extremely excellent saved my life for sure serious auto accident/stroke flown in from nh about 13 hr operation (first) of many followed by 7 month coma 07/16/09 .... 6/2016 ... status better than any expected .... living at home ... minor assistance needed ..... mostly due to the stroke .. back and balance issues
Absolutely Horrible! Bad attitudes! Esp. the head honcho. Rude, impatient, disrespectful! This so called dr doesn't know what he's doing! If u have nerve damage, don't see this putts! He tries to "pressure" you into getting an implant and if u don't want 1, it's like he wants to punish u by, 20 hours of physical therapy a week plus he wants u to see a physiologist and take antidepressants hahahahaha what a joke. Antidepressants and a head doctor for major nerve damage?? Wow. Avoid avoid avoid!
Phenomenal surgeon. I feel that I was very lucky to have him perform my Whipple surgery. He is a brilliant man. He performs very complicated surgeries (more complex than the Whipple), yet he is kind, compassionate and humble. I am amazed at his talent. I am recovering exceptionally well from my surgery, and I believe it's because I had a wonderful surgeon. I called his office on a Sunday, and he immediately called me back to answer a question I had. I'm so impressed with him.
Dr. Wang performed my total gastrectomy and I cannot speak highly enough of him. He is an amazing surgeon and is very thorough and caring. He checked in on me following my surgery several times while I was in the hospital recovering and was always quick to return my calls when I had any concerns. I was amazed at how involved he was with my case, before, during and after treatments. Also, Victoria in his office is very very helpful in scheduling appointments, returning calls, etc.
Doctor Vellotta is a very caring and concerned doctor he gives personal attention to each patient
I though she was extremely rude. Poor attitude and rolls her eyes at everything a patient says.
It has been almost two years since Dr Wang performed surgery to remove my stomach. If you need gastro surgery he is the surgeon to choose. He is the best of the best, highly skilled, thorough, yet down to earth, kind and compassionate. I am very, very grateful that he did my surgery.
Mandy is a intelligent, beautiful fabulous doctor! On top of the latest treatment for NSCLC. I would highly recommend! She is the best!
Dr. Phull is deeply insightful, patient-centered. The depth and breadth of her expertise served me well by providing actionable ways of dealing with complicated situations.
Andrea Wolf is the coldest doctor that I have met, and I'm a doctor. After delivering a most devastating pathology report to me on the phone and my saying "oh no" about five times, she then said that we should talk another time when I was calmer. She also never bothered to come to my room to discharge me when my doctor was away. And New York magazine calls her "one of the best doctors in NY"? What's the worst?
Would not recommend this doctor. Does not follow up and doesn't return calls . Highly incompetent
Andrea Wolf treated my grandfather after his lung collapsed. She was rude and did not explain anything to the family. She told my grandfather his lung was fine during his follow up appointment but my grandfather had lung cancer and died two months later. How is she supposed to be a lung cancer specialist and missed the tumors in my grandfathers lung?
I was able to get an immediate appt when I got scan results. She ordered a thorough panel of tests. Her bedside manner was fantastic. She spent over an hour with me on the phone going over my results and risks of lung surgery. When I went to the office, she spent another 45 minutes going over the same material. She answered all my questions in detail. Her staff is excellent, and always responded promptly. If you have lung cancer, she's an excellent thoracic surgeon.
Without a doubt one of the poorest bedside manners that I have seen in any physician. It doesn't matter if she went to Harvard. She never became a compassionate doctor.
She treated my husband for a lung collapse and said that his lung was fine afterwards but 2 months later my husband died from lung cancer which it turned out was the reason for his lung collapse
Dr. Nora Yousefzadeh-Grunin is kind, patient, has wonderful bedside manner and undoubtably saved my life when she detected a 2 millimeter mass in my breast. She is an excellent doctor.
Awesome…the entire staff at Norman Parathyroid Center… from the office support, fabulous doctors/nurses, the surgical team including the hospital staff!!! Tampa General Hospital provided an atmosphere of peace and calm. This energized bunny has been re-energized!!! I am so thankful and blessed to have found the Norman Parathyroid Center. May God bless all of you for your dedication and caring in giving people back their lives in an easy, no non-sense manner!!! Thank you Dr. Ruan for everything!
Dr Saund was tremendous. Walked me through the options for surgery and not having surgery. Exactly what I wanted - options. I made a decision for outpatient which he conducted at my visit. Dr Saund has great hands and easily performed my procedure that I think may have been more challenging for others. I'm 2 weeks out - feel great and my scar is amazingly aesthetic. I highly recommended him.
She has attitude beside dose not even read the file or bay attention to patient’s details. Fine a better doctor
My Wife Ana and I are so very thankful for having been given a referral to Dr Daniel Ruan. She was diagnosed with Cushings disease it affects the adrenal glands and is very serious with a lot of risk if not treated by surgery. Dr Ruan has an amazing positive personality matched by his surgical expertise. He is one of the only Local Surgical Doctors in the Northeast US. With the expert training to perform this type of surgery . We appreciate all he did for Ana ! Sincerely, Ana&John Martin
Dr. Saund was very kind, gentle and extremely professional. He put my nerves at ease and did a great job clearly explaining the issue and what steps can be taken going forward. I highly recommend Dr. Saund to anyone looking for a genuine Doctor who truly cares about helping others.
As a female I felt extremely uncomfortable with his bedside manner. I would recommend another Dr. in the practice.
I had a high nt reading and my ob personally refered me to Dr Santolaya to have him look over the results. I ended up needing to have a CVS procedure performed by dr. Santolaya and even though it was a bit painful and scary, he kept me at ease and explained EVERYTHING throughout the entire procedure. I can honestly say I've never met a warmer, more compassionate doctor than him. He's even asked for me to give a call when the baby is born to make sure we're both doing well or to just stop by.
he has been an extremely wonderful physician during my high risk twin pregnancy. Me and my twins wouldnt be here if it wasnt for him. awesome team and awesome kind personality he has.
Very caring, competent, friendly and not intimidating. Listens and answers all questions and concerns. Converses with a smile, not a frown. Had a Kidney Transplant June 2016. Patrick
My experience with Dr. Ruan was nothing short of outstanding; from my consult, through my surgery, and subsequent follow ups. He is a positive, experienced surgeon with a great bedside manner. He put both my husband and me at ease, especially just before the surgery. The operation was successful, and the scar is barely visible (4 weeks later). Dr. Ruan is the whole package: friendly, highly skilled and knowledgeable in all the new technology. I would recommend him to anyone!
Incompetent .
Dr. Ruan is excellent: (1) he explained thoroughly & understandably the procedure, a thyroidectomy, the risks & the possible consequences, and he answered all of my questions; (2) the surgery went well, without complications; (3) but for a bandage covering the incision, there is no evidence of the surgery; (4) responsive, he promptly returned my telephone call 3 days after the surgery & he immediately called me upon receiving the biopsy & recent blood work results; (5) he is very nice.
I was a surrogate for a friend. The twin girls I was carrying developed TTTS very early on. I saw Dr. Robinson every single week for the duration of the pregnancy. He was wonderful, as was his staff, especially his nurse Lucy. The twins were born happy and healthy at 36 weeks. At the end of the pregnancy, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I wasn't sure where to go or what to do, Dr. Robinson stepped in. I had some of the best doctors at Dana Farber all thanks to him. He's the best!
She has been so supportive through two extremely difficult and dangerous pregnancies. The way that she can make a very scary situation manageable and her confidence in a positive outcome has been everything, I don't know how I could've gotten through what I've been through with anybody else as my OB. She works really well with my other specialists also. The NICU is awesome there too.
My c section was performed by Dr Little on 3/2/17.. few days later I developed an infection on the inside incision. They called it a seroma.. it was as a result of improper antiseptic practice. I suffered excruciating pain and discomfort, I could walk or breastfeed my newborn. My postpartum depression symptoms flared up again. I was treated with antibiotics and they were going to drain the infected fluid out but thank God the fluid ended up draining out of my vagina. Be careful if you end up her
Nicest guy ever. Very quiet, but very warm. Genuinely seems to care.
Dr. Carusi saved my daughter's life. I had a high risk pregnancy. I switched my Dr in 18 weeks after a month of bleeding to Dr.Carusi. She kept our spirit high. Even when the situation got more complicated she kept us calm and had in time and right decisions. From week ~22 we were expecting our daughter to be born anytime but we were able to carry on and she was born exactly on her due date. Dr. Carusi is a kind, caring and a very smart doctor.
Dr. Carusi is a phenomenal doctor. She puts the patient at ease and is highly skilled and knowledgable. She really cares and you never feel like you are rushed. She answers all your questions with confidence.
There has been much negative publicity about patient care at VA hospitals these days. In my opinion, a good portion of it is overblown. My ex husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer earlier this year when a VA physician saw a small irregularity in my ex's blood work and worked him up. His cancer was due to acid reflux, not smoking. We fortunately were paired up with Dr Lebenthal, an extraordinarily competent thoracic surgeon and a truly dedicated human being. My ex is on the mend. Thank you
I found Dr Lebenthal online at the Boston VA, through another referral. Called the information number listed and it was his cell phone...and he answered! Talked half hour about my husbands recurrent Mesothelioma. Made the appt for consult and flew to Boston 5 days later. He is direct and no-nonsense with his advice. He gave us a direction, we took it, and now my husband is accepted to a clinical trial. Dr L called us a few days later to make sure we were ok with the outcome. Very happy!!
A very knowledgeable, compassionate and thourough surgeon. I feel that I am in excellent hands.Dr. lebenthal is probably one of the best doctors in the world when it comes to mesothelioma.
My oldest daughter was told she had Mesothelimoma cancer W/ 6 tumors inside of her, They said she had to go to Brigham & Women but they could not get her in for 28 days, Dr Lebenthal heard about her & had his nurse call me & give his personal cell # , He told me what reports & test results he needed & seen her in 3 days , had her in for the big surgery & trail drugs in 2 1/2 weeks. It has been almost # years now & my daughter is enjoying life . He is a true Hero! So grateful, Worth waiting for!
Met Dr. Leb. by accident, due to complications of lung biopsy (not performed by him) and he happened to be on-duty at the hosp. In spite of the non-auspicious beginning I was pleasantly surprised by his knowledge, professionalism and capacity of conveying med concepts in direct + accessible (not patronizing) manner. In all interactions, he left the impression that he genuinely cared about my well-being and never left calls unanswered. If/when I need surgery, he will be the 1st name to consider.
I had hernia repair laproscopically performed by Dr Lebenthal. It was a very difficult procedure to do laproscopically. Surgery went great! Follow-up care was great! Outcome was great! I could not have asked for a better result or person to do my surgery.
I like that she is thorough and efficient. She has a good bedside manner. She is worth trusting.
He apparently has moved to Philadelphia and is practicing cardiology here. I had a large heart attack and saw him in the hospital, and now in clinic. He is fantastic. My wife and I both love how well he explains everything and makes sure we understand why different things are happening. We feel like we are part of a team, rather than someone he is just telling what to do. I would highly recommend him. He's a really smart down to earth doctor.
I traveled from New York where we have many good surgeons to see him for a hernia repair that has given me a lot of pain as I was referred to him by someone I trust. He explained that it was a common complication of inguinal hernias with mesh and that he could not assure me that he could completely resolve but he should be able to provide some relief.He explained the challenges with but also explained the potential problems if he didn't use it. He removed the old mesh and replaced it - pain free
I was impressed with Dr. Amato. He was charming, polite and answered any and all questions I had. He spoke in understandable terms. He could have ordered more tests and didn't because they would not have impacted anything I was doing. I would highly recommend him.
Very thorough, trusting, and understanding to pelvic pain disorders.
An extraordinary gentleman who is incredibly personable and engaging. Is very meticulous to detail, almost to a point of "Obsessive Compulsive" in his approach to treating specific cancers such as pancreatic and liver. His assertiveness is encouraging and uplifting, and one cannot help but cheer for him as he tackles complex diagnostic cancers with urgency and determination. If you or a loved one is currently seeking a top notch physician, then folks, this is your man!
Came to see Dr Amato for possible diagnosis of ALS. He spent maybe 5 minutes with us and never introduced himself. Made us feel like he had better things to do and left all the testing with a students. At the end of the visit we were forced to walk into a dark hallway with no direction. The person at the desk did not even know how to make an appointment for us. After waiting we were told someone would call us. NEVER HEARD BACK!!!
terrible experience and a waste of time and money. He didn't listen, talked right over me, and had no empathy or interest in how symptoms effect daily living/goals/ambitions. There are great physicians in Boston, don't waste your time here. I'm not a difficult patient and simply wanted a consult on progressing symptoms. I was practice for his students and then saw him for maybe 5 minutes. He couldn't leave fast enough.
Dr. Berkowitz really listens to her patients and is great at explaining things to ensure that you understand. I didn't feel rushed, as often happens with physicians. Would highly recommend.
Dr. Bhatt was easy to communicate with and had impeccable bedside manner. She greeted me with a hug and reassured me. Dr. Bhatt could not have been kinder or more professional. I had a lot of questions, and she was eager to answer all of them. It isn't often that you leave a doctors office feeling so uplifted. Dr. Bhatt is fantastic.
I've had epilepsy since 1993, and she is the first and only doctor to find the right mix of medications for me and allow me to avoid surgery. It took several years and a new med, but she did it. She is realistic about living your life (e.g., you do not need to be a hermit, but you do need to be responsible) and is encouraging about the future such as the possibility of having kids. I feel comfortable telling her the truth & she never rushes me out even if she is behind; I highly recommend her.
She is an amazing doctor! I came to her really messed up because the previous medication I was on (recommended by another doctor) was increasing my seizure episodes instead of actually controlling them. She was caring, empathetic, understood what my family & I were going through, & helped me so much in controlling my seizure episodes. She was very supportive & was willing to work together to get the best treatment possible for me. I was very blessed to find her & I recommend her wholeheartedly.
Excellent doctor. Quick to synthesize information from multiple sources and come up with planned tests. Super thorough where other doctors brushed symptoms aside. She will be my specialist physician for life.
Severely personality disordered psychiatrist. Attacked multiple women providers, psychiatrists and social workers, with slander and emotional abuse. Allegedly emotionally abused female patients, including disabled women which is a crime. No concern for sx offenders, guns or other patient abuse. Not contained by other violent psychiatrists as UMass Medical Center is a RICO. Watched as two fellow female psychiatrists were battered; one became injured, other now torture vic. Avoid Harvard.
Can be condescending and judgemental of intellect. Made me feel uncomfortable.
Knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Narang's willingness to help gave me back my life. The pain was so unrelenting that I had no quality of life and wanted to give up. He took the time to listen and performed a complicated procedure that has changed my life for the better. My family and I can't thank him enough. The only downside is that because he really listens to his patients he often runs behind--believe me HE is worth the wait!! Bring something to read.
Patient and understanding. Clearly knowledgeable of his specialty
I have never felt more confident or comfortable with another doctor as I have with Dr. Muslin. He gave me all the time in the world, never a rush visit. I highly recommend him!!!!
Outstanding! Very sensitive about my pain and modesty. Made certain I was as comfortable as possible during my procedure! I would recommend him to anyone!
I was so fortunate that Dr. Di Salvo was the radiologist present when I had an amniocentesis 19 years ago. He saw a shadow that turned out to be cancer, much to the surprise of my OB-Gyn (I had no symptoms) and just about everybody else. Thanks to him, I had surgery while pregnant, and I survived as well as my baby. He is absolutely the greatest.
Dr. Einarsson did my hysterectomy and was a perfect fit for me. I am in my early 30's and was very hesitant because I haven't had many friends go through similar issues. He was patient and kind in explaining in great detail the whole procedure and recovery process. He never made me feel rushed and focused on me as though there were nothing else he needed to do that day. Not to mention that the actual surgery went perfectly and my recovery has been closely monitored by his assistant Dr. Salazar.
My family and I have worked closely with Dr.Cooper for over nine months. Dr.Cooper's outstanding care of my 92 year old Dad is done with compassion and dignity. Dr Cooper is that doctor with both intelligence and a down to earth approach to patient care. I highly recommend Dr. Cooper.
Excellent doctor. She delivered our baby in 2016. She was not our primary OBGYN. So when I saw her for the first time in delivery room, she seemed too young compared to other doctors we had met. But she was very graceful, helpful and supportive. She is very experienced and talented and has this knack of conveying medical status in simple understandable language so that even a layman can understand. Delivery room atmosphere is generally tense. She managed to make us all comfortable and relaxed.
Mediocre, and knows it? defensive, annoying, terrible bedside manner
Dr. Easter is highly skilled, has an excellent bedside manner and is an excellent doctor.
Dr. Johnson was incredibly patient and kind during our appointment, she listened carefully to my symptoms and related issues as she genuinely cared about me and wanted to make me feel better. Dr. Johnson truly goes above and beyond for her patients, taking an interest in my personal life, checking in on my recovery, and thoughtfully answering all my questions no matter how big or small. Dr. Johnson is an excellent asset to BWH and the greatest physician I have encountered in the Boston area.
Dr Katz is one of the nicest physicians I have ever met. Hes kind, friendly and personable. He takes time with his patients and answers all questions. Most of the time he explains everything so well that I don't need to ask questions. I would recommend Dr Katz to anyone and everyone who needs an MFM physician. The support staff he works with is also outstanding. I cant say enough nice things about this office and this physician.
So helpful, knows so much, and so good at explaining everything to me.
I had a traumatic fall in my home, arrived at the ED via ambulance. I had 10 out of 10 pain, which took hours to get 'some' relief. I am a nurse, and told Dr. Kosowsky that my symptoms were not consistent with his diagnosis, a muscle spasm. He sent me home. The next day I was admitted to another ER. Diagnosed with Fracture and stayed several nites for pain management. Odd, Dr. Kosowky wrote a book, "When Doctors Don't Listen" Perhaps he should read his book.
When I saw Dr. Kosowsky I thought at first he was pretty concerned about my care. But, as time progressed from very early hours of the morning he showed very little empathy concerning my medical situation. He certainly is a bright physician but, sincerely hope I never have to visit him again because of his demeanor.
After an emergency room visit at Brigham and Womens with extreme lower backpain, Dr Kosowsky attempted to discharge me as I was still unable to walk on my own. Extremely disappointed with the doctor, would not recommend his services to a dog. Very unprofessional.
The absolute best!!!!
Dr. Kovacheva showed incredible compassion and professionalism. She made me feel comfortable and confident in her capabilities. I was nervous and she immediately helped to calm my fears. What a wonderful Doctor!
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