your issues. Assumes she knows everything
Dr. Fahim sent me away in severe pain after commenting on symptoms I did not have. Dr. Fahim did no exam, no studies, no work up at all and did not even address the symptoms I was experiencing.
Terrible ......terrible terrible terrible
She is the BEST!! Takes her time and does not treat you like your part of an assembly line! Discusses your case ask questions she will answer! I would not trust any other doctor with my daughter's health!??
Dr. Manalo is awesome! She understands my pain and knows how to treat my condition with excellence. Dr. Manalo is not only professional in her care, she is genuinely concerned about my whole health. I would recommend Dr. Manalo to anybody in need of her expertise . I would like to add if I may, the staff is alway professional, polite, accurate and efficient . Even though their days are busy I've always been treated very well and greater with a smile. Thank you for putting patients first!
He was very polite, he explained what my condition was, and how he was going to treat it. My post op recovery was quick and relatively painless
I have already told so many people how much I like Dr Fahim. He studied my MRI with a fine tooth comb. He showed and explained to my husband and I the problem areas. He answered all of our questions. He sat and took time to listen to all of my concerns. He didn't try to rush me in and out. What a wonderful Dr. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He made me feel very comfortable right away. He is just so friendly and easy to talk to. Dr Fahim is a fine gentleman as well!!!
Professional and thorough !
Great experience. Dr. Freydl spent time and explained all of tests and X-rays with no sign of impatience, only utmost respect. Discussed different courses of actions and pros and cons. I look forward to my next appointment. What a great guy!
Dr. Fessler has performed several surgeries over the past decade. He's been professional, kind and personable. Besides all that, his surgeries have been lifesaving. I'm thankful to the Lord for Dr. Fessler.
She is very easy to talk to, listens very well, an is very knowledgeable. Her staff is very friendly an always accommodating. When she is with you, you do not feel rushed she takes her time with each and everyone of her patients, but the most of all is she LISTENS. an does not make you feel like your stupid or crazy.
Dr. Manalo is highly educated and extremely caring. She spends as much time as you need during your appointments with her. You never feel like she is rushing to get to her next patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Manalo because she is one of the most intelligent and compassionate doctors that I have ever been to. Dr. Manalo is an expert in pain management and is very passionate about helping her patients. Five stars all around.
Dr. Fahim performed surgery on my neck that saved my mobility and most likely my life. He is an excellent neurosurgeon and I trust him completely.
Does not welcome input from his patients unless it's to agree with his recommendations. Evaluation included inaccurate information that then supported the need for surgery. Overemphasizes actual risk. Turned all care over to his staff and mid-level providers after surgery. Did not do physical exam or assessment of his own beyond visual contact of less than 2 minutes. Scheduled only one post-op visit within the 90 dayglobal package covered by insurance.
Good doctor with pleasant attitude.
Very disappointing experience. He tells you how he can help you and solve your issues then when you go back it's like he never said it. Don't know why he's considered top doc. I know three people that have gone to him with the same outcome as stated.
I would recommend Dr. Goldberger. He was professional, honest, and answered all my questions. I was referred to him after two other doctors could not diagnosis my problem. Dr. Goldberger found the problem right away. He performed surgery and now I have complete feeling back in my hands and legs.
He cares about each patients needs. Your not a number or an amount written on a deposit slip. He's honest with diagnoses & asks you what you think, what your ready for, & expresses what's needed to save your quality of life. He's been my neurologist since 2008, coiled aneurysm which should have taken my life in 2008, and surgically clipped 5 more in 2009, had strokes during surgery. But his knowledge and eloquent professionalism saved my life. I thank him........hugz R Hawkins
Thoroughly explains conditions/procedures/treatments Excellent 'bedside' manners Does not rush the patient.
I had been in a very bad car accident. I had horrible back pain and headaches and was getting no answers or relief with any of my doctors. I was referred to Dr. Fessler with little hope of finding any answers at this point. He took his time explaining my MRI's with me and finding alternatives and extra testing to get to the bottom of my issues. He was great at answering all and any questions I had. I left his office finally with answers I was looking for!! Thank you!
Dr. Michaels' is the best Neurosurgeon! He removed a meningioma from my left frontal lobe on Valentine's Day in 2015. Through the grace of God, he was able to remove my tumor by entering my left eyebrow & reconstruct my eyebrow to match my right brow leaving very little scarring. Today I am still recovering & feeling thankful that I am blessed to be here to recover. Thank you God for blessing Dr. Micheals' and all of the healthcare professionals that provide my medical care.
Outstanding physician with great communication skills. A++++++
Not enough space to explain all so ill just say this ive suffered chronic pain and fatigue since 1989 after coming out of a voluntary drug rehab i couldnt find a dr. To help at all then by gods grace i met dr grias this dr has turned my life around since i started seeing her in 2010 she didnt judge my past she knew i needed help she wasnt afraid to take a chance with me has supported me even when i stumbled she is a very compassionate caring human being and physician. To me an angelof mercy
I suffered a ruptured disc that caused excruciating pain and numbness in my left leg and foot. I was taken to McLaren Macomb, had an MRI, and Dr. Goldberger immediately diagnosed my problem and scheduled me for surgery. He explained every step, before and after. The surgery eliminated my pain and numbness, and I was actually up and walking hours after my surgery. Dr. Goldberger gave me a new lease on life. I have no reservations recommending him to any family member or friend.
Dr. Goldberger's care was above and beyond on my family's very complicated case. He was always up to date and explained everything so that we could understand it. I appreciated his professionalism and persistence. I can recommend without hesitation.
He was not very helpful. Sent me on a wild goose chase, and stated i didn't have an illness, but clinically depressed. Really?!?!?! Of course I am depressed - I feel horrible, all doctor wanted to do was throw pills at it, and band aid the problem versus FIX it!!
Dr. Gilmer was very knowledgeable and took her time with me. She explained everything to me and my family along with surgery and if i postponed the surgery what could happen.
Dr Fessler is very patient and caring. I love that he takes his time to explain thing to me.
Best dr I've ever dealt with kind, cares personally & very intuitive. He explained my husbands problem in detail to us, he understood his pain & actually cared 2 thumbs wayyyy way up for dr venya thank you so much appreciated
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Michigan Head & Spine Institute
(877) 784-3667
Michigan Head & Spine Institute
43475 Dalcoma Dr Ste 150
MI, Pontiac, MI, 48341
Michigan Head & Spine Institute
(877) 784-3667
Michigan Head & Spine Institute
44200 Woodward Ave Ste 112
MI, Canton, MI, 48187
(877) 784-3667
6200 N Haggerty Rd Ste 200