I saw Dr. Wirth once, for a first-time full body exam. I hadn't seen a dermatologist in a few years and had 4-5 quick questions. I was 15 minutes early for the appointment and heard her staff say the patient before me cancelled. Dr. Wirth has no bedside manner, acted like she didn't want to get near me (I wasn't sick) and actually told me if I had more questions, to make another appointment. I would never go back and am seeing another derm. Dr. Wirth was knowledgeable but also horrible.
I done with this doctor. Every time I've gone to see him, he cant seem to get out of the examination room fast enough. Doesn't listen to me. Interrupts me. Is not interested in caring for me. Horrible bedside manner. He would be better off as a veterinarian, but I would feel bad for the animals.
He doesn't know what he's doing, nor does he care about his patients. You're better off consulting google
I have never had an experience like this one with another medical professional. I called my primary care physician's office at 11:00 this morning to request a medication. They told me they would send to the pharmacy and never did. I called back couple of times and never got an answer, and then they were closed. Dr. Taffe was on call when I called at 4:30. She responded to my page and proceeded to fax the pharmacy the medication that I requested. Turns out it is not available in United States
Great doctor and staff. Always prompt returning my calls. Lydia or Linda has been very helpful with me she had my paperwork and upcoming appointment ready before I even arrived. Highly recommend to anyone. Great staff, great doctor, great environment!!!
He has been my doctor for several years I love going to his office with any medical concerns I have. Was in there a week ago. His new secretary is very warm and inviting. The staff is always prompt and professional. Would highly recommend him to any family and friends.
I have been going to Dr Wirth for several years now, after becoming dissatisfied with my previous dermatologist. Her treatment cleared up recurring pre-cancerous cysts on my nose that had troubled me for years. I have found that she listens well, responds to questions and gives options - all of which I appreciate. Also I think that the fact that she does an annual full body exam probably saved the life of a friend of mine who was not aware that she had a melanoma on her back.
Dr Wirth destroyed my face. She gave me a cortisone shot which left me with devastating lipo atrophy on my face. It's still visible 3 + years later. When the emergency happened they were not helpful. They referred me to their associate for a $1200 cosmetic filler. It's been the worst medical experience of my life.
Had a physical. They called me back with the blood work results and left a message. I, in turn, called them back and left a message. I never got a response. I don't feel I should have to chase my doctor down. Also, bedside manner leaves much to be desired. And there is, also, the matter of misdiagnosing the reoccur meant of diverticulitis.
I have been a patient of Dr. Taffe for many years. Although relatively healthy, she has advised me well about Health Care and I have recommended many friends to her.
Would not recommend. Awful communication skills, difficult to get answers and incredibly dismissive.
Complete waste of time. Told me I can expect to gain 25 or more pounds during perimenopause. Gave no medical advice. 99% of my questions were answered with "I don't know". Didn't offer any lab work despite having symptoms of a severe hormone imbalance. I finally saw a general NP and performed the lab work and treatment I needed.
Unfortunately our experience hasn't been the best. She has a hard time listening and communicating, wants to play a guessing game with my health and prescribe pills for various things, If your educated about your body and health she feels intimidated by that. Bed side manner is not good I don't feel comfortable nor does she at least give off the vibe that she cares about your health...cookie cutter doctor without the knowledge or compassion will not go back.
I'm very happy with Dr. Pelletier as my primary care physician. I find her very easy to talk to and I never feel like she's rushing through my appointment so she can get to the next patient. She always takes the time to explain things, ask what's going on in my life, if I have any questions, etc. I've never had a problem getting an appointment when I'm sick. Her current admin (sorry, I can't remember her name) is terrific...very responsive. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Pelletier.
Blessed to have Dr. Barsam in our area. Amazing quality care, top diagnostics machines, excellent bedside manners. Really caring and attentive. If you want best care for your eyes -- Dr. Charles Barsam is your choice. All our family goes to him for years, very happy.
DO NOT SEE THIS DOCTOR! Inattentive, rude, does not care about patients. My mother went to her with excruciating back pain that had landed her in the ER, Dr told her she was just getting old and that diagnosis didn't matter because treatment would all be the same. Gave her Oxy. Said she didn't need tests run, that she was "passing from the grape to the raisin stage" of life. Month later we discover pain is severe herniated disc, needing surgery. I cannot say DO NOT go to Dr Minkoff enough times.
Out of the many doctors I have seen in my lifetime Dr. Kowaloff is by far the best. Caring and easy to speak to and shows genuine concern for my well being. Always makes time for you and always takes you on time. I trust Dr. Kowaloff and my health has improved because of him.
I saw her once. She was officious and businesslike but fine. I didn't like her very much but figured she was convenient to my office so I would go back. I have now just left her office after waiting for an hour without seeing anyone. As I walked out I saw someone who arrived after me leaving the exam room. Surely there are endocrinologists who respect their patients' time. Clearly she isn't one of them.
Dr. Minkoff did not listen to problems I was having and brushed any symptoms I had off as nothing to worry about. She acts as if she doesn't care about you at all. The worst experience I've ever had with a doctor.
He is a excellent doctor with great concern for his patience. Spends the time to explain your condition and how to approach the problem. Thank You DR Barsam Gerry C
I recently moved to Cambridge from California. Once I acquired insurance, I chose Dr. Olga Minkoff based on availability. I was able to get an appointment within a week and half - which is a vast improvement from my previous experience in southern California. The administrative staff was polite, helpful, and friendly. The MA was personable and kind. She gave me adequate explanation and instructions when doing my entry paperwork and taking my blood. I don't do well with needles; I felt no judgeme
Dr. Minkoff was a little judgmental when describing my concerns to her and was terrible at communicating with me with regards to treatment needs. Her nurses we not friendly at all. I barely stayed with her a year, and it was ONLY so I could see a doctor in her network without a referral.
She does not listen very well, and makes very insulting remarks. Then says lab work is wrong redo it,without any good reason.
Was transferred to Dr. Pelletier after my doctor left Belmont Medical. Her staff Anna and Kristen are terrible, never let you talk to Dr. or call to follow up . I was forced to change medication to something that made me vomit. Pelletier refused to switch me back to former medication, of 2 years, and would no longer treat me. I only found this out when I called in for my refill, one month after my letting Anna (her medical aid) know of my decision to switch back. Do NOT trust this doctor.
Dr. Barsam is an excellent doctor. He always makes time to explain things thoroughly. I had a difficult eye situation and he diagnosed it and treated it properly. As a result, I still have my sight. The only complaint I have is about his staff. They are very abrupt and unfriendly. I can never get a prescription renewal without some sort of problem. It takes 2-3 phone calls to get the situation rectified. He needs friendlier staff whose English is their first language!
Hard to communicate. He responds to email in one sentence but often does not answer the question. I have many providers in several systems; he does not coordinate. I paid for concierge practice but was accused of calling too much and, on one occasion, when bleeding from the mouth for the second time, became angry when I came to the office without an appointment( I had tried to call before but could not get through). RAN OUT OF SPACE BUT HAVE MORE CONCERNS. HE CLEARLY DOES NOT LIKE ME_
Dr. Palazzo is extremely knowledgable and treats patients as partners in their care. She explains everything well and is compassionate. She devotes good time to her patients at each appointment, and she follows up about any tests. She has been my doctor for 20 years and I always know that I can count on her.
Not very knowledgeable. Fine for a cough or sneeze, like seeing nurse, anything more than that, you better go to someone else.
My husband and I love him
Dr. Minkoff is attentive and I feel comfortable with her presentation and plans, however, Dr. Minkoff never asks about previous conditions, so records can't really show whether the problem was resolved or is ongoing. i.e. dermatitis has been mild, if at all, for the last 1-2 months. This is the longest lapse since my radiation therapy. A few extra minutes touching on previous/ongoing conditions would complete the record and would be appreciated.
Dr. Palazzo is wonderful but the office and administrative staff are not. Requires repeated calls to get a call back or a prescription refill. Problem is with all of Belmont Medical's office and administrative staff not just Dr. Palazzo's.
I have a rare condition that Dr. Barsam was able to identify quickly, saving me what could have been years of frustration in seeking diagnosis. He is frequently updating his knowledge, and considers the whole being, not just the eyes. He is a good listener, takes his time, and I have recommended him to friends who were very grateful that I did. He is one of my favorite doctors of all time.
Very professional; takes time to listen and advise.
Love the doctor but office staff not overly friendly. Poor response to calls and prescription refills.

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