I have been a patient of Dr. Masternick for almost 25 years and I consider him to be an outstanding provider. The second he walks into the examination room, a smile comes to my face and I automatically feel better than when I walked in. I sincerely love this man because he has been there and addressed all of my health concerns until together we reach a resolution. Mark W. Reynolds (not the OTHER Mark Reynolds) 24aug1952
What doctor would walk up to a patient knowing they have cancer & tell them they look like hell? Dr. Shishu does! What Doctor all week refuses to return a patient's phone calls, then at 6pm Friday has her answering service call them & say, "It's the weekend & there's nothing that can be done now!" Dr. Shishu does! I can't believe anyone would want to have her for their doctor.
Dr. Shishu is the most caring, professional, and trustworthy doctor I've ever met. She spends more than enough time with each of her patients to truly find out what's going on and how you will work together as a team to address the issue. I wouldn't recommend another Doctor to anyone looking for help with any issue!
I have been a patient of Dr Rothenberg for over 50 years. He is patient and caring and I would never leave his care.
Doctor Masternick has been my disabled son's physician for many years. He is patient and understanding with him but also provides thorough service.He noticed and removed then sent for biopsy an unusually changed, large wart from my son's side. When the results were positive for cancer, he recommended a specialist who removed remaining malignant cells. He is always positive and a pleasure to deal with. I recommend him highly.
I have been going there for over 30 years and he's a great DR

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