Love her! She is totally professional and personal at the same time. Unlike many seasoned gynos she still keeps up with the latest research findings, recommendations, etc and provides you with current information and tips for healthy living on top of your general visit concerns. She listens and really makes you feel comfortable. She is very thorough and I keep coming back because I trust her opinion.
The front desk staff and nurses are great ! The wait time for the office is perfect! BUT THIS doctor doesn't seem to take your concerns seriously. The doctor that I want to see is always booked. And unsurprisingly, THIS doctor always have multiple appointments available. I'll take my chances going to a new practice before going back to her.
It's been many years since I've seen Dr. Watson, but she's left me with bad memories of my son's birth. I was deeply concerned when I didn't feel fetal movement for over a day and went to the emergency room. Instead of being greeted with compassion and concern, she snapped at me for not calling the office first. Unfortunately, when it was time to deliver, she was the one who was on call. She was efficient and business like, but left me feeling like I was just a number.
Nice OB/GYN provider. Opportunities for improvement include better patient communication and follow-through on procedure and test result reports. More empathy when dealing with a concerned patient would be appreciated.
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Watson! She was very warm and friendly, spent time talking about what she was doing and why, and really took her time. I am not used to that, so what a pleasant surprise it was to meet with her today. I will definitely be going to her from now on.
Very bad experience with Dr. Saraiya. In all my visits, she spent the time accusing and asuming things about the patient rather than treating the issue. If you tell her you have pain, she will tell you that you are lying or you have been doing something wrong. At one time, she even suggested my husband having STD, without even doning the first basic diagnosis like ultrasound. I usually deal with her for emergency appointments when my Dr. is not available, but I'm going to leave the practice.
Dr Halsey is one of the best doctors I've ever had, she is very knowledgeable and one of the things I admire about her is the way she talks to her patients. She is very humble , listens and has great bedside manner . Her professionalism makes a patient comfortable and also at ease because you get the assurance that you are in great hands
Absolutely pathetic excuse of a doctor. Unprofessional, zero bedside manner, no interest in patients wellbeing. This person needs their license revoked.
Dr Holsey is the absolute best. She actually listens to the patient and pays attention. She does not take the recorded file information as being all there is. My records were incorrect from previous providers. Dr Holsey listened. She ran tests and made discoveries. She is brilliant. I have told my work mates and clients how amazing she is... Thank heavens she saved my life! Beth L. Brigham
I was happy and pleased with all appointments I had with Dr. Sun. She is very prompt on emergency situations. Give time to patients to explain our concerns as well which you don't see much with other OBGYN esp with those I have seen from Hopkins. She listens, answer your questions very well. One of the best OBGYN I have seen in the area.
I saw Dr. K for my 21 week OB appointment while pregnant with my first baby. I was very pleased and taken back by his exceptional bedside manner. He is diligent, thorough, kind and empathetic. Truly a great doctor and really takes the time to go over and explain things during visits. Very pleased with my visit with Dr. K.
Dr. Lahaina Hall is definitely one of the most CARING doctors I have ever had. She is extremely kind and has the BEST bedside manner I have ever experienced! ... I have been seeing her for YEARS. I have had several complications. She is ALWAYS very thorough and I am so very happy I found her! ... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. LAHAINA HALL. I drive nearly an hour just to see her!
dont know what the bad reviews about Signature OB are about, I have loved all of my docs there...DrBaras, Dr. K, Dr. Holsey all amazing. you just have to cycle around and find who you click with. i also love that they are Hopkins docs, which means I know I am in good hands. Dr. Baras did my VBAC and she was so friendly - even at 3am. Also my nurse Stacy on L&D was so awesome, there with me all the way. if I have another baby, I am for sure going to HCGH and Signature.
My primary care doctor discovered a mass on my ovary and said my GYN needed to take care of it. Dr Hall responded immediately to my phone call, referred me quickly for more tests and set me up with a surgeon at Hopkins immediately since the surgery would be complicated. I could not speak more highly of the care I received from her
Dr. Hall both confirmed my first pregnancy and was the doctor who was available to deliver my child as well. Upon confirming I was pregnant, the first thing she said was, do you want to keep it. During the labor, she would not communicate with us about anything! My epi wore off, but I still had 8 hours labor left - she refused to redose my epi, but wouldn't let me know why. I was 10cm for 5 hours - pushed for over 3. Should have had a section due to baby's large size. TERRIBLE doctor!
I've always been happy with Dr. Sun. Her appointments are always on time, but she always takes the time needed to answer any questions I have. She delivered one of my two children, and really took the time needed during labor to make sure I way okay- even had to argue with the anesthesiologist when he was being ridiculous! My only concern is that she seemed to think I was about to deliver rather early during both pregnancies, and I think patience would have been a better choice.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about this woman. She was the doctor we were hoping to get on day of delivery and I thanked my lucky stars she was at the hospital that day. She delivered our twins vaginally (not all will) and I have her to thank for my amazing recovery. I will forever be in love with the woman who brought our twins into the world the best way possible for me. She is kind, thorough, supportive, and just an amazing person. Thank you Dr. Baras!!!
I delivered my 5 child shortly after moving to the Baltimore area. My experience with Dr. Baras was my best to date. She was always prompt, her assistant kelly was so helpful and the didn't mind me bringing my other children to appointments. My delivery was fast and as luck would have it Dr. Baras was on call the night i came in. Will go back for my yearly exam to Signature.

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