I would rate 0 if it was available. He doesn't speak loud enough to be heard. Office staff come and leave during the appointment but he doesn't introduce anyone. He doesn't have results on his desk so someone has to go look for them. He doesn't examine people so he sits behind a large desk and keeps distance between the patients and himself. He doesn't listen to what you say to him. He just repeats that ...."it's the gold standard." One answer for all patients.
Dr. Ira Berger has been our family doctor for over 20 years. During that time he has not only provided great service to a variety of family needs but also provided great references for additional medical services that our family has needed i.e. dermatologists, oncologists, etc. His office is run very efficient and the staff is very friendly. Wait times are minimal and the lab is very efficient. Dr. Berger and his staff spend as much time as necessary and we always leave very satisfied
Great doctor. I trust her expertise. She has treated my skin conditions without complication. I'd like to see a bit more empathy from her concerning more sensitive matters, but otherwise she's great!
Worst doctor! Not responsible! Met her once, She asked me a few questions about my health, then send me to lab, less than 30 minutes in total. When I met her in elevator, I asked her a question about my test result. She said my 30 minutes was over, didn't answer! The crazy thing is that I received a more than $500 bill for this annual check visit which should be totally covered by insurance! She charged 2 visits because I asked questions! She also ordered tests which wasn't covered by insurance!
This doctor is aloof and robotic and over a 12 year period never made me feel cared about or like my care mattered. I would talk but not be listened to. I was an informed patient who did my homework and asked questions. This doctor does not think out of the box. She is uninformed about nutrition and recent research. She has little bedside manner and any smile is forced. My family left the practice one by one and then my neighbor and friend.
told me I have rare asthma cant release oxygen a nodule on my left lung and collapsed air sacs but have a wonderful day as I suffer daily and nightly. he showed neglect in standard of care along with my concerns my symptoms and my breathing yet I have his own words on paper so I am going to file a complaint asap before I take my last breath.
Dr Brooks is thorough and spent time talking to me. She actually remembered (or reviewed, which might be more impressive) my medical history from one visit to the next and even remembered info about my family.
If he has them, he gives the sleep reports a cursory review as you are sitting in front of him for a follow up visit. He even talked to me about getting an oral appliance which he had already recommended and I was using! He clearly did not look at my file or prep for my appointment, which was short, expensive and he took a personal call during it about travel plans!
Dr. Brooks saw me on an emergency basis to treat a sever allergic reaction I had to an IV infusion. Great bedside manner, was patient, answered my questions, and most importantly, prescribed a course of action that is working. I was very impressed.
Dr. Silverman is an excellent physician. Knowledgeable, personable, and caring. The downside is the office support staff in relation to scheduling appointments and facilitating the transfer of pertinent information to the doctor. There is a Web based scheduling system, but in the event you need a timely or critical response, it is worthless. When forced to call for assistance, the phone is not answered (upwards of 20 rings), or the person answering is rude.
This Doc is not responsive to patients' needs. He is kind of disconnected. I would not recommend him.
Dr. Luu is awesome. She is all business, but as a busy mom, I appreciate that she doesn't waste my time. She is thorough and listens well. I have had a few health issues in the past year, and I like that she gives it to me straight. I had blood drawn yesterday and an office staff member called me just a few hours later with the normal results. Hands down the best family care doctor I have ever had.
Dr. Silverman is a wonderful doctor, which is very hard to find. He has been taking care of my parents for years. He listens, is patient and very attentive. He has even called around 7 pm to give lab results, which certainly makes a very long day for him. I would highly recommend him. If I lived in the area, I would like to have him as my doctor.
This doctor is an incredibly terrible person. He is the type of man to put pride over patients, arrogance over health care, and his ego over a life. He is the worst type of medical student anyone could ever stereotype. Do you know what this means? It means right away from his personality you can see that he does NOT care about you. If you ask him about medical information he will get angry with you, if you ask to explain in detail, that will anger him further. He is nasty, rude, insulting...
Dr. Woo is amazingly caring, bright, and understanding! I will never go to another gastroenterologist. I strongly recommend Dr. Woo.
Dr. Pollack is straightforward, helpful and spends a good amount of time with me. He is knowledgeable and competent.
He is very soft spoken, and he won?t talk louder even if you ask nicely. During my visit he said there was nothing he could do to help. I?ve never had a doctor offer no solutions or recommendations! He was also arrogant, and made me feel like I was taking up his precious time.
For over twenty years, Dr. Berger has provided excellent advice and explanations of a wide variety of medical conditions from high blood pressure to prostate problems. His referrals to doctors with different medical disciplines has been superb. As a result of moving away, I have reluctantly changed doctors. He deserves a five star rating.
Excellent practitioner. Wonderful bed side manner Thorough and attentive to patient needs and health.
Great doctor, just the best, diagnosed something other doctors had missed and helped get to the root of the problem.

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