Dr. Passi has great bedside manners and is the most considerate, intelligent and caring physicians I have come across. He does an outstanding job keeping up with the latest medical guidelines and is extremely professional. His staff is helpful, his newly expanded office is very spacious. His growing practice is the best in the area. I strongly recommend Dr. Passi's practice for anyone looking for a primary care doctor!
She's awesome!
Dr Yelamanchi is a very thorough and compassionate physician. He has taken very good care and treats all aspects of my elderly parents conditions and wellbeing. He has also been very accessible to any concerns that I may have with my parents.
Dr. Wang has more patient, more knowledge, thinking about patients. Dr. is an ideal doctor.
Dr Passi is one of the most empathetic and considerate physicians I have ever had the pleasure to be under the care of. Great staff, up to date facilities with easy access to specialists and - most importantly - always the best in medical care. I trust him for all our healthcare needs. Thank you always Dr Passi!
He took care of my mother. She wound up dead as a result of his careless actions and inattentiveness. Her condition was totally treatable. His neglectfulness and apathy provided tragic results.Do not trust him.

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