Over 7 years at every appointment, I complained about the unexplained weight gain in my abdomen, inconsistent periods, and uncomfortable pap smears. Was told that it was nothing but me being over 40 years of age. Ultimately, after having blood in my stool and deciding to go to a GI doctor, it was discovered that I had been carrying an ovarion tumor. They claimed no responsibility and never apologized to me. I had to have an emergency hysterectomy which ultimately resulted in ketoacidosis.
Dr. Bandara is wonderful! - she is caring and really cares about her patients. Malia, who is the nurse, is amazing as well. Their whole staff. They go above and beyond for their patients. Its really a team looking out for your health that I have not seen in other practices. They are just wonderful, can't say enough!
Dr. Alam is a really good guy he is kind and thorough and always puts his patients well being first before deciding any treatment he is really kind !!
I received open heart surgery a 4 weeks ago, and had 1 office visit with Adventist Medical Group. Had one visit with Dr. Cockrell, who is an excellent doctor. I am on restriction from driving, so after 6 weeks, asked for a temporary disability placard for MVA. I was told by his staff, that there is a $25.00 fee for the doctor to fill in his portion of the form. Medicare does not cover this charge, and feel this is not a reasonable fee. MVA does not charge for this placard.
She bring the best in one. She always comes in with a smile and is ready to listen to any concerns we her patients have. She always has time to see how we are. The staff are also a team and I always feel save and ready for my appoints whenever its time and can rely on her on her advice, judgement and referral.
I love him he's an excellent doctor
Experiencing trigger finger some associated pain. Called and got same day appt with dr a bend. Had consult, X-ray and was recommended 4 possible treatments. Least evasive was noninflamitory drug to reduce swelling and pain. Come back in a week if not better. Got fast staff paperwork done and whole appt was plesant. Office staff acted professionally. Dr Abend took explanation time after X-ray to explain my options favoring least evasive first. My wife has used him and numerous occasions as I.
Dr. Asuncion has provided wonderful care to 2 of our offspring and my wife and I(?me). He listens to us and answers our questions. He refers us to the most capable and humanitarian doctors in Montgomery County. He gives us samples to try a new medicine before we get a prescription--just in case we have some adverse reaction. When there is a sudden illness, Carrie who handles appointments always squeezes us in--or offers us a chance to drive over to Poolesville to see Dr. Asuncion there.
I have been seeing Dr. Ho since 1996. He is very capable and caring and I highly recommend him. He has properly diagnosed my medical conditions and enhanced my health. He saved my life by diagnosing a heart condition in 2010.
Top quality. He does not let things get "out of hand" by doing unneeded tests. But he does what is needed. I have an afib problem and he has handed it well through drug modification and keeping me off blood thinners and shocking.
Dr. Gozzi is wonderful! He was able to diagnose my condition hypoaldosteronism. He explained everything in detail. I am in better health now.
Dr. David is an excellent physician with a great bedside manner. He really cares and does what is best for his patients.
Dr. Brill saved my life from my critical heart attack problem. He is experienced, well organized professional and he is patients friendly. He is a real professional with his best ethics and he give more time for patients questions and answers. In my previous life I so many medical Doctors, but Dr. Brill is the best for me. Those patients whose Doctor is Dr. Brill are lucky. In general I have no enough words to express his quality.
Dr. Berard is a very caring, patient oriented and great listening doctor. He takes the time, you need to listen, advise and treat a patient with great care and respect. He is knowledgeable. My family and I have known Dr. Berard for over 25 years. He is a very wonderful internist.
best cardiologist you can go.
I've been going to Dr. Asuncion for 12-plus years for everything from ruptured disks in an emergency situation, to respiratory infections, and annual physicals. He and his staff have consistently provided accurate diagnoses and reliable primary care to me and my family.
I've been a patient for over 14 years and highly recommend Dr. Asuncion and his staff to anyone looking for a primary care physician, they're the best!
Oh hell no. I will never go back. He took a look at the problem and made a wild guess. Since he didn't sound very certain, I said simply Are you sure it's not something else? At which point, he got angry and said very condescendingly Did you go to medical school? I said, Of course not, I just want to be certain, that's all. He pointedly said, You annoy me. Given that it was my first appointment, I wasn't sure if he was joking or not. So, I tried to clarify, Wait, I just met you, what do
seems capable and caring
He performed an Arotic valve replacement surgery on our 81 year old father with great success. A very good personable and knowledgable doctor.
Always has time to listen and explain
Dr. Wielebinski is an arrogant, condescending, and disrespectful physician. He shouldn't even be permitted to treat patients until he becomes civilized. Avoid him at ALL costs!
I have found Dr. Summers to be the consummate professional. She is organized, thorough and thoughtful. I get the impression that she truly cares about providing her patients with good service and good advice about personal health care. I have recommended her to both family members and friends.
I appreciated Dr. Summers care, concern, and availability while she tweaked blood pressure medication to maximize benefit while minimizing side effects. She listens to what you say, and helps you understand what's going on in your body, so you can learn how to help yourself be healthier as well as learning what to notice for your doctors. What symptoms are more concerning than others. Dr. Summers has greatly helped me help myself - and for me, that's just the kind of Doctor I want to have.
Maybe it is because the medical office she is in is near a university and she must have more students for clients than most physicians, but I was bombarded with questions and comments in the nature of "Really? You really have not seen anyone about this before now? What did they tell you?" I did not know what useful purpose that served, except to wonder, later, if she wanted a helpful hint to make the diagnosis.
Ordered unnecessary and duplicate tests just to run up my deductible. Ordered a $350 prescription while the test was pending (came up negative). Completely unimpressed...
Great doctor and staff. I would highly recommend her.
Very nice. Listen and heard everything I had to say. Clearly explained drug interactions.
Dr Summers treats myself and 2 elderly adults I care for. She is caring and compassionate and she takes her time to explain everything. I would highly recommend her as the best doctor I have ever had.
Excellent doc Saw her at Adventist Medical Group, Gaithersburg Location.
Horrible. I was coughing and Dr Snow categorically refused to prescribe chest x-ray... Just because he is stubborn. Instead he has prescribed antibiotics that are not good unless necessary. Dr Snow was treating me as I am asking for a favor... asking for something unusual and rare... He is ridiculous. I will never come back to him!!!
Although I do not doubt that Dr. Varma is very experienced in treating thyroid disorders, I found his approach with me to be very one-sided. It was more like let me tell you how I know exactly what should be done and not providing clear explaination of treatment options. Also, he really pushed for me to be off thyroid meds for 3 weeks which caused me to be severely hypothyroid. Had I known that Thyrogen would have been just as effective at raising my TSH, I would definitely have opted for it.
I found Dr. Sigel to be overall a deeply committed provider with very significant flaws. She had a stubbornness and rigid perspective that made her a less than ideal listener, and I often felt dismissed if my experiences didn't align with her views. There was one period in which I felt her professional pride produced a conflict with a specialist I was seeing that affected my trust that Dr. Sigel was making the most objective decisions about my care. That said, she had genuine compassion for me.
Dr. Vazar is not very friendly, her bedside manner needs a lot of development. You may think she is listening to you, but isn't. It's as if she doesn't want to hear your opinion. She seems rushed in diagnosing you, just to get you out the door. I've been to her office a few times, and will no longer be going back. Not to mention, it's hard to get her on the phone, when you do she is reluctant in calling in ones prescription, and wants you to go in even though you saw her not to long ago.
I also wanted to give a thanks to dr. Jonathan Rhee partner Dr. Morrison he was there for me also through all of my pain when I dealt with my kidney stone situation he's also a sweet and kind person an a very good doctor so hats off to you you are awesome the bomb.com Karla Harrison Conley
I love him, he's honest, and straight forward, and he will try everything he can, and his surgical work is excellent not even a hint that surgery has been done it's just pristine
Friendly and skilled Doctor
Dr. Restrepo is not very compassionate with her patients. You have to wait months before being seen, she is not very friendly, and she refuses to listen to what works for her patients and what doesn't. She is not open to prescribing needed medications for patients that have proven to work for them in the past. She is not thorough, and the feel of her office is like a free medical clinic where all they care about is having a revolving door.
Sadly, I will not be returning to see Dr. Restrepo even though she has been my PCP for years. Her front desk staff is so rude and uncaring, couldn't do it anymore. If you need an emergency appt, you will have to wait a month or more. I had to switch over to another doctor.
Dr. Menucci is absolutely the best! She is very knowledgeable, has wonderful bedside manners, and is a great listener. She cares greatly about her patients and gives quality time to ensure that she understands the patient's explanation of their medical condition and then thoroughly explains procedures for treatment.
Very pleasant and lady at front desk was very sweet and spoke Spanish fluently which was helpful for my Mom. She went over everything thoroughly and was very happy with our experience.
Was a patient of Dr. Nguyen for about 18 months after Dr. Sengstack retired. Dr. Nguyen seemed knowledgeable and competent; the staff was especially helpful. About a month ago, a letter arrived saying that Dr. Nguyen spent his last day in the office December 26th (2016) and was being succeeded by a woman doctor from Texas. Dr. Nguyen's future plans were not mentioned.
I have seen Dr. Magee about 3 times. He is an excellent doctor who does not sugar coat whatever is wrong with you. He is honest and sincere. I used to prefer to be babied by my doctors, but then I realized, being babied is not as important as being able to trust your doctor. Dr. Magee knows his stuff and I trust him 100%.He is very patient and takes time to answer all of your questions and makes sure you understand what he is talking about it. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Rhee & his partner, Dr. Morrison, are absolutely amazing! I showed up first thing in the morning on Thursday w/ what I was certain were kidney stones. Headed straight to WAH ER and was met by Dr. Rhee, who was there doing surgeries. He came out to the waiting area to show me where my stones were and their size. I ended up having a stent put in to relieve my pain and sent home that afternoon. So grateful for their compassion and professionalism! I won't anywhere else!
Dr Pannala was not interested in anything I had to say during the appointment and was solely interested in what documentation was in the records from the referring internist. Given that the records she was reviewing had only 2 years of information but I've had high BP for 17 years, there is a lot of information (allergies, medications previously tried and abandoned for a variety of reasons) I was attempting to relay to her. But she literally put her hand up to stop me from speaking.
Very personable and attentive. Good listener. Friendly with a good disposition. Helpful support staff.
Saw her once. Not particularly helpful in answering questions, was rushed out the door but wanted me to book another office visit. Billed a lot of money just for a 15-20 minute office visit which was a waste of time.
I was referred to Dr. Nguyen from my primary physician for a same day appointment. Dr. Nguyen was very personable, taking the time to review family medical history, personal medical history, medications, and any health concerns I had. Both he and his staff were very professional, and the appointment was completed in a timely fashion. I highly recommend!
I had been a patient of Dr.Sengstack for over 40 years and was reluctant about even getting another Dr. but I was very happy with my 2 visits with Dr Nguyen he and his staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease and with me that's important also I like the His direct approach it makes feel like I'm not just another patient with that being said I will continue to use Dr.Nguyen As I'm quite happy with having him as my doctor
The staff is always nice and polite. Very knowledge.
I was greeted at the door (so helpful when on crutches & having surgery the next day) by a friendly & helpful staff member. It was then I realized it was the wonderful woman I had spoken with on the phone who scheduled my urgent same day appointment for pre-op clearance. I went from entrance straight to exam room and was being seen by Dr Nguyen no more than 5 minutes later, who took time to speak & listen as we discussed past, present, plans for my health. I am very pleased with my experience.
Dr. Nguyen is very open to hearing his patient's concerns. He does not rush you, spends lots of time with you and makes sure he has heard everything you need to tell him concerning your health.
Maria is just fantastic. My A1C was over the roof when I first went to her two years ago. It is now at 6.2 and going down. I have been a T1D for half of my life and have seen multiple specialist. Finally found one that is extremely professional, caring, not judgmental of the not so diabetic friendly choices that I make sometimes- let's face it, we are all humans right. She instead focuses on the positive outcomes of my results, encouraging positive behavior and just being supportive.
Knowledgeable and caring physician. Friendly staff and short wait time were a plus.
I'd give him 0 stars if I could. This man took over my 82 yo Mom's Doctor's practice when he retired. The first visit we found him to be VERY quiet and hard to hear, even after asking him to speak louder. Last visit he acted completely disinterested in listening to my Mom or myself, even had his head in his hands looking away from us like he was bored to tears. He was stretching and yawning when he got up. Asked if he was tired, he says no, and offered no apology. TERRIBLE BESIDE MANNER
Dr. Nguyen replaced my long time physician, who had recently retired. Because my physician recommended him I thought I would try. I have had two appointments with him and believe I will continue to go back. He was on time, efficient, up-to-date with medical information and gave me time to discuss my concerns. He sent me a personal letter,explaining my lab results and suggested something for me to act on prior to our next meeting. I faxed a request one time and he call me back promptly.
Friendly, spent time to discuss, great family doctor
I have been a patient of Dr. Nguyen since 2016 and I would like to express my appreciation of his health care experience and expellant customer service of his staff members in the office at Silver Spring, MD.
Very good!
Fast, had an appointment the day I scheduled, incredibly convenient.
Do not see this doctor. He promised follow up medication if I needed it and when I called his practice at 12:30 pm a Friday they said I'd have to wait until Monday with major pain in my dominant hand because he had properly charter the medication he agreed to make available to me. The practice claimed they had no way of getting a hold of a doctor or nurse to review my simple tendonitis diagnosis and call something which is entirely unacceptable.
Thoughtful questions. Reviewed all medications prescribed.
You may wait a little long, but it is worth it. I found Dr. Menucci a really caring doctor. She spent much more time than what I was expecting to listen to my concerns and review all my history. Staff is OK, which I do not mind much. The most important thing for me was the level of care Dr. Menucci showed. Very pleasant experience. I strongly recommend her.
Dr. Nguyen was very helpful during my visit. He sat down and talked to me and addressed my questions and concerns, and after that he did my exam. I didn't feel rushed at all as I do with other doctor's. Also the medical staff Sandra and Tamika helped make it an enjoyable experience. They are both very sweet and have great sense of humors which is always a plus. Overall it was an all around great experience.
Warm staff, no waiting room delays, and very knowledgeable about an array of medical conditions.
Caring,Efficient.Intelligent and Beautiful surgeon :)
Dr Nguyen was recommended to me by my former doctor of 18 years who has recently changed to a concierge practice. My first visit was pleasant - Dr. was communicative and did all the appropriate things including prescribing a shingles immunization and blood work. His support staff were friendly and helpful.
Dr. Nguyen is a really helpful and friendly Doctor, we didn't have to wait a long while for him to see us and he spent all the time trying to help us with whatever medical assistance we required.
I visited Dr. Nguyen for my annual physical exam. It was my first visit since he took over the practice from the previous doctor. Dr. Nguyen is very friendly and easy to talk to. The physical was typical except that it was not a thorough as what I was familiar with; perhaps this is the way physicals are being conducted now.
In 2001 I tore the medial (inside) meniscus in my left knee. Dr Magee performed arthroscopy & removed it. Afterwards, he had to drain my knee 3x & couldn't figure out what was causing the fluid or pain I had. It turns out Dr M didn't pay attention that I was bow-legged. When he removed the meniscus I ended up w/bone-on-bone. The result has been arthritis & a degenerative joint. An osteotomy was needed & should have been done instead. To this day I am suffering w/the resulting mistake he made.
Dr. listens to patients concerns. Explains patients concerns in ordinary language. Patients feels that concerns are being analyzed and explained. Staff is friendly and makes patient feel at ease.
She is the best of the best
Dr. Nguyen and his staff are fantastic! Walking in I am greeted by his assistant she's the most wonderful woman. This was my first time with Dr. Nguyen and she sat down next to me and helped me with all my paperwork as I am young and still on my family insurance. Making an appointment is extremely easy never had a problem getting the time I want. Wait was about average 10-15 Dr. Nguyen took me to his office told me about himself, I felt extremely comfortable throughout the whole process.
Worst Doctor I ever visited. Had I not seen her photo prior, I would've thought she was an imposter, no an MD. The things came out of her mouth were just preposterous, doesn't make any sense. Your child has delayed puberty, but that's good, she will have more time to grow taller, I can't check fasting sugar because I can't code it, you glucose machine is more accurate, anyway,. she doesn't have diabetes because she has no symptoms
Her personality is outstanding and she takes time to talk to you. You only has to visit Dr. Mudita Malhorta office one time and the problem is solved.

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