Dr. Shue is a wonderful doctor that I would highly recommend after so many unsuccessful attempts with previous doctors regarding my eczema, asthma, and allergic reactions. He was able to get my allergic reactions under control and I have been very happy with the results.
I have very bad eczema and have seen specialists from John Hopkins and Georgetown, but somehow I still suffer a lot. One of my friends recommended Dr. Shue. He was the only physician who actually listened to my story without any interruptions and then asked a lot of questions about my medial history. I feel like he really cared and really made an effort to solve my problems. After a few visits, I was much better and most of the eczema were gone! He is a great doc!
Appointment wait time is way too long. An hour to a hour and a half. Front desk receptionist is extremely rude and one of the least helpful people I have ever encountered. His assistant does her best to help where she can and is very nice, but it's clear that she is overwhelmed as he sees at least 45 patients a day.

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