Dr. Wright was all I could hope for as I faced a hysterectomy. She was open to questions, thorough innher answers and supportive of my decisions.
Dr Tiger is a wonderfully talented and skilled physician
As a young educated patient in the Healthcare field, I'm extremely disappointed by how I was treated by Dr Yang. She treated me very impersonally, delayed and resisted follow ups with her. She downplayed my test results and rheumatic symptoms. Not taking my case in hand nor moving towards a resolution, she suggested I go find other specialists and verbatim stated "Lahey is a community hospital, we don't have communication between specialists in our network". Very poor bedside manner. No empathy
Dr Wright helped with with some other issues that I was having not related to my current problem of post menopausal bleeding. When it came time to a more serious problem..she failed terribly! I don't think she has the breath of experience needed. She appears disorganized as well. I don't doubt her caring..but my gut tells me that she will never operate on me. Find another doctor for something really serious. She is great for pap and checkups..
Dr. Wright performed a hysterectomy on me. She very patiently listened to my complaints, my concerns and answered every question without hesitation or irritation. No question was insignificant! Her care, concern and knowledge definitely puts one at ease. She has a great sense of humor too! She is a remarkable doctor, not seen that often nowadays! Any ob-gyn issues - go to her she and her staff will take great care of you!
I was just thinking of Dr Wei today & how his surgery saved my life 13 years ago. He's an excellent surgeon. He performed two surgeries on me back in 2003. I was hoping he was still a surgeon at Lahey. The clinic is fortunate to have him on their staff. Once again, I thank him, for without his expertise, & caring attitude I wouldn't be here writing this review today. If I ever needed a surgeon again, he'd be my first choice. ??
I started visiting Irina a few years ago. I had pain in some of my joints, which at the time I thought was a hip problem and that I may need to have a hip replacement. The Doctor was nice enough to make an appointment within a month, the other Doctors had a waiting period of 2 or 3 months. Irina has been following my case of RA now for over two years and is not afraid to work with the patient to get the best and most comfortable results for her and her patient.
Dr. Cotran is excellent. I drive from N.H. to see him. I had lost some peripheral vision from being "undertreated" in N.H. Also, my glaucoma specialist in Nashua, did a laser treatment to both my eyes for glaucoma but Dr. Cotran told me I never had glaucoma in my left eye and probably never will. So I endured the pain of 60 laser shots to a healthy eye. I have unilateral glaucoma which means only one eye is affected. Apparently, the "old way" was to automatically treat both eyes.
Dr Draper is very caring. He explains tests etc in a way that I can understand. For many years I've complained about my legs went I walk, Dr Draper listened to me and prescribed a scrip that improved my quality of life 100%. Now I can take my granddaughters for a walk.
She was rushed, unfriendly, and became easily frustrated and rude when questions were asked.
Dr. Chang, correctly diagonal my problem as CSR, after another doctor at Lahey incorrectly had diagnosed my problem as Wet AMD and had given me an injection in my eye, even Mass Eye and Ear had me diagnosed with wet AMD when I sought third opinion, they wanted to do a hot laser. I was confused, Dr. Chang walked me through and helped me with fourth opinion, which confirmed his diagnosis, the treatment was to do nothing, He was right. my problem went away on it's own. He is smart.
My husband had his first visit with Dr. Dempsey today for a subdural hematoma. Dr. Dempsey was calm, caring and of course knowledgeable. He didn't hesitate to take time with us and answer all our questions.
This women calls herself a professional. She is one of the most rude people I have run into. I didn't know that her position entitled her to treat patients poorly
Dr. Cooper is very focused on the problems of his patients and takes the time to explain options for treatments in an easy to understand manner.
Dr. Chow and her staff are wonderful. I have been with them for 20 years plus. Everyone is caring and understanding. I have been through a great deal over the past few years and there is know one I would trust more than Dr. Chow.. She has referred me to surgeons and other staff members who have helped me a great deal. I highly recommend Dr. Chow and her entire staff.
Dr. Cotran, the best dr ever. Saw him twice, patiently listens to you. Is thorough in his examination, leaves no leaves unturned. Explains each aspect of the problem. I totally trust him to take care of my eye problem situation. He also explained the side effects of the medication he prescribed and advised how to minimize its effects.
My first appointment the wait was over an hour. I had 2 visits with Dr Dempsey and his office shows that he took no notes on either one of my CAT scans.
He is great and didn't have to wait forever to get in to see him or get my cataract surgeries done. I highly recommend Dr. McCarthy
Dr Kent is pleasant, competent, assuming, slightly immature and definitely spoiled. Patients have been know to wait over an hour while her double booked appointments stack up. Exams are known to be interrupted by those she has created dependencies for her in. It's kinda like a high school atmosphere, giggling, gossiping and all, but all of Lahey is like that.
Dr Garas is so incredibly caring and compassionate. He listens and takes his time to hear patients questions and concerns.
Dr. McGaraghan is the very best Gynecologist on the North Shore! Having left Lahey Clinic years ago, she remains the only doctor I continue to see at Lahey. In my opinion, she is a first class doctor. She is kind, compassionate, never rushes you, and is extremely knowledgeable. I took my 91 year old mother to see her last week. My mom said she and her assistant, Fran (a sweetheart), are the very best team she's seen in her 91 yrs. of life, and she's seen many!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!
She's not very friendly or personable. She did tell us what was wrong in great detail. I heard she's a good dr but my mom got surgery from her and the screw that was placed in her foot wasn't in the right place so she had to go back to have it fixed. Two surgeries that was suppose to be one.
Dr. Marcello successfully repaired a fistula after two previous attempts by another surgeon. I was well prepared by Dr Marcello. Expectations were clear and right on target. Excellent bedside manner making a very uncomfortable situation tolerable.
I went to see Dr. Kowal back in December for pain management for my neck. I have 4 screws and rods in my neck due to a fusion many years ago. When I asked the doctor for something for my pain he said to me " You've been in pain this long, you can deal with it some more". He has no compassion for his patients along with a serious attitude. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE!!! He is a disgrace to his profession.
I saw Dr. Kowal because of a back pain problem that wasn't getting better, despite several other specialist visits. After a thorough explanation of the imaging and what it meant, Dr. Kowal provided in-depth information for a long-term and short-term approach. 3 months later I feel much, much better. Dr. Kowal's staff is extremely pleasant and made the visit better.
Extremely smart, caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy and friendly doctor! I had a weird retina issue with some fluid right behind the retina and he conservatively and under full medical watch helped me recover.
These people could not be more inaccessible if they tried. I left three messages trying to cancel an appointment. I wanted some confirmation via telephone that they had received my request to cancel. First, they never called me with that confirmation. Second, they sent an appointment reminder card to me a week later. They have no internet contact information and never answer their phone. I have no review of their care--but their customer relations are terrible.
She is the #1 In Massachusetts. She Cares about her Patients very well. I will send all people who needs help from Orthopaedic Surgery . She Will listen to you and treat you like her own family member.
I was admitted thru the emergency room while on a trip back East. I feel very lucky to have ended up under the care of Dr. Francone. The staff was friendly and helped me thru the trying time.
I think she's very nice, thorough, very smart and knowledgeable.
Terrible; Waste of time. Very judgemental and his decision is predetermined prior to initial consult, you are judged by a piece of paper. If prescribed medication prior to visit he will have your info in hand.
Took the time to explain everything. Excellent follow-up.
I have used Dr. Smiley as my orthopedic doctor since 2004. He is an excellent physician & a good person! I can recommend him without reservation.
If I could give this guy no stars at all I would. Could be over two hours before he sees you constantly telling me how busy he is. I showed up for a 2 pm appt but didn't get out until the other staff shut off the lights and went home. Sent me home in the dark with my eyes dialated. The day before cataract surgery I wanted to go with my gut and cancel it but things were all set. Now I am truly sorry I went through with it.
I found him thorough and knowledgeable. His diagnosis was right on. I would highly recommend him
No doubt about it, Dr Narasimhan is a great doctor, if you can get to see him. However, I find it strange that he is accepting new patients when it takes over 6 months for an existing patient to get an appointment and then they call and laughingly cancel that appointment less than 24 hours before it and then smugly reschedule it for an additional 2 months out, so in effect 8 months for an existing patient to get an appointment. Not a joke, true story.
As I speak on behalf of my family, Dr. Sands has been a huge support system during a difficult time. We value his professional advice and appreciate his encouragement. He's very honest and clear. He's been a blessing to my family and with that we are grateful. He's very caring and trustworthy. We are very fond of Dr.Sands and highly recommend him.
Very professional, I have been seeing Dr. Rabinowitz for 16 years treating my CLL condition. I couldn't recommend him more highly for someone who has some kind of blood disorder.
I am a 70-year-old male that had wall-invasive bladder cancer. Dr. Sands was my oncologist, working with my urological surgery team. The chemotherapy path for this disease has the potential to be unpleasant. But Dr. Sands addressed my treatment with urgency, care, respect, and humor. It could not have been better. As a result, I had no spread of disease and am happily learning how to function with a neobladder. I am long since back to work, healthy and happy.
Dr Soong operated on my hand which was in terrible condition. He did a wonder job returning use of my hand. Outstanding knowledge couple with gifted hands. I highly recommend him for hand problems and surgery.
I wouldn't recommend Dr. Smiley to anyone. He has no bedside manor at all and told me I need to build muscles to fix my knee which is impossible bc I have muscular dystrophy. He didn't even bother looking at my chart before come in to see me. He knew nothing about me or my medical history!!!! ??
Dr. Smiley and his office was great! I had surgery on my ACL in March 2012 and have had zero issues! He provided me with a full review of my situation- the different options available to me and did not pressure me one way or another. The aftercare was also great. Overall there was nothing that could have been done better!
Kind,patient , quick and quite knowledgeable! When you leave her, after a multitude of questions, you know what you need to do, and how to handle the "What if's?"
Very smart and caring man
Dr Moheban is a true leader and expertise in her field. She really does listen and cares about patients issues. I have a Seizure issue and her knowledge and expertise made me feel like I will be in great hands. May God Bless you!!
I could say many many good things about Dr Narasimhan . He's just simply the best GI Doctor I know . After many years of GI problems I feel great ! Thank you so much Dr Narasimhan !
I went year ago to Dr. Smiley for shoulder surgery. He identified the problem immediately and scheduled out-patient surgery within a few weeks. This was after going to someone else for 10 years that kept giving me the run-around. He was easy to talk to, explained everything. Again, this was years ago. But I used to go to Lahey for just about everything - easy to make appts and everything gets done in 1 day. Once I return to New England I will start going back to Lahey without a doubt.
First I went to see him for my twisted knee. He didn't show any x-ray I took, but just told me to do mri. My knee is still painful on and off. Then, I went for mri. I was seen him again, and he said I had meniscus damage, he suggested to do the surgery for removing the damaged meniscus. He didn't even show me the damage from my mri images. He didn't even physically exam my knee. I wouldn't recommend him to any one.
My mother has just completed the 1st stage of her treatment under Dr Sands' care. In her early appointments, accessing her condition and considering the various treatment options, our family found Dr Sands to be incredibly knowledgeable, aware of and involved in research and clinic trials, considering all options inside and outside of the box. He is genuine & personable, listened to & answered our questions, using analogies that truly helped us understand very complicated information.
The beginning of June, on vacation, 324 miles away from home, I knew I was in trouble as I suddenly had floaters and flashes in my right eye. I began to call for immediate help, but no one would take me on short notice and because I was out of state. I knew better than to take myself to an ER for a retinal problem. Eventually, after many calls, a lovely receptionist heard my plea and put me in touch with Dr. Ramsey's office in Burlington. Not only did he see me, but after a lengthy exam, he
I went to my annual eye exam and found out I might have had a retinal hole. Was sent to see Dr. Ramsey that same afternoon. I had been warned there may be a wait, but I don't mind waiting when I am being added in to the schedule last minute due to an emergency. Dr. Ramsey was courteous and clear in explaining what was going on. While he was attending to me, my issues had all his attention.
Dr. Narasimhan is a top notch doctor. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable & skilled, he is kind, compassionate & very attentive to his patient's needs. I felt completely at ease after just a few minutes with him. I would also add the staff working with Dr. Narasimhan at the Lahey Peabody treated me as he did, with skill, kindness & compassion. Under difficult circumstances, (the ac was down the day of my visit) the staff performed flawlessly & showed great character.
Dr Narasimham is a fantastic Doctor. He is kind compassionate and listens to your concerns and will spend time with you and does not rush his time with you As far as having procedures he is gentle and makes them go easy I would much rather have a endoscopy with dr narasariham than go to the dentist. If you are looking for a top notch gastro Doctor look no further he is the best I think he is a ten star plus
Dr. Narasimhan is very compassionate and personable in addition to his vast knowledge in his field. He is proactive informing me of developments in the area of my diagnoses and medications. He has always devoted plenty of time for my appointments and is always available to me by phone should I need his care. I have always been very satisfied with Dr. Narasimhan's care and would most definitely recommend him to family and friends.
I think Dr. Narasimhn is a very kind gentle human being. He is a great doctor and goes above and beyond your expectations. He is always there for you. I would highly recommend him.
Definitely recommend. In addition to his outstanding care and knowledge when faced with a scary eye sitatuation, . I have found Dr Petrone's ongoing care of my aging eyes very caring and wise. In addition to being a very sensitive individual, Dr. Petrone has a high value system of living and life that drives his care of patients. Not only does he care for my eyes, he values my life style:participating in outreachprograms Guess that means he cares about those less fortunate than us.
I found the experience as a patient of Dr Soukiasian to be poor. I felt like a number - processed and released as quickly as possible. Most interactions were rushed. I was lucky if I could get Dr Soukiasian to take the time to answer one question - usually as he backed out the door.
She is too busy to allow for time to discuss problems and plans. Once I get in room with her most of time is spent with looking at computer and putting in notes. I don't know what is coming next or have time to formulate questions. She is quite pleasant
I have been seeing Dr. Parrella since 2001. She was quick with the needed tests and diagnosis. She was great altering my care during pregnancies. She takes the time to answer questions, help solve issues and talk to my family too.
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