Although I am a "discharged" patient of Dr. Khatri and haven't seen him (or any other oncologist) for several years, I still consider him my doctor? after benefiting from his care and that of his predecessor at Regional? Hematology since 1978! I am indeed one of the lucky ones who enjoyed sensitive and the highest level of professional care near home. I hope that many of his patients have long-standing remissions,too.
Dr. Khatri was always very friendly n answered all my questions, to me he went above n beyond for his patients. As a cancer patient we all have some fear and anxiety and when I had my appointments with Dr. Khatri, all that was gone. He is an excellent person as well as oncologist, he really cares about his patients.. Thank you Dr. Khatri for all you've done for your patients and continue to do....
This doctor told my wife that her cancer came back which wasn't true she never did a biopsy.
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