I've been a patient of Dr. Worthing for around 15 years. He is an excellent doctor, his knowledge of the field is expansive, he seems to be constantly involved in studies and is up to date with most things going on in the field. He's professional, kind and listens to me when I'm talking. I do sense he is a bit rushed, but I've never felt that he was pushing me out the door. His staf, likewise, are efficient and nice. I would recommend him highly.
With a recent diagnosis of Sjogren's , I went to see Dr Beall. She was professional, knowledgeable, kind, and even saw me over her lunch hour. She had a scribe in the room, so I felt that we could speak without being distracted by the computer. Thank you. I will see her every 6 months and I feel that I am in good hands. Highly recommend this fine doctor.
After most of my initial blood work came back inconclusive, Dr. Respicio's bedside manner plummeted. She became glib, impatient, and condescending upon all my followup visits. She slapped on a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and recommended Cymbalta and physical therapy -- but over a year later my symptoms still had not improved. After seeing two other specialists, I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She completely missed it due to preconceived notions, rushing, and careless mistakes.
With a lot of hope I saw Dr Beall to help w/ KNEE & HIP pain. She gave me an RA DX due to family history and HIGH WBC in my knee. I had never had a high CRP or SED, but given tons of meds I learned 2 years later, after receiving my records that she minimized hip issue. I ended up having to see an orthopedic to get it treated and DX a hip impingement. Subsequent surgery showed it was severe- bone on bone. My recovery is poor due to the extended time it went untreated. DEFINITELY Wouldn't RECOMMEN
Dr. Matsumoto relies on evidence based medicine as much as personal contact with the patient. To have the most successful appointment with him take complete note on your pain levels, when you have pain, what kind of pain and at least two weeks of pain logs. His background is extraordinary. Coming from Johns Hopkins he is held in high regard at Hopkins and with other physicians. His practice is instrumental in developing and testing new meds. Having an on-site lab is a huge plus.
Dr. Worthing was nice at first but ultimately not empathetic. I had severe thumb arthritis and was prescribed PT. Financial difficulties at the time prevented me from doing PT so went to a highly rated hand specialist in the DC area who told me that the deformity in my hands would not respond to PT and the only options were splints or surgery, confirmed by another highly rated DC hand surgeon. I tried to follow up with Dr. Worthing but was told I was dropped from the practice. Don't recommend!
Excellent bedside manner! Easy to talk to and always looking for ways to help her patients. I'm very happy she's my doctor.
I have been seeing Dr. Matsumoto for 4 years and he has always been attentive and through .I have had several different problems and he has always been willing to figure out what's was going on and provide me with the treatment needed. Office has X-ray and blood station so you don't have to make another trip for labs.
Dr Respicio is excellent. A great listener and careful practitioner. Very thorough and caring.
He was impatient and rude when he did not believe my report of pain and developing symptoms. I now have 7 documented autoimmune illnesses.
I am a new patient of Dr. Matsumoto and he came highly recommended by other medical professionals in Balto. He spent 45 minutes with me as a new patient reviewing history etc. The office is able to do lab work and X-Rays. He also took X-Rays of my hands and feet (have had numerous surgeries) for base line information. He understands that some older patients with RA were diagnosed prior to the bio-logic modifying drugs, Enbrel, came on the market; I am on Enbrel to prevent further damage.
Without a moment's hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Siegel to any family member or friend. I look forward to my office visits because I know he puts me on the right path to a pain free life. In a few mere months, I have made great strides under his thorough care. I could not be more pleased to be his patient. His office staff is also wonderful! I highly recommend! He takes time with his patients. That is a plus!
The longest wait time of all the medical offices I have ever been so far, with no clear reasons or explanations. Dr. Siegel doesn't seem to review the previous records, re: my relevant history, which were in his possession. The office staff assumes that over an hour waiting period, sitting in the little exam room (after blood pressure, weight etc. were recorded) is an expected occurrence, responding to an inquiry that the doctor is usually late. A clear disregard of the patient's time.
Dr. Worthing is that rare physician who takes the time to listen to his patients. He is respectful and has a team approach to treatment, always considering my perspective on my condition and potential treatment options. He also keeps up to date on the most current research. It means the world to me to have a doctor that I feel genuinely cares.
Thorough and thoughtful; ready to discuss in detail various treatment options; listens for questions, even if they are half-formed. I disputed my diagnosis of osteoporosis with him; he took no offense but explained the basis for the diagnosis in depth. His participation in research puts him at the leading edge of treatments.
I've been a patient of Dr. Worthing's since 2012. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, patient and kind. Perfect for younger persons with rheumatological conditions like myself who still want to live quality, active lives DESPITE the conditions that we face. He is a great advocate who stays current with new treatments and/or medications that may become available and, is still willing learn with you about how to better live with your condition(s). Excellent Rheumatologist.
Dr. DeMarco is naturally caring and genuine. He has taken the BEST care of me and supports me through all of my life journey. His nonjudgmental attitude allows me to feel safe to share whatever is going on. I have been with him since 2008 and that's where I plan to stay. He goes to the end of earth to make sure his patients have what they need.
Depends on gender, age, and insurance coverage. Tendency to speak at his patients rather than with his patients. Views treatment more as a business than a true vocation. I was happy to find a drug to fit the needs of my condition. However, doing so came with quite a cost and billing seemed to be reluctant to address practical questions related to treatments. The biggest shame is that he treats certain patients in a denigrating fashion. I have never felt so disrespected in my life by a provider.
Been long time patient and he is getting more impatient,not willing to listen to problems and is outright insulting. Not planning to return to practice .
I love Dr. Worthing, but his staff is not helpful or professional at all. I have several medical issues which have put me in the hospital a lot, so my veins are not great...a lot of scar tissue...his staff was so afraid to draw blood, they asked my husband (an IV Specialist) to draw it. Then, when I was referred to have medication infused, they either never had it in stock, or tried to schedule me to come in 2-3 months away when I needed the medication immediately. Love him...them...not so much.
Anyone looking for a genuine review of Dr. Respicio should know that her positive online reviews are generated from the staff at this practice. They are not legitimate.
I have the good fortune of having Dr. Beall as my doctor for a number of years. I could nort be more satisfied. She combines warth, caring and up to date professionalism. I feel grateful she is my doctor. Sam Black
Dr. Kaiser was very attentive and insightful. Listened and worked diligently to diagnose a difficult medical issue. I have interacted with many physicians. She is wonderful.
I have fibromyalgia and spinal conditions. Dr. Baraf has been very sympathetic and has provided appropriate treatment, relieving my pain.
Poor bedside manner. Rude. He yelled at me for correcting his incorrect recounting of my symptoms. Then he refused to examine my knee and my back even though they are in pain, because the pain at those sites did not fit into the pattern of information about the primary condition that I came in for. I guess he only allows a patient to have one malady. Overall his taking of history was sterile and I felt as if he did not care much about me at all.
I was born with a genetic blood disorder sickke cell anemia and as I am aging, it's causing more medical issues. Dr. Siegel continued to save my life by coordinating with my other doctors to find the best medical treatment for my numerous medical problems. I am very comfortable with him. He's the best.
The office was very cold and unfriendly. i unfortunately had been forced to see this doctor twice as it is office policy before they will switch you to another competent empathetic individual. The 1st visit they could care less that my blood pressure was 150/110, as where other doctors wouldnt even see me at that point. My PDR originally sent me here for in hopes for relief from pain and answers but all i received in return was nothings wrong and its probably just fibromyalgia .Noanswers..nothin
I was referred to Dr. Beall by my Primary Care Provider. How thankful I am that our paths crossed. Dr. Beall is one of the most compassionate providers of care that I have ever known. She listens and reacts with a judgment that is in the best interest of my well being. If I ever need to be seen, not a problem. I can usually get in within 1-2 days, and have even gotten in on the same day. All I can say is Thank you to Dr. Beall and her staff. You all are a God Send!
She's amazing. She explains things so that I'm motivated to work at home, and her hands on therapy is a real help.
Excellent and caring doctor. Takes her time and is great at explaining things
I have to ask for what I believe she should have suggested. Like seeing a pain specialist, an endocrinologist and when to do follow up X-rays. I am in the health field so I come prepared but if people are not in this field, they would not know what to ask.
Dr Worthing was initially recommended to me from a coworker who suggested I make a visit after my doctor had run a battery of other tests and come up with nothing. Long wait! He was very thorough and professional. Full blood tests diagnostic and discovered RA triggered by a severe case of rhuematic Fever (Strep Virus) months earlier. He was patient and amazing as I am quite picky and ask a million questions about every test and symptom and drug . I would (and have) absolutely recommend him.
I had my first appointment with Dr. DeMarco at 11:15 am they asked me to be there at 10:45 so I did. So far no problems, very nice staff and place. At 11:15 am I was in the room waiting for the doctor... and I waited and waited... At 12:15 pm I decided it was time to go, Doctor DeMarco never came. I drove an hour to be there and another hour back, I deserve respect.
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