Dr. Stern is a great doctor! He is very patient and listens to everything you have to say without jumping to conclusions like the common doctor. I had an issue that lingered for almost a year and my wife recommended him to me. When I went to see him he examined me and knew exactly what my issue was and gave me a prescription. I went to my follow up and never felt better. Highly recommend him.
I was very impressed with Dr. Stephanson. It was one of the best office visits that I have had in a while. I was a healthcare provider for 45 years and she met all the important aspects of my care. I felt confident that she was well informed about my needs. She listened to my concerns, and I was comfortable with the plan of care.
This is a retraction of a previous negative review I wrote regarding my unhappiness about not being able to get an appointment with Dr Shih when I was experiencing abdominal problems. Recently Dr Shih personally called me and very graciously expressed his regret that I had not been worked in immediately and that steps were being taken to ensure it didn't happen in the future. I previously found Dr Shih to be a very caring doctor and my talk with him has more than restored my confidence In him.
Dr. Shih is an extremely caring and intelligent doctor. He takes his time to explain things clearly and never rushes through a visit. I highly recommend him.
Kind. Experienced. Listens well. Considerate.Only consulted when he was on call for the practice.
I had both an endoscopy and a colonoscopy with Dr. Stern. I made a follow-up appointment to review the findings with him. Dr. Stern was very patient and spent approximately a half hour with me explaining the results of the two procedures. I found the doctor to be both gracious and thorough with respect to covering the results.
I appreciate that there was no waiting to meet with her. She was prompt with her scheduling. As a nurse I appreciate the thoroughness of her exam. She reviewed all of my medical history with me and was very patient to answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend her both professionally and to all the members of my social circle. Very pleasant demeanor, extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Gastroenterology.
Dr. Shih takes his time with and genuinely cares about his patients
I find Dr. Stern to be a good listener, a wise practitioner and I trust him completely with my care.
Outstanding physician and excellent staff. He is thorough, competent, and considerate. His diagnosis is spot on and when he has treated the problem, it is done.
He is the best. Always there for the patients and he let's patients speak and share and listens. Such a humble doctor and great at what he does. I have been going to him for more than 10 years and I do will not switch to any other doctors. He is wonderful.
I asked Dr. Stephenson to clarify what she was planning to do for my surgery just before the surgery; shesaid she was busy and had no time to answer and will answer in the OR; she did not come after the surgery to go over my discharge- the Registered Nurse had to do it for her, which is unethical- I just learned today because I called the office to get a report (1 week after) that a biopsy was done!!!Dr. Stephenson may have all the degrees she earned, but her patient care with me was nil.
He's a wonderful diagnostician. After seeing a primary care physician and another GI who were unable to help, Dr. Stern treated me and I got the results I needed! He's patient and takes the time to answer any questions. He's extremely thorough, and orders tests that he deems necessary.
I am totally confident in his experience and expertise.
In addition to Doctor O'Kieffe's unquestionable skill he takes time time to listen, to explain, and to answer every question. I'm very grateful for his work.
My husband sees Dr. Schindler. I've accomplanied him to three major procedures, and each time we've had a wait that ran 1 1/2 to 2 hours in the waiting room. Patients were stacked up like plans at O'Hare. Dr. Schindler seems to be an excellent doctor, but unless you enjoy cooling your heels in a waiting room for two hours after fasting for one or two days, I'd strongly recommend against this practice.
Washingtonian Magazine touts Dr. Schulman as one of the Top Doctors. He is friendly, caring, skilled, and knowledgeable.
Dr. Shanavas has provided excellent care for my elderly father with serious liver issues complicated with multiple chronic health issues. He listens carefully and provides care thoughtfully. I feel blessed to have my father under Dr. Shanavas' care, see him for my GI needs and highly recommend him to others.
Doesn't listen to the patient and doesn't really care to either. No follow up. Only go to this doctor if you're interested in wasting time and money.
I truly trust Dr. Levin with taking care of my medical needs. She has helped me along the way since my disease was diagnosed by her. I had seen many doctors in between when she left the one hospital but it was the best thing that ever happened when I was able to see her again. She is such a caring doctor that I trust her with my life.
I have seen Dr. Rubin twice. He is an extremely nice doctor. Very professional and his bedside manner is excellent. That is very important to me. I highly recommend him.
I have never given anybody a five and I rarely write a review in fact I don't write any I love Dr. Kreisberg if I call his office and leave a message he always calls back and he is very personable and he is very nice and some stupid people to women gave him one and wrote something terrible about them I am very fussy I don't like many people I'm 80 years old so these people must of been talking about another doctor and he is very thoughtful I cannot say enough about him .
Second colonoscopy in five years. Very professional, great manner, highly recommend. Everything is explained and goes according to plan.
Wonderful and responsive staff. Dr Pollack really helps me feel like my questions and concerns are important and valid. He's busy but really focused on his patient. Highly recommend.
Dr. Schulman is currently treating me. He's extremely knowledgeable and thinks out side the box. He is diligently trying to help me with different treatment plans, very methodically, one plan at a time. He brings confidence in me. Currently he's my best friend, and probably one of the best doctors I've come across
Had procedure earlier today with Dr. Schwartz at Endoscopy Center on K Street. Doctor is a pro, anesthesiologist also was great, support staff excellent. In and out in a minimum of time, everything seamless. Very pleased with experience, couldn't ask for any better. No hesitation whatsoever recommending to family and friends.
Dr Shulman is the best doctor I ever had. I am 46 yrs old and have been a patient of his for 30 yrs. He has always been compassionate and empathetic towards my illness. He has kept me in remission for DECADES. If only we had more mentors like him in the health industry. He is very intelligent but never makes you feel he is above any personal issue. If you ever need gastrointerolygist you would be lucky to have him on your team. With the utmost respect CAMILLE POLICANO BABBIS.
I have been a patient of Dr. Schindler for the past several years and he has always given me h is best professional opinions in reference to my condition. He takes the time to answer my questions and concerns, he's punctual with office appointments and surgical precedures. I highly recommend Dr. Schindler's skills and techniques.
I was an inpatient at SMH I LOVE this Dr. she is direct, professional, and after just one consultation with her I had 100% confidence in her ability to perform a procedure on me she is awesome ! highly recommend to everyone !
DOCTOR MUSSELMAN IS A GREAT DOCTOR, very knowledgeable , friendly and always a helpful.. He have always given me a best advice rearding my health Her is my Doctor for over 10 year .. What else coul I say , oly given him 5 stars....
Awesome Doctor. Very knowledgeable and down to earth.
I have a chronic digestive problem that is, at times, serious enough for hospitalization. Dr. Schwartz is amazing! He is extremely good and patient. He has been my doctor for a number of years and I can always count on his returning calls to discuss various issues I am having and whether it is time for a hospital visit or an office visit.
Probably good primary doctor but poor specialist. I was in and out of ER for extreme abdominal pain and constipation. She ordered only blood tests. When the tests where normal she threw up her hands and said she cant help as there is nothing wrong with me. I ended up in ER again and had an open surgery due to partial intestinal blockage. Was easily found by simple xray and CT scan. Wasnt expecting her to know right away, but she gave up quick. Also not good idea to be last patient if the day
First time visit to gastroenterology doctor. Dr. Humm asked questions in professional, friendly manner, took the time to explain procedure and treatment options and answeed my questions. Staff friendly and on point.
Awsome!!!!! Great staff!!!! And as far as Mark??? AWSOME!!!!!
Friendly and patient, fine doctor
Dr Goldberg was really nice, took his time to get to know me and my issues and helped developed a plan to get me feeling better quickly.
Worse doctor ever. Stay away. Misdiagnosed my daughter who has Münchausen syndrome with mast cell activation disease without even any marrow biopsie. She based her diagnosis on imaginary and well mimicked symptoms, feelings of a patient with Munchausen and put on her a feeding tube. Lacks total discernment. That Doctor Let that patient clerverly diagnose herself and confirmed patient self diagnosis. Such doctors should not hold a medical licence. She let herself be deceived by her patient.
Been my GI for 25 years. Wouldn't think of seeing anyone else as his work has enhanced the quality of my life in living with Crohn's beyond that which would have ever been expected. Highly, highly recommended.
Ms Kirk is more concerned with enjoying an early afternoon off then attending to her last procedure of the day. Never be ms kirks last procedure of the day. She will create any excuse to cancel
Dr. Goldberg was a huge help. After having my gallbladder removed by another doctor I continued to have symptoms. A few months after the surgery I had a scare that worried my primary care doctor and my radiologist, so Dr Goldberg was able to fit me in to see me the same day. He showed genuine concern for me, explained everything in easy terms and personally made sure I had all of the tests and procedures I needed done within just a few days. He was reassuring, kind and very competent.
I have been a patient of Dr. Kim's for almost 19 years. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in the Spring of 1998 and since that time, Dr. Kim has been a caring and kind Doctor through flare-ups and long stays at the hospital. He is a doctor who strives to give as little medication as possible. He is also not afraid to send a patient for another opinion when there could be an option for care that he has not thought of.
The doctor was good at performing the needed tests and identifying the problem. He prescribed medication but was not cooperative enough when it came to discussing changes in lifestyle. I didn't feel I have a partner who listens and willing to help me through my journey to complete healing without dependency on medication.
Dr. Kirk is professional, personable and clearly an expert in her field. She takes the time to get a thorough "background" of who you are - medically - and what your needs are. She knows how to elicit the information necessary to diagnose your illness and the best way to treat you. She explains every step of the needed treatment and appropriate follow up.
I dealt with rectum cancer at 38. Due to my issue I get a colonoscopy often and Dr Korman has done the last 4. She was referred by my oncologist who is simply an intelligent caring person. Dr Korman has been as well. I think she was a little thrown off by my humor laying on table with my rear hanging out the first time but since laughs with me.
My husband and I both went to Dr. Korman for our colonscopies. She is excellent - she explains medical information in "plain" english, has a great bedside manner, has excellent staff working with her for these medical procedures. My last endocrinologist was pretty bad - barely explained to me what it meant that he found and removed polyps. Dr. Korman took the time to answer all questions. Can't recommend her highly enough
Dr. Keegan has been my doctor since I was in my teens. He is kind, professional, and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to everyone and trust him fully.
I've taken my parents to Dr. Kim for past 15 years. Although English wasn't their first language, staff in the office were very friendly and patient, which made the office experience very comfortable. Also, Dr. Kim is meticulous in explaining the diagnosis and the treatment plans, I feel confident taking my parents to Dr. Kim for any GI problems.
I've been Dr. Kim's patient since I was in my early twenties. I'm now in my early 40's. He is the ONLY Dr. who properly diagnosed me. He is extremely thorough, takes his time to explain your diagnosis, and talks about the different options you have medically. He LISTENS and trusts what I tell him. He has impeccable bedside manner and ALWAYS follows up with a phone all if you need him to. He is an EXCELLENT doctor and I highly recommend him. I tell him that I hope he never retires.
I have been seeing Dr. Kim for several years. He has an excellent combination of compassion and great diagnostic ability. He also has always been readily available for urgent problems. I would absolutely recommend him.
Dr. Korman is a very careful diagnostician with good treatment suggestions (on the conservative side, which I've interpreted to be in my self interest). He also is very empathetic. Great combination in a Doctor.
Dr Karp is one of the best Dr's I've seen for GI and Colonoscopy. He is caring and takes his time with his patients. I highly recommend him if anyone is having issues in those areas.
I’ve seen Dr. Kim for more than 10 years and he has been excellent in every way. He is very knowledgeable, patient, friendly and caring. He explains lab results to me in details every time and answers my questions in simple terms. He would devise a plan for any of my medical problems and he is up to date on new medications. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his expertise.
Dr. Koff is AMAZING, and his referring me to Dr. Stahl for my complete colectomy was also AMAZING!!! I have had a very long and difficult road with IBD, but Dr. Koff has helped me make VERY difficult decisions...life changing and saving ones...and I can not say enough good things about him. He is DEFINITELY a doctor you can trust and feel comfortable with. I have told all of my IBD sufferers/fellow warriors that he is THE GI to see.
I have known Dr. Gloger for almost 20 years and would never leave him. He is perfect, professional and a very good listener. I have seen a few other gastroenterologists in my time, not per choice, but Dr. Gloger is by far, the best of the best and I will remain with him for as long as he'll let me :)
Dr. Korman has a wonderful bedside manner and a great sense of humor. She is an excellent doctor who does a good job of explaining procedures and other medical matters. Also, the staff nurses are great, too. My husband and I both see Dr. Korman, and I have recommended her to friends.
When I was first referred to Dr Howard, it was 2 MONTHS before I could get an appointment. Then they called two weeks before this long-awaited appointment to tell me the doctor would not be available that day. Did they try to accommodate me at all? NO - The next appointment was 2 months later. 4 MONTHS for an appointment?? Seriously? Who does this doctor think she is? God? She has no business accepting new patients. Run away now and find someone else before you waste any of your time with her.
Treats an IBS case (a lot of pain) with anti depressant, told for weeks on end to eat only white rice, no fiber. Two months into dealing with him he irresponsibly prescribes antidepressant). Does not educate AT ALL on how to live with IBS including handouts on diet options.
He was very polite and took time to explain the results from the medical procedures. He also explained the lab results in simple terms so the patient could understand. He was a good listener and provided answers to the questions I had.
Dr. Howard is exceptionally personally; engaging and sensitive in conveying medical information as well as very professional After a recent procedure, I was impressed with Dr. Howard's decision to share information personally rather than over the telephone. That decision spoke well of this doctor well as the level of genuine concern and guidance given. Dr. Howard came recommended and I am not at all disappointed and would definitely recommend her services.
Have been seeing Dr. Genovese for general GI problems, routine colonoscopies since age 50. Am impressed with Dr. Genovese knowledge. Will be seeing him once again for colonoscopy this spring once again in 2016... EXCELLENT!
I find Dr. Hardi's manner gentle and reassuring. In my case he ordered a test at the end of my first visit after having taken the time to get a detailed medical history from me in person. When it comes to discussing gross symptoms I'd otherwise hate to discuss with anyone, he's easy to talk to. I feel confident that I'm in the right hands.
Poor bedside manner, almost condescending. When a scope turned up no obvious causes for my condition, he just shrugged and told me to take heartburn meds as needed . . . a pharmacist would have been as useful and proactive. He didn't recommend even a course of treatment.
I had my first colonoscopy with Dr. Howard soon after my father died in a routine medical procedure. I was anxious about the procedure and Dr. Howard was incredibly patient and kind and put me at ease. In addition to having excellent patient communication skills (something critical I think for a doctor who is dealing with nervous patients like myself) she is very professional, personal, and competent. My husband needed colonoscopy this year so he went to her - she and her team are wonderful
Dr. Karp is patient and willing to answer questions. His explanation of test results is thorough and easy to understand. He treats patients with respect.
He is so nice, reassuring, thorough in his questioning and explanation of your situation.
I came into Montgomery General as an emergency patient. He had never met me before. Along with Dr. Ansari, he saved my life. Thank you!
Dr. Korman is warm and has great bedside manner. She was very thorough in explaining the colonoscopy that she'd be performing on me. I would recommend her to ANYONE that needed a great gastroenterologist! The downside? Her calendar is booked pretty far in advance. In November 2015, I called for an appointment in D.C. Next available was February; so, I accepted an office visit in the Bethesda office (not convenient since I'm unable to ride Metro) in late January.
It was very good.
My colonoscopy was done the best way possible, with no pain at all............................................................
Dr. Koff and his staff were tremendous. They were able to provide a timely appointment, and the care was fantastic!
Very caring and listens intently. You always leave feeling confident that you are in great hands.
After seeing 3 different doctors and failing to help me, someone recommend Dr. Lawrence Bassin. He has been my gastroenterologist for over 2 years. He never rushes me, answers all my questions and makes sure he understands my concerns. He provides useful tips and resources so patients can be active participants in improving their health. He is compassionate and sympathetic to other conditions that do not relate to his practice. He is one of the few doctors that will follow up with a phone
Dr. Bijpuria was very thorough in all of my visits. She solved my issues and cleared everything first to make sure it was safe for me. You can tell she is a doctor that cares about her patients. She is very good at her job and I trust her 100%. She has helped me tremendously and thanks to her I have peace of mind and on a path to better health. I’m very grateful.
Dr. Bassin recommended to have some tests done. There was an issue in one of the test reports that needed to be discussed, and I called his office to express my disappointment that I had not been contacted by anyone. Dr. Bassin finally contacted me; he was obviously upset; and indicated that I didn't need to see him again unless I had a problem. However, he mentioned that if I needed to talk to him, I could call - he had a patronizing attitude Will not go back.
Dr. CHASEN is one of those rare doctors that listen and actually hear you. My husband and I are both satisfied patients.
Dr. Bernstein was a very good choice for my wife but I could not get an appointment unless I gave the practice my Social Security Number. I would have been happy to do that in person but not over the phone. Given the amount of personal information they demand prior to an appointment I would not recommend the practice to anyone.
Dr. Blinder is the best! He is the only doctor who correctly diagnosed and treated my problems. He spends the amount of time needed with you. He makes you feel as if you are the only patient he has! He dictates your records while you are there and you receive a copy at check out. The office staff is wonderful! They always get you in as quickly as possible. Wait time at the office is minimal. ALL doctors and staff need to treat patients the way they do!
Excellent and professional. Direct and straight forward. Doesn't talk much.
Dr Bassin and his staff make you feel like you are their main concern. Their instructions are clean and Dr. Bassin personally explains your current and future options for optimal health. Very comfortable with the effort of Dr. Bassin and his staff.
Performed my endoscopy, extremely personable and kind doctor! Explained everything after very well.
A very personable and caring doctor. Visit Dr. Finkel if you want the best gastro care in Maryland.
I am a patient with a cpmplex problem FAP. I had been followed by other doctors in the past but Dr. bashir saved mylife. He discovered a precancerous tumor that the other doctors had missed, removed it without complication and did ERCP/ stent placement with no issues at all. I felt nothing. And the tumor had HIGH GRADE PRECANCEOUUS DYSPLASIA. I would be dead hed he not caught it in time. Thank you to my primary doctor for sending me to Dr. Bashir.
I have seen/talked to Dr. Bolen 4 times in a period of 6 months. Every time we spoke he acted as if it was the first time he had heard of my symptoms. None of my symptoms have been resolved.
Dr. Chasen is a patient caring doctor. took time to answer all my questions.
Had an excellent experience with Dr. Finkel. He was thorough and compassionate!
A caring, competent specialist in digestive disease care. I've been with Dr. Bernstein for over 25 years and have appreciated and relied on his care without any reservations at all. All the doctors in the practice are competent and knowledgeable in the field of digestive care.
My daughter came to see her because she had been vomiting for weeks. The doctor had seen her a few years ago. She didn't look at the ultrasound that we brought with us because she couldn't read it! She was extremely dismissive and in a hurry. Gave her the same diagnosis from 2 years ago, same medication and said to. One back in 2 months. We will never return to her and have an appointment with another physician.m
Worst doctor in the world. i had a cyst in my pancreas. initially he was suppose to drain it in my stomach using endoscopic ultrasound. when i went in for the procedure, he went ahead and did something completely different from what we had discussed and he wasn't even available to explain it to me after the procedure because he is too busy with other patients. he caused me to have pancreatitis and hospitalized for 2 weeks and my cyst was not drained. i am lucky to be alive. stay away.
Although, the office visit can take awhile because he is busy it's worth the wait. He''s very sincere & smart , makes me feel like my concerns matter.
My child was born with gallbladder problems . Dr Bashir was able to prevent her from needing surgery with his procedure . We've been to so many doctors before finally meeting Dr Bashir he is a Godsend.
Dr. Bhinder is an exceptionally smart, compassionate and skilled physician. He took a great deal of time to talk with me and explain things. He asked questions and actually listened to my answers. He's performed thousands of the procedure that I need, which also increased my comfort level. My family doctor recommended him by saying, He's the best. And I believe it!
Physician never returns calls. Asked his staff numerous times to have physician contact me over a four week period. He has yet to call me back. Diagnosed me with a hernia without examining me. This was later ruled out by CT scan. Appears to be more interested in procedures than patient care. I still have the problem I went to see him. Would not recommend this physician to anyone.
Take what you want from a doctor: knowledgeable, professional, communicative; take what you want from a human: courteous, understanding, good listener - that's Doctor Collier. He's a human being and he's a doctor. I am very thankful for having him as my doctor, he knew what to test for, he knew what to be concerned about, he knew how to communicate with me, his staff gives him my messages. I felt like that I needed to leave this review.
Nice enough but not particularly compassionate and understanding. I felt that he could have taken more time to understand, because I have a complex condition. I appreciate the need for weight loss, but Dr Finkel does not take into consideration other health factors that make this hard to do. He does not have positive recommendations to help with the problem. I was disappointed. Could have used constructive ideas, referrals, suggestions, that were missing from his consultation.
Dr. Birns has taken care of my digestive issues for years. He has always been attentive and shared all of the options for my care. He always consults with me about what are the next steps to resolve the current issues and how to prevent future problems. Without getting into my medical history, he has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life. I think the world of him and his staff. My wife has had similar results.
Dr Bijpuria took the time to review my entire medical history and order all of the appropriate tests. She explained everything to myself and my family. I am doing so much better and I owe that to her excellent care. I would highly recommend her to any family or friends in search of a wonderful physician.
She's great. I've referred my parents to her.
The evening after a polypectomy I had a bad rectal bleed (about 3 oz. per hour). Dr. Bijpuria, the doctor on call, told me that I could go to the hospital if I really wanted to, which of course I did. I continued to bleed all night and throughout the next day, until Dr. Bijpuria finally showed up the following evening to perform an emergency colonoscopy and stop the bleeding. I had lost about 4 pints of blood and needed a transfusion. She didn't take my condition seriously until she saw me.
Very thorough and caring. Also very responsive.

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