Stuck in the ER for 7hours, but well worth the wait. This doctor was amazing. An absolute sweetheart. My daughter was so anxious to be seen, however he made her and myself so comfortable. Kept checking in on us. Once we got into see him we were in an out. He was so calm and patient. I would absolutely recommend him!!! I'm hoping when we make our recheck appointment it's with him ??
Dr. Beck was friendly & congenial, but made many incorrect assumptions during my inpatient visit based on very little information. When I learned this from my outpatient provider, I realized I had been subject to stigma. Awards & prestigious positions & even patient rapport mean little to me when a doctor is unnecessarily suspicious of patients & assigns labels to them after spending less than a cumulative 2 hours with them (labels that my psychiatrist of 1.5 yrs vehemently disagreed with).
Polite and attentive
Dr Nardin is not only caring, but she is an excellent diagnostician. After suffering from chronic migraines for years without relief, Dr Nardin literally took one look at me and realized that in addition to migraines, I also suffer from an unusual sub type of headache. I wouldn't trade her for all the "world renowned experts" I've been to, and there have been plenty of those. There is no substitute for common sense and most of all compassion.
I was NOT ready to be discharged but he did so anyway. I knew something was wrong so I went to St. E's instead. After they took my blood pressure and did that electro-cardio scan I was admitted to their ICU!
Fabulous, kind, smart, caring, very reassuring doctor.
I worked with Dr Brewer some years ago in Springfield, MA. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very empathic. She helped patients find comfort in begin a medication regimen. I learned a great deal and enjoyed working with Dr. Brewer. I would gladly recommend her to any patient.
I was seen by Dr. Burke through the MedStar Washington Hospital System. He was thorough and considerate, listening carefully to my description of symptoms and addressing all my concerns. I could not be happier with my experience. After a stressful visit to the Emergency Department, I was thankful for such great care!
Sharp, compassionate, thorough
Very unhelpful. Made me be my own doctor even after 3 appointments within 6 months I had to keep re-explaining my entire 5 year situation and history and he just parroted what the computer told him about my medication (the whole point of my appointment). Ended asking me when I thought I should have another follow about never. I gave myself the entire exam and gained no new information...also the scheduling person made me late for my own appointment when I was early. Great.
Dr Farhat was my Doctor when he was working for Cambridge Health Alliance . Very good Doctor . My experience with him was great . If he come back to Boston I will follow him wherever he goes. He is very patient ,caring I feel like he was part of my family . I would love to be in contact with him . After he did my sergury now u have 2 kids . I would like him to meet my kids one day . I recommend him to anyone reading this. Very nice Foctor . If you have an emergency tell them to call Dr Farhat.
Dr. Mathew is the only physician that actually calls you into his office. I have seen him for 4 years & he has an amazing bed side manner. He puts you at ease & makes sure the environment is always comfortable for you. He cares about those that have no insurance & lobbies in Washington D.C. on their behalf. He is quick to respond on calls & is of all Dr.’s I have, the one I respect the most, regarding prompt care. I can not speak highly enough of this Neurologist. He continues to reduce pain!
Reputation as the best gastroenterologist on the Cambridge side of the river. Careful. Thoughtful. Lucky to have seen him. Figured out my problem. Good explanation.
Snarkey arrogant cocky. Now he runs ph2 and mass exit of staff that had been there decades
She's very pleasant and always smiling. She made feel so at ease and very patient in answering my questions. I told my ny sister and brother-in-law to get her as tgeir eye doctor and they're also happy.
Would give 0 stars. The worst doctor I have ever met. Does not listen to the patient at all. She comes up with a million Qs and doesn't even bother waiting for the responses. I wouldn't dare treating my housemaid the way she treated me. Sounded so arrogant & in-sensitive. Interrupting my responses, never let me complete my sentence. Had hard time maintaining my temper while I was there. The visit did not help me a bit, costed a few hundreds out of my pocket. Would never go back.
A world class doctor
My elderly mother is a patient of Dr. Pels and I occasionally accompany her. Dr Pels has been an exceptional PCP. He has excellent bedside manners including explaining things to her in a way she can understand, helps her up onto the table, stabilizes her when she is unbalanced, reads her records so he knows what to follow-up with, schedules her for vision and hearing and other routine exams without us asking. He is thorough and caring. We couldn't be more satisfied.
I was a younger patient when I started with Dr. Pels. He always took the time to listen to my concerns - I never felt rushed.
Dr. Thatai has been managing very successfully my atrial fibrilation and medications, and keeping me breathing and exercising very well. He is very trustworthy and knowledgable. Harold Grant
Dr. Yudkoff was my provider while I was in a psychiatric unit. What a talent! He knows his meds and really cares about his patients. Anyone who has him as a provider is truly blessed. Go in health, Dr. Yudkoff!!!
First time visit with this MD; disappointed with staff. As a retired hospital worker I know the importance of first impressions. My PCP left this office last year to start concierge group,now there is a whole new staff of MD's and associates. Greeting at front desk cool. I think they need to brush up on their the techniques of addressing patients. As a first time patient to this staff I had to ask whos who. They should know to introduce themselves, explain what they will be doing.
Dr. Williams has had an amazing, positive influence on my son's life. He took his time getting to know my son, and explaining options available for treatment. He's also very knowledgeable, understands and relates to kids well and listens carefully to parental concerns.
Lisa Weissman is one of the most compassionate physicians I have ever worked with. She has handled my diagnosis and treatment with utmost compassion and makes me feel personally cared for. Everyone of her staff is also excellent.
Horrible! I had a 2:30 appointment. I called their office at 9:00 AM to tell them I didn't have an MRI. They told me to come in anyway. When I got there, Doc wanted to see the MRI. After I told him I didn't have it, that's when his attitude showed. He printed out a paper showing I was scheduled and that I missed it. Truth is, I was never notified, but he didn't want to hear it. He came short of calling me and my wife liars. I walked out!!!!
I am a mother of two. I've been seeing Dr. Rosenblum for years. She is a wonderfully talented psychiatrist. She is an excellent therapist and psychopharmacologist. She has helped me through difficulties I would not have been able to overcome by myself. She has helped me grow and discover so much about myself. She is a compassionate therapist who not only listens, but converses with you and offers practical and useful advice. She is one of the few people I trust completely.
The experience I just had today with Dr. Shalnov was awful. I already knew that he had a bad bedside manner, and he is indeed very cold and unpleasant. But I would have been fine with that if it seemed like he had deep knowledge of his field, which he does not. I have terrible hip and back pain, and he told me to bend over and back, he touched my hip in a few places, and then said I was fine. He did not even check my X-rays from my PCP because he was too lazy. Disaster. Don't waste your time.
Shalnov made me feel stupid. I don't think he listened to a word I said. 3 months after injuring my back I made an appointment to see him (if I had done any research I would have requested someone else). I had been sleeping on the floor, went from an extremely active lifestyle to one where going for walks was my exercise. He told me I'm fine and barked at me that I don't feel better yet because I haven't treated my back. Left in tears. Will never see him again!!
He does have a brisk manner, but he is extremely good. A very thorough investigator. He was able to find the exact location of my nerve damage as well as remove the pain from two disc in the neck. I recommend him highly.
She often tries to find ways to attempt to talk me out of doing what we both is best for my son. I liked her initially but quality of her care has declined greatly over the years as I realized she is not that great, but it is Cambridge City Hospital. They aren't the greatest anyways.
On my first appt. she was late for 1 hour and not because she was with another patient. I was tired of waiting for her then I started walking around the clinic and saw her on the computer. Maybe she was working but she should give priority to the patient whose was waiting for her. Then after few months I had to schedule another appt. And after waiting a month for my appointment it was canceled 2 times bc she was taking random days off. I think she is not serious with her schedule and don't care.
Thank you for the WSJ article today. You stated the problem exactly. My last doctor visit was in February 2016. I had a stroke 3+ years ago and now had edema and blisters on my lower legs. The doctor popped the blisters, asked an aide to take care of "me," she checked my "insurance" and told me that was all they could do for me. I am 80+ years old, the "insurance" company receives $1200 per month for our coverage. I guess I have to fall down and break a leg for more care.
Dr. Glotzer is warm, professional, very responsive and highly knowledgeable. She has been our children's pediatrician since they were born and they are now 15 and 17. She takes time to answer all questions and concerns. We recommend her very highly - you couldn't find a better pediatrician.
So kind, compassionate and reassuring. Thorough and informative. Takes the time to teach you about things to do, watch for, reasons to call. Takes a genuine interest in you as a person as well as a patient.
Dr. Khir is the BEST doctor I have seen in my life. He is very honest and kind. He always spends at least half an hour with me at each visit and go over everything. He also always responds to my messages within a couple of hours and provides a very great answers to my questions. What I like the most about him is that he is always willing to listen to my concerns and make sure I leave his office feeling comfortable and happy. In my opinion, you'll never find a better doctor!
Very nice, knows his stuff. Very pleased - I am a difficult case and he explains everything to me in detail. Then it's up to me to do what I need to do. Great doc.
Listens well. Really is invested in her patients care! Has a sense of humor.
She is the absolute best doctor I have ever seen. I adore her. I saw her during a very scary time in my life when I was having a mysterious health crisis and she was with me throughout the whole ordeal until it resolved itself. She was so supportive and did a wonderful job calming me down. She really cares about her patients. One thing you should know, though, is that she is often running late. Probably because she cares so much about her patients and doesn't rush.
Dr. Koochek is awesome!! On my first visit he looked at my arms and said we are going to biopsy your arms today and sure enough, I had melanoma in one and squeamous cell carcinoma in the other. My surgery was successful. He is an excellent doctor. I have complete trust in him and his staff, especially his nurse Kaitlyn. I am so happy that we have such an excellent dermatologist here at Little Company of Mary and I am recommending him to my family and friends

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