I had an ingrown toenail and had him remove it. It was a bad experience. The nurse put the needle in my toe to numb it and I could feel her moving the needle all over in it. I believe a nerve was destroyed because a ache from it goes away. When I stopped in for my recovery checkup and told the doctor about the pain he dismissed my comment said goodbye and left the room. He still had toenails to cut yet. He came back 10 minutes later and did it but he was rude about it. Stay away from this doctor
I am a young patient of this doctor, and he did surgery on my foot. After two days of surgery he took my cast off and gave me a cam walker boot. Then put me back into a cast weeks later. I am now months and months post surgery, and have severe tissue deterioration and muscle atrophy. When returning to find out why this has happened, I am left sitting in circles with no answers as to why this surgical mishap has happened, or how it happened. I very much regret trusting this doctor to operate.
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