I get left in the room after BP and vitals are taken for up to 20 minutes! then PAC Mendel comes in and wise cracks about knowing how I hate to be left in a tiny room! INSULTING! any of my concerns are ignored and I am told I simply need to loose weight! Again, INSULTING! when I explained that I have severe pain when I exercise and would like to have my pains treated, so that I could exercise more, I am told that is not possible!
She's wonderful! Takes her time to listen to everything you need to say. If you need a specialist, she'll find you the best.
Len is the best all around PA you will find anywhere. He has basically been my primary provider for the past 20 years. He has treated me for a number of illnesses, conditions and injuries. His skills and knowledge go way far beyond a typical PA. Len stays up to date has the best 'bedside' manner of any health provider I have ever seen.
Len is the best...Tells it to you straight an if you don't understand something you can tell him an he will explain it in terms/words that you can understand...
I would not recommend her for teen she did not believe that I had the mental health issues that i did. I ended up hospitalized in Grand Rapids MI for awhile in Pine Rest. I wonder if she believes it now. The only thing i can say good about her is that when my mother became sick she did get her faster care while she was in the hospital with a serious disease.
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