I had my knee replacement surgery with Dr. Balcom he is a good surgeon, as long as you don't have any problems with recovery. I'm still struggling everyday with straightness and being able to bend and the pain I still have is very bad and unacceptable. Unfortunately I'm the patient in the low percentage that has a lot of problems.
I highly recomend Dr Albakour to everyone.. he is knowledgeable and so friendly, he gives patients alot of his time.
Dr. Balcom has done both knee replacements for me and my husband is scheduled later this month to have one of his knees done. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone who needs knee replacement.
Dr. Darrah is a diamond. He has been my GI Doctor for over 20 years. I have gone through some very difficult times. Through it all I could always count on Dr. Darrah Bering there for my and my family. I credit him with saving my life in 2 occasions. Not only a great doctor but a very special man.
Overall the office visit was very good. The staff their are friendly and very willing to help. Dr. Fehr was great and she explained my condition in a way I could understand and put me at ease. The only downside was that when I checked in she was behind scheduled. In her defense it was later in the day and she does spend a good amount of time with her patients (which is good to know)
This woman almost killed my father.. NEVER GO TO THIS DR!! She misdiagnosed my dad & treated him for neuropathy "from diabetes"w massive dose of gabapentin for 5 years. My dad got worse & falling down, weak & was slowing getting paralyzed. I took him for a 2nd opinion & they gave him MRI.. His spinal cord was being pressed so badly from a disc in his neck, it's was just @ to be punctured! He had emergency surg that Monday & 2 subsequent Surg. he can walk much better but perm damage. Can't sue.
As a first time patient with Dr. Fehr, I thought I received excellent care. She listened attentively to my concerns, ask insightful questions, and explained clearly the next steps we would take to address my issues. She also made sure any questions I had were answered.
Dismissive. Lack of interest in patient. Did not review form I filled out regarding symptoms. Wanted to blame all issues on anxiety.
Rude. No effort would not even look you in the eyes. quick and dismissive. lack of caring and knowledge
Dr Goldman is an excellent pulmonologist! He listens to you and cares about you! I have been with him as a patient for 10 years!
I was very unimpressed by John'a poor bedside manner and seeming lack of empathy for the reason for my office visit. Not to mention he seemed to flat out lack knowledge on the specifics of my injury and was unable to answer questions. I left feeling like this appointment was a huge waste of time and would never return.
Would Never recommend him.
She is amazing - - - - what a exceptional woman/physician!!!
Have him for regular gyn check ups. He is awesome! Makes you feel very comfortable and is the nicest man. Truly a great experience!
Dr.Aaron was very friendly and personable in all our interactions. He was my OB/GYN during my first pregnancy while I was living in Shrewsbury MA. It took me almost 2 years to recall that I did not? give him a positive feedback on this site. Hope other mother's benefit from his personality , friendliness, and knowledge.
The second worse Dr. I've had in all my life. He treats patients like they're a MacDonolds drive through customer.
It was my first time a newbie ! The entire experience was painless (from what I remember). Team is extremely efficient and personable. Carl my nurse put me at ease with his jokes and answers any and all of my questions. Once wheeled into the procedure room I met Doctor Kelfer where he explained the procedure & then I was out in less than a minute later. Did I mention the nurse gave me a heated blanket, dimmed the lights and put on great music while in the procedure room!?
Dr. Kesman was very helpful in explaining the cause of my pain, the options for treatment, including surgery, and the recovery. He answered all questions carefully and thoroughly. I elected to have surgery to remove a herniated disc that had been giving me chronic and worsening pain for almost two years. I am post surgery now, and am thrilled with the results! The chronic pain is gone, I can sit and walk comfortably, and am looking forward to hiking in the mountains again with my sons!
Dr kesman is an amazing dr. He has a great bedside manor makes sure to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have. I was very comfortable knowing he was the man that was going to be working on me. I have zero of my pre surgical pain. I can stand up straight which I haven't been able to do for 8 months. Thank you Dr Kesman. You are my miracle worker
Dr Kesman listens, gives good explanations of what he can and cannot do for your condition. He explains clearly what any procedure is like and your anticipated result. He is not a miracle worker but I am so thankful for him. His office usually runs on time, relays messages, and acts professionally.
Made assumptions about my health based on weight, terrible bedside manner, condescending.
At 47, I suffered with extreme sciatic pain & symptoms. Dr. Kessman did an L4-L5 fusion & my pain/symptoms were 100% resolved immediately after surgery. He's exceptionally skilled, patient and caring, I NEVER felt rushed, ALL of my questions were answered in terms I understood. Dr. Kessman's follow up while I was in the hospital was outstanding! If I ever need this surgery again, which is a possibility for other vertebrae, I would do it in a hearbeat - but only with Dr. Kessman.
Dorsnt really care about the patients health in my opinion. Ive bern having multiple symptoms such as sinus issues, fatigue, and now dyspnea for 5 months. He sent to a few tests which i had to ask myself for and after those came out fine he just told me that i shouldnt stress it and wanted to prescribe me depression meds...when the cause could of my problems could come from mant diff things. Only later i find out that i need to get tested for things like anemia. Thats something he shouldve done.
I've had back problems for 10 years on and off. Dr Kesman was the first Doctor I saw who I felt listened to me and took appropriate steps to quickly figure out where my pain was coming from. I had a microdiscectomy on my L4/L5 disc in March 2016 with no complications. I would absolutely recommend Dr Kesman and this surgery to those whom it's recommended for. I am grateful for all he has done for me.
Over all excellent results from micro disc surgery on L4 L5. Immediate relief after surgery in hip and leg . Dr Kesman is very caring and has a wonderful bedside manner. I would recommend him to anyone in pain suffering with a ruptured, herniated disc..
very personable and knowledgeable. Explained procedure so I could understand. Surgery was successful beyond my expectation.
I have been seeing Dr. Roan after being referred by my PCP?. I've been seeing him for a medical procedures and surgeries. He is extremely kind, makes you feel very comfortable, explains everything thoroughly, never have to wait, etc. Extremely competent surgeon. Wonderful Dr.
Great doctor! So caring and personable.
If someone had a condition he could help with , I would definitely recommend Dr. Rivera. I was very scared when I first went there...he put me at ease almost instantly ...He explained the problem and how he could help. That huge needle going in my back scared the daylights outta me but he was calm, relaxing, and he knew what he was doing. It helped for a long time . I was probably at least as scared as a person could be. Not after seeing him.
Dr. Peters is an excellent surgeon. He's treated both of my knees successfully. Two family members were very satisfied with their knee replacements. He is very thorough, professional doctor.
Dr Peters was friendly and pleasant to deal with but I felt that he diagnosed my injury prior to evaluating me. I did not trust his diagnosis or his approach, I scheduled a second opinion with another Doctor ,then scheduled surgery with the other doctor .. The surgery results were positive and confirmed my suspicions ,.. Dr Peters misdiagnosed my injury and recommended "exploratory" Surgery to "figure it out" .. I'm sure he would have figured it , but Trial and error is not acceptable
Dr Peters did my shoulder surgery in 2011. He removed a bone sper and bursitis when I lived in MA. I made a full recovery with no complications would definitely recommend him!
He is very kind and really listens to your concerns. He is thorough and explains the tests results to you in understandable non-medical terms.
Dr. Sidari did a tonsillectomy in July 2017 on our 10-year old, and we recommend him whole-heartedly. He did an excellent job and is professional, pleasant and calming to deal with - right from the initial consult and discussions, the surgery, and follow-up after the procedure. It was a day surgery at the Worcester Surgical Center, which was surprisingly good (we found it better than St. Vincent Hospital) including the anesthesiologist and the nurses, and the facility itself.
could not say better things about Mike! A provider who really cares and is willing to go the extra mile for his patients!
Visited her in Longmont, CO office. Horrible surgery experience. She didn't seem confident. Took several tries to place clamp on my eye. Released the spring loaded chair I was in and I about ended up on the floor. Never provided any written follow-up/after care instructions. Expected me to remember everything. Will never go to again.
My 24 year old daughter saw dr sidari for a tonsillectomy in sept 2016 and we could not be more satisfied with the kindness and efficiency for both he and his staff (especially lisa) Any questions we had were answered immediatly (even at 2am ) and with great patience- these people are true professionals.

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