Dr Henn its the best doctor i ever had he knows what hes doing ,he is a great person with patients very professional ,i had a showlder surgery in Kernan hospital and everyone in there was the best i never felt so comfortable and in a good hands with DR HENN and hes team also in columbia office everyone is great too i felt in family Dr Henn and Michael treat me really well .My name is Vera D Rivera from columbia,MD
We were referred to Dr. Henn by another patient for ACL and meniscus repair. He was thorough, explained the procedures in detail, answered our questions. The only minor complaint I had was that he didn't come out after the surgery to tell us how it went for our 16 year old daughter, but he did call that evening. (Watch out for the pharmacy....they mixed up the pain medications for our daughter which could have resulted in some serious consequences..A very thorough discharge nurse caught it.
I love Dr. D! She takes the time to explain things and really knows her stuff. She saw me when I broke my ankle and I thought I was going to need surgery. With her help, we avoided surgery and I am back to running! I could tell she really cared.
Claudia Dal Molin, DO provided contradictory diagnoses and was extremely rude to our 14 year daughter! We have told numerous others to avoid her practice and see another doctor!
I went to see Dr. Hen after having several years of excruciating knee pain, he x-rayed me then with little to no exam dismissed my pain. He told me I needed to lose weight, get some physical therapy, and maybe orthopedic shoes??? It was both discouraging and insulting. I left there feeling hopeless. I then got knee MRIs and an orthopedic referral from my GP and the results indicated SEVERAL.things wrong with BOTH my knees. SEVERE enough to warrant knee replacement surgery on both.
My son had knee injury in 12/2013 due to patellar instability. Dr. Henn did MPFL (Medial Patella-femoral Ligament) reconstruction surgeries on both of his knees in early 2014, respectively. The surgeries were very successful and the results are great. Two (2) years after the surgeries, my son is back on the tennis count. He plays 3-4 hours tennis a day without any problem. Dr. Henn is a very caring physician. We are very fortunate to have him take care of my son's knees..
My 26 year old son totally had all three ligaments replaced by Dr. Henn. His staff along with his assistance took excellent care of my son thru this entire stressful year from day #1; that we came in contact with him thru the every visit. Such professionalism and thorough followup appointments we had each month asking probing questions during my son's come back in pretty much learning how to walk all over again.
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