Excellent skills, caring and compassionate.
Dr. Pommet is a wonderful physician.
she is very easy to talk to. Listens to your concerns, doesn't lecture or judge. Makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Dr.Quarterman is very nice and friendly.
Dr. Smagina is a very caring and thorough doctor. She takes the time to be sure all your needs are met. I've moved about an hour away, but have still kept her as my PCP because she is that incredible. Her assistant is friendly and remembers you. Dr. Smagina gets back to you in a resonable amount of time.
Dr Smagina is patient and thorough. I have been seeing her for several years now and highly recommend her.
So far, I have been very impressed with Dr. Recupero. He takes the time to diagnose the issues which gives me a lot more trust in the treatment he provides.
Dr. Recupero takes the time to listen to your concerns and complaints. You never feel rushed.
She is very smart and very diligent. She gives you all the time you need to explain herself fully. She identified a night oxygen deprivation for which I had no symptoms and it could have been very serious. She is also friendly and a real partner in my health care. I have brought my father to her, so yes I strongly recommend her and her office.
I switched from my pediatrician to Dr. Lee. Although there were medications I had been on for numerous years and had no issues with, she required a drug test including marijuana for me to get prescriptions I had been receiving from my other doctor. I understand she has a lot of high school kids and what not, but this cannot be based off of them. It should be on a case by case basis. Other than that, she seems to care a lot about her patients and I didn't have a generally bad experience.
Dr. Messer was my Mother's doctor while she was in Milford Hospital. I truly cannot say enough about Dr. Messer's approach to patient's. This man has an awesome personality, he is very direct while being compassionate with all of his communications. If you are looking for a doctor I would highly recommend Dr. Messer he is knowledgeable, direct and personable.
A wonderful and thoughtful Dr. I would and do recommend him to family and friends.
Dr. Lieberman is more than what most would expect from a family physician, he spends the extra time when able and is very thorough. He listens to you and shows that your best interest is in mind, I'd highly recommend him and his office.
Excellent doctor. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a pediatrician.
I have just had my first visit with Dr. Malkani after losing my previous endocrinologist of 22 yrs. These shoes would have been difficult to fill, whereas I had complete trust in my previous endocrinologist's decisions. I feel like I had hit the jackpot after just a few minutes with Dr. Malkani. He is very informative and listens to all of your questions and explains everything with such detail. I am very pleased with my decision and look forward to working with him to get my diabetes on track.
Dr. McKenney is very efficient and she gives a lot of attention to what I have to say and that is why I recommend her. It's hard to find a doctor whom can listen!
DON'T SEE THIS DOCTOR IF THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH YOU AT ALL. SHE DOESN'T EVEN DESERVE A STAR. I have had Lyme Disease for 4 years yet Dr. Lee has adamantly denied it and told me my symptoms are psychosomatic. Because of her neglect I have lost my entire life to this disease and am still now fighting to get help. She could have helped me years ago and chose to be stubborn, so do not see her if you want to get better at all.
Dr. Malkani is the best around!! I had a nodule on my thyroid that he diagnosed and was very kind, thorough and competent in explaining that I should have a fine needle biopsy. Although I was nervous, Dr. Malkani put my fears at ease by speaking to me on the phone as to what I could expect from the procedure. One thing I can say is that he'll ALWAYS call you back- no matter what time of night. I find that so refreshing - as I can't even get a call back from my Primary Care doctor.
I've been seeing Dr. McSweeney for 16 years. Has guided me through lots of healthy changes in my life. Especially loosing 135 pounds. Always willing to spend time with me and answer any question that I might have.
A very good doctor. Asks enough questions to understand the circumstances of your health issues and gives appropriate advice. In spite of a busy schedule, pays attention to keep track of your history before coming to talk to you.
Dr. Woodward is a compassionate dr. I never feel rushed and she always takes the time to listen. She's the best..
Dr. Vogel saved my father's life. She gave him two years of life. She not only diagnosed him, which had not been done before, but stepped in and got a team of specialists. Brilliant and compassionate. You cannot find a better doctor/ scientist/ human being.
excellent ! She always on top of our family needs
I have been a patient of Dr. Daly's for ~10 years. I generally saw an NP there who was wonderful but has just left the practice. Dr. Daly is aloof, cold, and uncaring; the office staff is extremely rude and unhelpful. It is nearly impossible to get an appointment. For example, when I recently called to get a sick visit, they told me they were booked and couldn't help me and could "maybe" see me "sometime next week" and to "try urgent care" if I need to be seen. What's the point in having a PCP?
First thing I noticed, the doctor doesn't look you in the eye doesn't look at your face walks in and out of the room nonplussed. Hands sheets for referrals – Totally seems disinterested. I moved on.
A doctor's appointment should be between you and your doctor (or NP)... Having a SCRIBE attend every appointment is ridiculous... This violates every patients privacy and makes them feel extremely uncomfortable even if they say it is OK... Do you self a favor and have an employee (dressed in normal clothes) mention the scribe in the waiting room, watch for the reactions. I feel all Dr Daly does is try to hand out referrals anyways... Which costs patients money if they use them. Come on Man!
He has been absolutely wonderful to my 6 year old daughter who broke her arm. I wouldn't have wanted any other doctor taking care of her!
Dr. Derderian was my PCP when I lived in Uxbridge, MA. She took me on as a patient at a time when I really needed a great doctor to oversee my primary care. I had developed diabetes and a heart condition and while my first patient appt. wasn't for another six months, once we knew that I had these problems, she scheduled me in the same day that I called the office. She has always been attentive, friendly, and concerned about my well being. I highly recommend her.
Healthcare is dramatically changing & patients feel like they are being treated like a number, and not getting proper medical care, but you will not find this with Dr. Daly. He is an excellent diagnostician, on top of your care and treatment plan, treats you like a person (not a # or diagnosis) -Top Ranked PCP in New England by far and his staff is "Stellar". Dr.Daly, other providers, and Admin staff @ Franklin Family Practice are an example of what other Medical Practice should strive to be.
Dr. Daly has been my GP for most of my life. He has never once really helped me. His office staff are rude and incompetant. He rushes evrry appointment we have. I was hospitalized in a different state due to a severe back injury and when I went in to talk about some pain management options he told me, without even looking at my back, to take tylenol daily. He is an inconsiderateman and a horrible doctor.
I've always had a good experience with Dr. Daly, his staff, etc. No issues with timeliness, making appointments and feedback.
My husband and I both see Dr Daly and find him to be a knowledgeable and compassionate caregiver. Our visits are never rushed and he spends as much time as needed with us. He is always thorough and complete in any evaluation of an issue.
On several occasions I haven't been able to make my appointment and she won't send me my prescription until I personally see her. For anyone unfamiliar with being off of an SSRI, it's basically hell. I am seriously depressed and crying everyday and she doesn't care at all. The receptionists are the rudest people I have ever talked to. All in all, she doesn't care about her patients' well being or mental health. I'm sure I'd be seen if I had the sniffles, but anything more and you're screwed.
Rude. Interrupts you while you are speaking. Please do NOT ever take your teenage daughter to her. Mine was nearly in tears when we left. I wanted to use this practice because I love Dr.Coutinho and she delivered my daughter. I am so disappointed.
She explains everything so well, answers all our questions and genuinely cares for our little one. She always enters the room with a huge smile and wonderful positive energy. We are so grateful to have her care.
I'm a patient of more than 10 years. 1 of the best Dr I know of
Horrible Doctor doesn't care about her patients her practice is run like a factory. If you have serious medical conditions an not white not the Doctor for you.
I was a patient of Dr. Hardenbrook about 7-8 years ago when I lived in Cumberland RI. She was my physician for several years, and delivered my baby girl. There is nothing bad to say. She was wonderful. She never made me feel rushed. She answered all my questions and always respected my feelings as to how I wanted to be treated medically. She was open to natural methods of medicine. She delivered my baby and was her doctor afterwards and was great at it. I have not met a doctor who compares.
Would not recommend Dr. Kohler. Appointment was at 3:30- not seen until 4:45. He assessed my condition, recommended medications all within 5 min. When I asked him to speak to me about a certain concern regarding the condition, he stated that he was behind (I was behind an hour too, but, that doesn't count) and said that my concern was not related and walked out. An short explanation that maybe it would take longer than a quick discussion would have been nice. I felt he was rude and uncaring
Dr Kolla is less than personable. Her bedside manner is unaccepatle. she does not listen nor is she willing discuss my concerns. She seems to think she knows everything no interest in discussing anything. Her way or the highway. I would not recommend Dr Kolla to anyone. Seeing Dr. Kolla has been a very unpleasant experience for me.
I have been a patient of Dr. Handler's for the past 18 years. She is always professional, caring, smart and available. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a great doctor who cares about her patients!
Dr. Handler is pleasant and professional, if a little chiding. She is generally personable; the front desk staff not so much so. As with most PCPs these days, appointments always feel a little rushed, but Dr. Handler is attentive and focused during your time with her.
I am new to MA.... from NJ.... and I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Kohler and his staff, along with the receptionists in the front office. Professional, thorough, honest, caring, and available. He deserves more than 5 stars!!
I have been a patient of Dr. Handler for 5 years and have been pleased with the quality of care she has provided. I have recently switched my 16 year old daughter to her care too.
Due to this pattern of offensive, derogatory and hostile behavior, I would not recommend Dr. Khan.
Dr. Kailani is a wonderful doctor. .Very thorough. A great communicator and very personable but extremely professional. The staff is wonderful.
Dr. Krauth has such a calm manner that I always feel a sense of comfort during my office visit. She is very methodical and thorough in the way she works and inspires confidence in her decisions. She always allows time for my questions and provides clear and understandable explanations. I highly recommend her.
Does not value your time, very disrespectful-never apologizes even when >1hr behind schedule. Staff seem to know this as comments include: "he's just like that" and "yeah that's how surgeons are" or "you should speak to him about that." I have been operated on by multiple surgeons for my spine, etc and never had to wait anywhere near the time I did in his office. If he can't handle his caseload then he should book differently, not waste his Pts time. Very unprofessional
thoughtful, took his time with me, and was able to identify a vitamin d deficiency that my PCP missed.
The physician and the staff is rude
Dr. Kumar is a gifted urological surgeon.
I have been a patient of Dr Kohler for a long time (15 years or so). He's an excellent doctor for me as he doesn't beat around the bush. He is very honest and straightforward. If I need to do something to improve my health he tells me. Like losing some weight. He is very thorough and very well rounded. I ask a lot of questions about various symptoms and medications and he always gives me a straight and honest answer.
She was rude and dismissive. Kept telling me I was wrong about my medical history and when she discovered it was her error she did not even apologize. She mistakingly told me I did not need blood work for six more months and when I pointed out her error she was annoyed. She does not listen or try to help
Went in for two hip injections yesterday at Milford Hospital and was so blessed to have Dr. Kelly as my physician. I was overwhelmed by this Doctor's caring about his patients concerns. We spoke of many topics that I found very comforting. It felt as if we were old friends. As his patient, I was his number one priority when I was there. Dr. Kelly's compassion for his patients is like nothing I have ever seen. He really cares. His expertise as a physician is remarkable. God Bless You.
Dr. Luis Carreiro has been my physician for nearly 20 years and has provided valuable, trusted advise over the years given my many unfortunate needs to visit his office.
Dr Cohan is excellent
Excellent care. Always makes me feel comfortable. Never rushes my appointments. Never much a wait for appointment time.
My PCP of 10 years misdiagnosed me with a pregnancy, was told I had Lyme disease many other things. Cold wouldn't explain things. Avoid him at all costs!!!!
Excellent, caring physician..Would highly recommend her.
Dr. Aoude is a nice man but his bedside manner is somewhat lacking. At one point I tried to bring up a mental health concern to him which he dismissed and I am now being followed and treated for it at another medical establishment. On another occasion I called his office to see if they thought I should come in after a minor accident or go to the ER and the secretary had me book an urgent appointment with him. At the visit Dr. Aoude was very flustered that I had come to see him. Thumbs down.
Always kind tI my needs. I feel comfortable with doctor Bamburger and his help. I feel He is helping us to save my boyfriends privates and relationship from the evil PyRoNiEs ?? Thank very much Dr.Bamburger ? for all you have done for me.
Staff very rude and unprofessional
Dr. Bara understands the patients struggle with rheumatic disease. She listens well and tries to develop a treatment plan that is not only medically sound, but fits the particular needs of the patient. She has kept me mobile through some tough times for more than 10 years!! She's the best!!
horrible would come in and leave within two minutes and not even look at you while he was typing the whole time. Wouldn't give mea referral to a surgeon said I didn't need surgery. I got a new doctor and had found out I need major back surgery after years of pain that Doctor Carrerio wouldn't address. Happy to be out of there
Truly caring and dedicated. Takes as much time as you need and gives you yhe sense you are in good hands
Good doctor. He is nice.
Great doctor. Sort of looks like a scientist ?? I think I love ya a bit ?? Thanks for you help.
Unbelievable guy. Thanks for fixing my issue of testicle and penis curve and the extra Graham crackers after surgery lol.. Your Awesome ?
Hey can't thank you enough for helping my partner and I with his crotch varocasele. He performs better and I now I can show him all the love I want. Thank you Dr.Bamburger.
Spectacular treatment for my son. He is very satisfied with the surgeon, surgery, and his visit. way to go Dr.Mitch Bamburger ?
Some of the issues - Very unprofessional. Did not do any kind of an exam, was rude and was getting annoyed as I asked questions.
Doctor Coutinho is an amazing Doctor. She listens to what her patients have to say, addresses their concerns and does not sugar coat anything. She's realistic, down to earth and is very easy to talk to. If highly recommend her.
Great doctor but he needs to update his receptionists. Tracy was nothing but rude and short with me on a routine phone call and how he employs someone of that nature in a position that requires communication with patients is beyond me. If he changes his receptionist, I would be more likely to recommend him because he really is great, but I would dread calling in to the office to even make an appointment.
I've never felt like a number or a source of revenue. Dr. Coles truly cares, he listens and is engaged with his patients. Dr. Coles has been my PCP for 13 years now - and has helped me to manage any problems that I've had. He's a good doctor, a good man, and as a plus - he has a good sense of humor!
I love her. She is the best Obgyn I have been to.

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Antrostomy And Antrotomy (Sinus Surgery)
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Biopsy Of Breast
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Breast Exam
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Electrocardiogram (Ekg)
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Excision Or Destruction Of Palate Or Uvula Lesion
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