Dr. Tesfalidet is one that I would and have recommended to family and friends. She is a physician that truly cares about her patient, and I feel validation after each visit; know that any of my concerns were taken seriously. She allows me to discuss issues and articles that I may have encountered and advise as to whether it is one of substance or not. She truly takes TIME with me and is genuine in her medical care, which I truly trust.
Waste of a copay. Concerns about documented side effects not addressed. I've never felt so dismissed by a health care provider. If you want a 3 minute appointment for a cough or cold- then this Dr might be for you!
She does not care about her patients at all. I have a condition that requires daily meds. She refuses to write prescriptions unless you come for a visit ($$). It's extremely hard to get appointments with her. She's late for every visit and does nothing during the visit. It's all about the money. My whole family currently goes to this practice, but as soon as I can look into another provider we will be leaving asap.
Absolutely would never recommend anyone going to this practice. The front office staff is rude and petty. Dr. T does not care about her patients but rather about making money. Would rather schedule you for many appointments than help you out in one and heaven forbid if you need a paper work filled out. This office is sloppy, unorganized and doesn't care about you in the slightest. NEVER go there.
Dr. T is an amazing Dr. She spends quality time getting to know you, is thorough and has a wonderful personality. Unfortunately, the wait time to be seen by her is very poor. Each time I have had an appointment, I have had to wait at least an hour past my appointment time before I am seen. For someone who works, spending hours in a drs office is not an option. If you are not on a tight schedule, then she is fantastic, but if timeliness is important, you may want to look elsewhere.
Very knowledgeable and keeps abreast of research in medicine. Good advisor and has great connections for specialist recommendations.
I went into the office to see if Dr. Gulati had a open appointment because I couldn't breath. The staff were very rude and one of them were talking about me to another staff member because she complained that I parked in her parking spot. I was nice about it, and just told them I will go to patient first. One of my co-workers go there and said they do not have the best bed-side manor. She is switching to another doctor. Only reason why she went is because they are located downstairs from us.
Dr. Jayaraman has been my primary care doctor for the past 8 years and has always provided excellent attention and treatment. I have also found the office staff to be responsive and helpful. I appreciate the ease of making appointments and have met other doctors and nurse practitioners in the office when I needed an immediate sick visit. All of the doctors and nurses have been kind, responsive and helpful.
I had a very poor experience with this doctor. I saw her 4 times, each time waiting almost 2 hours before seeing her. She is not compassionate for what a person is experiencing, and does not listen to the patient's concerns. The office staff is not friendly, the space itself is dirty, cluttered & has an odd smell. I have since moved to a different practice. Do yourself a favor and avoid this doctor.
I have been a patient of Virginia Harte-Titus for several years. She is very caring about her patients and their wellbeing.
I have always found Dr. Delaney helpful and thorough. She is kind and professional.
Dr Brinkley: she should not be a Doctor while she is good st her advice she is bad bad bad at timeline and bedside manner. She will set an appointment for 1:00 pm and by 2:00 pm she had her nurse do vitals to tell you it might be another 1-2 hrs wait. WHAT? My appt. was 1:00 huh now your say 3-4 pm she can see me. NOT ACCEPTABLE!! I don't care how much time she gives a patient! If I showed up at 4:00 for a 1:90 appt. I'm sure they'd send me away. How rude can she be? RUDE RUDE RUDE
I actually like Dr Brinkley, but her lack of professionalism to be on time to work is horrible!! And then waiting for 3 hours to be seen! My time is not less valuable than hers. I would never recommend anyone I know to see her. And proof that "Tyrone Jones" is an actual person/administrator would be great! 5 months to get records transferred after 5 request (written, faxed and mailed) is RIDICULOUS!!! Stay away from this practice!!!
My experience with Dr. Jayaraman has been stellar. I have found her to be thorough, both in her exams and answering my questions. She knows me well and has, on a couple of occasions, gone way above and beyond to care for me..
Have been going to Dr. Hunter for about 10 years, and he has always been very thorough, and always listens to you, and takes his time answering all questions. I never felt like I was being rushed out so he could get to the next patient. He is a true professional, and over the years I have also been seen by some of his colleagues, and they too have all been very informative in listening, and explaining any maladies.
Gives excellent care and spends time with her patients
I have been a patient of Dr. Gulati for around 15 yrs. I have had excellent care by her. Very caring and takes her time with you.
He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable.
Dr. Hunter is an excellent physician.
Wonderful Doctor! So knowledgeable about thyroid disease. Gives time to patients.
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