i have never seen or experienced such a cold, unsympathetic, heartless, unempathetic person who "says" she is a doctor. she talks down to her patients, makes them feel stupid, and accusatory to make her job easier. she smiles when youre in pain and laughs at your tears. she misdiagnoses and perscribes meds that dont make you feel better but makes you feel worse. she takes away your meds that makes your life easier. i recommend her license be revoked.
I am so impressed with how professional she is but at the same time makes one feel so comfortable. And never does she make you feel rushed. I trust her 100% and I haven't felt this for years with a care-giver as down in Orono where I lived for 20 odds years. I went to PCHC and never once saw a Dr. My Grand-daughter and her two children also see Dr Hamlin and they feel exactly as I do. Milo is so lucky to have her here.
ME, Milo, ME, 04463

135 Park St