The most condescending, demeaning human being I have ever encountered. I am 24 years old and I have recently moved to Massachusetts for a job. I was looking for a new PCP in the area, so I scheduled an appt. with Dr. Crooks. Within a minute of meeting me, he was aggressive and told me he didn't "believe" me or my medical records, which I had transferred from my home state. He then told me I would be charged for "wasting his time." He offered no help, guidance, or basic manners during our meeting
I scheduled a physical with him and due to my blood pressure being high he billed it as an office visit instead of my annual physical. I ended up with over $360 in medical bills for an appointment that should have cost me nothing out-of-pocket. When I tried discussing the issue with him his response was I'm sorry things cost money. Exact words. Aside from his shady billing practices he is condescending. He is a crook and aptly named. Do yourself a favor and find a better, more honest doctor.
He sent me to Franklin Pain Clinic which is a glorified pill den, saw a woman on so much pain medicine she could barely talk, ended up having another disc fusion surgery rather than getting addicted to pain meds I choose surgery which only required me to be on pain meds for a few months rather than forever, not a good physician
Misdiagnosed me within five minutes of a visit. Prescribed a med that requires blood work (that I did not take) and an MRI. Walked out on my father without performing the scheduled physical (my father has a heart condition and a history of cancer) because my father did not want two procedures done (patient right to refuse). Did not answer a simple question my mother asked because her reason for the visit was for only one purpose.
Attentive, easy to approach, and easy going. Dr. Crooks has a great demeanor and sense of humor. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
I don't think he been taking my health problems seriously, I asked to have several test and blood work and he hasn't. I'm in pain 24/7 head to toe . I'm starting to think he really doesn't care or hearing me. He's in and out , I feel like I'm doing something wrong when I go see him. I don't know what to do.
Would not recommend. Arrogant,not listening to the patient. At my annual, i needed him to order Complete blood count, Urinalysis and cholesterol. The last one was required by my Employer as a part of my Wellness Assessment and needs to be checked every year before end of February, otherwise my insurance premium will be $500 more. The blood count and urine test was intended for my own on-going health monitoring. His respone was: you don't need any blood work. You look healthy
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