Very dedicated and accessible doctor . Have had Dr Sullivan as my diabetes physician at Joslin for approx 15 years and very confident with his advise
He was very nice but he was very confident that all my other doctors had misdiagnosed me and went so far to say a biopsy I had was wrong. In my opinion he should had said well let's double check these things. He then did his own biopsy, it took 3 weeks, finalized it then went on vacation without notifying me of results. He just left me hanging. It was a stressful experience. Office Staff offered no help
Dr. Mehta is the best! He is compassionate, down to earth, and very thorough. He takes the time to answer all of our questions and gives us options with regards to our daughters care when appropriate. Having him as our daughter's endo for her type 1 diabetes has made our life that much less stressful. I read stories about how much trouble parents have with other endo's. I am grateful that my daughter's endo is the last thing we need to worry about. Type 1 Diabetes is hard enough!
Amazing doctor. She takes her time to listen to you.

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