This doctor is horrible .she told me that my baby is a girl and she insisted in her opinion even if another doctor Saïd it's a boy.she told me you should terminate your baby has genetical issue.well I delivevered and the baby is a boy with no genetical issues and she was so stubborn not giving us all option.this doctor is horrible .thanks god i switched to baltimore where they found out the issue and it saved my baby
Terrible bedside manner. Did not introduce herself. Was not wearing a physician gown or scrub. Did not know how to operate patient's chair, so that a pregnant woman had to climb out of inverted exam bed with the help of her husband. Did not apologize. Did not provide adequate information regarding the diagnosis. Did not stay long enough to answer questions. Bossy demeanor. Overall very unpleasant. Charged $650 for this terrible visit.
I was in the hospital this week and Dr. Aldrich was the attending neurologist. Although we waited a long time for him, he was very helpful and explained my diagnosis thoroughly. I found him his bedside manner to be caring and helpful; most of all he listened to me!
This fellow rocks. He knows his heart failures and his staff is most attentive. This man calls me to talk about my issues and takes steps to make sure of the diagnosis.
He has spent considerable time and effort in uncovering a rare heart disease that has been disabling me for nearly 3 years now. I have been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and they missed it, so did my doctors at the University of Iowa. He is pleasant, professional, and takes the time to answer my questions and explain things thoroughly. He's the polar opposite of the many cardiologists I've seen who were highly difficult and unpleasant to deal with. His supporting team is great as well!
Intemperate and ill mannered
Dr. Alessi is now a doctor at: Harford Belair Community Health, 4308 Harford Rd., Baltimore, MD 21214, 410-426-5650 Awful bed side manner in person but he's great about returning phone calls & scheduling appointments if contacted directly. Unsure of relationship between doctor & therapists at center because scheduling appointments through therapists was always a problem. Emergency appointments scheduled in 24 hrs, even seen on paper day. Shared philosophy about addictive drugs being a temp fix.
First high risk prenatal appointment. She spent 2 minutes with me. There was no care or bedside manner. She never followed up with me. I called a couple weeks later with a concern and because I didn't have my next prenAtal appointment scheduled. She never called back. I went for my first trimester screening. The results get uploaded and I can't understand them. I call again and say no one has returned my call, I have no follow up appointment and I would like to know my results. No return call
I came to JHH from Canada to see Dr Allaf and am very glad I did. He treated me with great respect, explained everything in as much detail as I wanted and genuinely cared about my welfare. After a Euronav guided biopsy I returned six weeks later for a robotically assisted radical prostatectomy. The entire experience was as good as such things can get is my belief. A truly caring team and it shows.
Dr. Apostolides has been the best plastic surgeon for me. He is very skilled, professional, caring and kind. I would recommend him to anyone seeking plastic surgery, and especially to women undergoing breast surgery for reconstruction after cancer.
Dr.Alsina has been treating my father's surgical oncology (colon) needs over the last year. She has always been extremely kind and compassionate- her professionalism and dedication to caring for others is extraordinary. She always takes the time to explain things to my father at his level and draws pictures in an effort to enhance understanding. As a nurse for over 20 years, I value her expertise, professional bedside manner and compassion toward my father.
I cannot provide enough praise for this doctor. He performed a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy on me this past May. My initial visit put me at ease. Everything was explained in great detail. He has a very caring personality and great bedside manner. Not only that, for this type of surgery experience really matters and Dr Allaf has the credentials. Everyone at Johns Hopkins Hospital was "on point" and not once did anyone "drop the ball" during my day and a half stay.
I went to Dr. Allaf after an MRI showed a growing kidney tumor that was small and the radiologist recommended removal of the tumor. I found Dr. Allaf to be very knowledgeable and felt totally confident in his recommendation of cyroblation for this removal. I would strongly recommend this doctor as clearly one of the best I have seen. The delay in the wait time was due to staff verifying insurance coverage, not due to waiting for the doctor. He also has a very pleasant nurse assistant, Anna.
I would highly recommend this doctor for this excellent skills as a surgeon and terrific bedside manner. He really cares about his patients and it shows.
I was under Dr. Alqahtani medical supervision for two years. He is knowledgable medically and has great personality and answer e-mail and sms messages.I think I was so lucky to be a patient of Dr.Alqahtani.
Dr. Blakeley treated our 20 year old son who had a brain tumor. Although he lost his fight, she was the absolute best!! She answered every question we had. was available at almost anytime, she would spend as much time as we needed with us during our appointments. We often had to wait a long time for our appointment, but I believe that is because she was treating other patients the same way. We were very blessed to have her as our doctor for those 4 years.
Dr. Brenner has been my son's cardiologist since he was 2 1/2 months old and he is now 16. If not for Dr. Brenner and his associates there is a chance my son would not have made it to his second birthday much less his 16th.
Dr Bekhrad is very knowledgeable, pragmatic, and easy to talk to. My son and I benefited greatly from her care, I highly recommend her!
Dr. Berkenblit is a wonderful and caring Doctor. When I go to her she listens to what I have to say about how I feel and makes a diagnosis. She makes sure I have the necessary blood tests and other tests to keep me healthy. I am very lucky to have her for my Doctor. I would recommend her to my family and friends.
Dr. Azoury is an excellent physician- caring, attentive, responsive, and professional. Highly recommended.
This resident is on the surgical staff at Johns Hopkins hospital at the time of this review. He will stop by to ask how things are but spends no time with the patient or patient's family and cannot seem to be bothered to provide helpful information on the patient's progress. Visits are more of an obligation. I would not recommend him as a surgery physician maintaining ongoing care of a patient.
Explains everything & takes the appropriate amount of time w/ u
Very compassionate
Doctor Canto saved my life five years ago and she continues to monitor my condition annually. She makes every effort to be sure that I understand my condition, how she intends to treat it, and the results of her procedures. Above all, she has a warm, caring manner that puts me at ease.
SFMEG at Hopkins. The bed was soiled and had obviously already been used. He was dismissive, arrogant and disrespectful. Asked me if I had diagnosed myself after seeing 4 specialists already? I told him i was a dentist, intelligent, and very successful, and I would not tolerate that kind of treatment from anyone, especially not him. Avoid at all costs!
Dismissive and downright unpleasant! I expected so much more from a physician practicing in this prestigious institution.
I took a 37 year old refugee for a neuro EMG test. She is blind and has many problems. Dr. Chaudhry is from India and the patient from Bhutan. He was brusque when he first some in, but he is thorough and cares. He got information about her condition and told her he wished he could speak her language, Napali. The test is difficult, but soon they were talking in a foreign language. It turns out, she knew some Hindi. She came away smiling because she had a chance to speak Hindi.
Don't see this guy for an ED consult. I think a hungry cobra is capable of more sensitivity.
on time, open and interested, concerned and caring. she is great.
very profession ,gifted surgeon
Absolutely Fantastic! After being carted into the E.R. by a very enthusiastic new group of EMT technicians in their ambulance. I thought it was going to be a false reading, or false alarm, or even 1st time user error of the equipment the EMTs were using, however to my shock,Specialists were immediately called down to check the ER. Dr.'s readings and long story short, 6 specialists and 4 machines l8r, they were asking me stuff. Dr. BERKOWITZ later stuck with me and figured out my problem 4-Me.?
Dr. Biv is amazing..caring,dedicated and brilliant. He removed my husband's bladder and recently coordinated a tricky successful stent placement in his ureter that was tried unsuccessfully at a local hospital.We travel from Sarasota to go to him. He truly cares and you will not find a better doctor. If you are able to do so, go to Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Center. You will get the best treatment ever. I would request Dr Biv.
Dr. Moghekar is attentive and thorough. He makes certain that all concerns are addressed and takes the time necessary to do so. The CSF Center is one of the leading ones in the country and provides the important care necessary for patients with CSF disorders. The center is life-changing for those with hydrocephalus. He can be late for appointments because of other patient needs but he's 100% there when your appointment is taking place.
Dr. Moghekar compassionate and sensitive to the needs of my family member. Dr. Moghekar was a place a name of the condition my family member has, which allows the patient an opportunity to make an educated decision about his/her health.
What an unbelievable experience it was to be the patient of Dr. Molena. Quietly confident, warm, friendly, open. accessible and honest, she kept me calm as I faced the ordeal of lung cancer surgery. From the day I met her I knew she was the surgeon I wanted. I waited while she was transferring from Baltimore to New York, while she kept in touch by personal email. She greeted me with hugs before and after the surgery. And h er skill and experience made the surgery a complete success.
He is very a nice doctor in a word i can say. I diagnosed with 3+ cm acoustic neuroma on my left side of the head and Germanwala operated it.He said there is a chance of facial weakness or palsy pre-operation.But post-operative everything is normal(no facial weaknesses,palsy). I am looking normal and able to do my things normally now. surgery is happened on DEC-15-2015.
It's very simple, he saved my Husband's life! He is very warm and personable, busy yet still takes time to explain what will happen! My Husband had a complication but I could feel he was in good hands! My Husband and I are thankful for and JH nurses and staff! Dr Colby is moving on this summer and we wish him the best out west!
Excellent internist. He spends a great deal of time on your exam, and he is totally focused on you.
He is not very personable. I saw him 3 times and never once did he smile or seem to give me any comfort that I felt I was in good care. I couldn't talk to him over the phone and he always made me come down for a visit. I had to drive a long way just to see him. Then he postponed my appointment multiple times. It was just a bad experience. Very bad. I never got any help there and maybe there is no help for my condition. But at least I could have learned that in a nice way.
Could not ask for better. Dr. Joe cares personally for every patient. He responds quickly to every call or email and always goes above/beyond what could be expected. He's straightforward with no nonsense. He will call you out on any issues where you aren't following instructions or recommendations. Office staff at Greenspring Station are always helpful and efficient.
A wonderful, knowledgeable surgeon with amazing ability treat his patients. Answered my many questions in clear terms. Great bedside manner. I trusted him to treat my aneurysm with no qualms.
He and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins Neurosurgical Care Unit destroyed my life. Dr. Colby performed placement of a pipeline embolization device in left internal carotid artery. Prior to the surgery, he personally assured me that his partner Dr. Coons would check on me and discharge me. That did not occur. One hour and 20 minutes after an attending physician charted, "patient is critical," I was inappropriately discharged. He eventually ordered an MRI with the indication "dementia." No stars
Dr. Khashab is hands down, the WORST doctor I have ever seen. I came to him desperate for help, and he was judgemental and arrogant. I came to him starving to death and malnourished. He absolutely has no sense in what a good doctor is. Honestly, I was so let down by Johns Hopkins because he is that terrible. I hope another patient doesn't have to go through what I did.
Patient was under Kersey's care at Good Shepard Rehab Hospital. Patient had suffered multiple strokes with condition RCVS. According to patient, Kersey was about to administer a SSRI for anxiety and depression. SSRI meds should never be given to person who experienced RCVS. Patient was discharged with list of meds called into local pharm. Kersey forgot med on list. Patient's care giver discovered omission.
I had emergency gallbladder removal and Dr. Harris was focused, sharp and patient in describing the process. He answered my questions and those of my husband. He has an easy bed-side manner and was able to earn my confidence.
Last week I had a bilateral hernia operation with Dr. Harris. My operation was far from a simple one; it took almost 5 hours. It was an extremely complicated surgery but Dr. Harris performed it with no complications. He took the time before and after the surgery to talk with me and make sure I was doing well. Every time I had a question, he and his staff were there to answer them. This was such a big hurdle in my life to overcome, and I am blessed to have had Dr. Harris perform the surgery.
Having seen a few other hepatologists, I feel that Dr. Hamilton is without a doubt, the best! He truly listens, provides undivided attention, provides a thorough understanding of my medical condition, and understands that not all patients are treated in the same fashion-meaning that sometimes thinking outside the box is essential for their needs. I am truly blessed to be a patient of Dr. Hamilton's, and greatly appreciate his expertise!
Outstanding experience. Professional, personable, patient, answered all my questions. Surgery was a breeze with minimal discomfort.
My personal experience with Dr. Fang was outstanding. She is very personable and takes time to really explain in detail the procedure as well as the recovery process. She's one of a kind, and in my book she's more deserving than 5 stars. I would definitely recommend her to those who need her services. Sincerely, Debra Corby
My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in October 2016. Dr Fang called us the evening that he had his colonoscopy. She was very prompt and on top of everything. She clearly is a very busy surgeon but made sure that we were taken care of (every question and concern). He was scheduled for surgery the next week. Everyone one of her staff members were caring and on top of things as well. Mrs. Valerie Bowman is top notch in customer care and compassion. These folks deserve a more than 5 stars.
AMAZING!!!! Literally the best doctor I've seen in my entire life! Completely knowledgeable and so approachable. Spent time with me explaining everything, made sure I was informed and comfortable. I wish every doctor was like her. I'm someone very anxious about procedures and she just took the best care of me. I would fly across the country for a visit with her and recommend her highly to anyone. Her schedule is busy - but worth the wait. I trust her - the most important quality of medical care.
Wonderful Doctor ..... smart and professional and straight to the point .The absolute best in her field !
Dr Fang is an angel on earth, here to find a cure , to be the best surgeon out there! She saved my life and I am grateful and positive I am not the only life she has saved with her skills and knowledge. If your unlucky enough to have cancer then get blessed with the best! Your lucky enough. Forever grateful.
I would highly recommend Dr. Fang. The personal attention & care she gives in beyond expectation. We are blessed to have someone in the medical field as her.
Dr. Fang is a very caring and knowledgeable surgeon ,she is also very professional and takes time to thoroughly explain your illness and treatment plan and the surgical procedure that you require. Her dedication and expertise is the absolute best !!
If you have a mainstream condition this is your doc. If you don't fit, don't bother, we are saddened as we waiting a long time for this appointment. Would have been better anywhere else...
My experience with Dr. Szymanski has been exceptional. She is personable and approachable. She takes time during appointments to make sure all my questions are answered. While my first appointment was quite scary because she reviewed all the possible problems I could encounter, she assured me it was the worst appointment, and she was right. I have a high risk pregnancy with twins and I feel like I have received excellent care.
Did colon cancer surgery 15 years ago. Wonderful doctor and no complications or reoccurance. He is the Best!
He was quick to realize my medical issues & responded with his knowledge and treatment at the first visit. I still might need surgery and definitely will want him to perform it.
Dr Gallia is indeed an Angel. God performs His miracles thru him. I am still amazed with the surgery he performed on my boyfriend. Besides his phenomenal ability it was his calming, peaceful and kind spirit...that gave me the reassurance that the 14 hour surgery would go well. It turned out Excellent. I will always give prayers of gratitude for all that Dr Gallia did along with Dr Ishii. The amazing surgery staff with him, awesome...may God bless them all.
Dr Gallia was recommended to me by another doctor who gave him high praises. Dr. Gallia far exceeded my expectations in every way. Doc took the time to explain everything to me in a way that I understood and that put me at ease. Doc was attentive to me during my stay in the hospital and maintained contact after recovery. I feel as though Dr. Gallia is more like a friend than just my doctor. You are in good hands with Dr. Gallia.
Just not tuned into listening carefully and was either clueless or just didn't care when it came to suggesting treatments and/or alternatives. Felt he was only engaged and tuned in to a medical issue that interested him and on one office visit in particular was arrogant and dismissive of a common foot/nail ailment. Would never seek him out as my primary-care physician nor would I refer family or friends to him.
Without any hesitation, I can say that this man is an amazingly gifted neurosurgeon. My spouse had a large macroadenoma removed at Hopkins this week. Dr Gallia and his team were amazing. The surgery took a while as he masterfully removed the tumor that had been there undetected for years. I found this doc after hours of searching on the web for the best docs nationwide. I am so glad we found him. He and his team were amazing. He has a great bedside and truly cares. The nursing staff agree
Dr. Gallia saved my life! He has the best hands in the world. I feel he genuinely cares about his patients and makes you feel at ease.
Exceptional neurologist! Excellent listener, who seems to understand that health is about the whole person. Knowledgeable, respectful, personable. Won't blame the patient if the answer is not readily apparent. Personally answers patient phone calls! Only downside is scheduling, as she is in demand.
Dr. Groves has a quiet, laid back demeanor and was very attentive to our needs. We never felt hurried. She really listens to patient and family. Asks if we had any questions, and answered all of them as thoroughly as possible. She also has a physician's assistant who took as much time as necessary to compile a complete history and current issue/problem.
Dr. Camille Gunderson is exceptional! I had surgery yesterday and before and after surgery she was very knowledgable and explained everything very clearly. She was patient and understanding when I had a big decision to make and helped explain the pros and cons of my different surgery options. My entire experience has been so much better than I had anticipated and my recovery is going great. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone!
Dr. Cooper was absolutely excellent! I could not be happier and lucky to have seen Dr. Cooper for my thyroid problem. He treated me like I was the only patient he had, he gave complete and full attention to my questions, gave me a lesson about the thyroid function and explained every aspect of the procedure. He was very kind and patient and a master on the procedure I had. Eddy. Rockville, MD
He is a great doctor. He not only has excellent diagnosis and treatment technique but also treat patient very kindly and patiently. He explained my questions patiently and clearly during my visiting, that reduced my anxiety. He cured my thyroid nodule by thyroid aspiration technique. I did not need to face the surgery pain and danger. I felt that I was very lucky to have Dr. Cooper to treat my thyroid problem. I appreciate his kind help.
Very caring and wonderful Dr. Has treated me for 8yrs for CRPS. Great staff and tries to get me in quickly if needed.
I was a little concerned about his bedside manner after looking at prior reviews, however, my experience with Dr. Cooper was fantastic. I don't think I've ever had a doctor spend as much time with me as he did. He educated my on the Thyroid, he thoroughly explained everything that was going on. He patiently answered my numerous questions, showed me the Ultra sound and went over what I was looking at in detail. I really can't say enough about my 100% positive experience with Dr. Cooper!!
Phenomenal physician and clinician whose specialties are peripheral nerve disease. He is one of the top experts in the world for this. He treated me successfully a couple of years ago for CIDP. He even visited me at the outpatient department while I received treatment. I cannot say enough good things about this superb physician
My family doc and two prior endocrinologists have been fumbling around with my hyperthyroidism for over 1 1/2 tedious years. It did take some time to get an appointment with Dr. Cooper, but it was worth the wait. I finally feel like I'm on the right path to managing this chaos. He was so thorough, knowledgable, personable, and patient. He has responded quickly to my email correspondence and went above and beyond to expedite testing. I feel like he really cares. What a relief.
Was expecting the patient/doctor experience to match the caliber of his credentials. Unfortunately, bad experience. This was first (and last) visit. No visible attempt on his part to connect with me, or for that matter to even really respect my comments and/or answers to his questions. Just short sarcastic feedback. He may know the science of medicine, but doesn't display the caring / intangible variable aspect of medicine. Bottom Line: Not the doctor for my care.
This is a great doctor! He is at the top of his profession as a surgeon and performed a very tricky Whipple operation to remove a tumor from my pancreas 2 1/2 years ago. I have been a patient since 2014. He explains everything carefully to me, has a great sense of humor and is up lifting and positive but at the same time honest and will give you the straight scoop. In other words, his bedside manner is perfect. I would highly recommend, Dr. Hatzaras as your surgeon!
She is a terrible doctor. I had to wait 5 months just to see her. It was ridiculous. She was my last hope at figuring out what was wrong with my hormones. She's pushy and unfriendly. Don't waste your time. She's also argumentative. She didn't seem knowledgeable about anything. My visit ended up with me in tears. So...yeah I don't recommend. Oh and she has me scheduled to she her in another 6 months. No thank you.
Dr.D is awesome! He is very cool, collected, and honest. He is very knowledgeable about what he does and makes you feel very comfortable. I had pancreatic surgery two months ago. He made me feel safe while also making me aware that pancreatic surgery is very serious and invasive. Follow up visits were quick and easy. If I couldnt see Dr D, I would see his PA, Will, with whom I built a very close rapport. I would highly recommend!
Answers personal cell phone during exam appointment. Very Difficult to contact. I had an urgent issue regarding new medication he prescribed and I was unable to contact him for 9 days. I ended up speaking with another on call doctor who was not familiar with my case.
Best care I have ever received. Dr. Diette and his Assistant Christine keep me healthy!
I waited one hour and forty five minutes to see this doctor. I had a scheduled appointment for a month in advance. They did not appear to be backed up with patients. However, I did see the pharmaceutical reps bring in a lot of food for the staff and can't help wonder if they were eating lunch while they made me wait. I will never go back to this physicians office!
Dr. Hoover-Fong took the time to meet with us to try and figure out what is wrong with our son. She wasn't hesitant to order up needed tests that would offer clues and a proper diagnosis. With her help, we were finally able to determine what is wrong with our son. She was very, very sweet, patient, and professional, yet down to earth and approachable.
Kind, compassionate, and a top-notch surgeon to boot. Very impressive. One of Hopkins' finest.
Very knowledgeable Neurologist with exceptionally friendly and empathetic bedside manners. I went for a consultation in Small Fiber Neuropathy due to rapid glucose control, an area that not many doctors appear to be familiar about.. but Dr. Polydefkis recognized it immediately..Brilliant Doctor.. You should go see him if your condition is within his areas of specialty.
Very pleasant, thorough, and a delight to work with. I was very satisfied with the entire process
Excellent doctor listens to the patients concerns and explains everything thoroughly.
Dr. G. Is brilliant, professional, skilled, and dedicated. You could not do better. Cancer is a rough thing to go through, and you'll be better off with him on your side. Been there!
Dr. Gordon is very pretentious. He and another surgeon worked together on me (otherwise I would have not let him operate). Spent very little time pre op visit, no time post op (except to take a photo). There are plenty of humble "gifted" plastic surgeons out there. He is not humble nor is he gifted. Did a very poor job on my cranial "reconstruction" and wound closure. Sloppy job at best.
Dr. Gordon is by far a gifted, and compassionate surgeon. He reconstructs BEAUTIFULLY! My brother has unfortunately undergone numerous surgeries to remove aggressive and recurrent tumors in his brain, which left him with deformities each time, and Dr. Gordon comes in right after and reconstructs it to appear as if he has never undergone brain surgeries. Speaking on behalf of patients who feel "different" due to their physical looks caused by trauma, he is the best to choose!!
Dr. Gordon was aggressive in his "sales pitch" for reconstructive surgery. He did a lot of talking, and very little listening. I left there knowing I would not want him to do my surgery. To my surprise I was charged a fee for a "consult" prior to my appointment (without me) in addition to the fee for the actual consult appointment. I was not informed of this, and would NOT have gone for my appointment knowing there were hidden charges.
He did a botched tummy tuck on me. No liposuction and terrible incision. He left all the fat and a lot of loose skin. Didn't do what he said he was going to do. I look a mess.
Listens carefully. Thinks outside of the box. Easy to talk to. Doesnt give up on patients or treatment options. Sense of humor. Quiet. Caring. Takes time. Answers questions. Is a partner in your care. Relative ease in getting appointment if you are really in need. Only negative is some of support staff leave lot to be desired not his fault. Nice facility.
Dr. Gordon was compassionate and attentive. He listened to everything I said, and planned my therapy according to my needs. You can see in his demeanor and dialogue that he empathizes with the patient and genuinely wants to help them feel better. He is definitely gifted in what he does, as I could not be happier with my results.
Dr. McCulley is very knowledgeable and very honest. He referred us to the CSF center and together they handle my daughter's Pseudo. We are very grateful to have him treating her.
I was referred to Dr. McCulley to have cancer removed from my upper and lower eyelid. During my appointment he took the time to explain everything to me and even gave me his personal cell phone number to call him if I had any concerns. My surgery was a complete success.
What an arrogant man. I have been having problems with headaches and my eyes. I went to a ophthalmologist and a retina specialists who referred me to Dr. McCulley. I drove an hour and waited an hour in the waiting room. He waltzed into the exam room took one look at my eyes and said I had an eyelash growing into my eye. He plucked it and said You are welcome you should not have any more problems. I asked him about the headaches and pain/pressure in my eye and he said I don't know.
She was not very knowledgable about my condition. Very disorganized. Could improve her bedside manner.
She was rude to me and she lacks tact and common sense.
Inpatient, rude, and snappy towards my toddler daughter. He recommended an unnecessary surgery that could have resulted in serious complications. Very poor communication style. I wouldn't recommend him at all.
I was referred to Dr. Mullin by my Pc physician for severe abdominal pain. He sent me for numerous tests and his nurse said I had sibo. I had to insist on seeing him again. I was feeling worse after doing his lowfab diet and losing a total of 50 lbs, telling him about bouts of swelling mass and severe pain, nothing. Could never talk to him, only his nurse. Went back to PC physician . Diagnosis abdominal Hernia. Surgery, doing much better. No more contact fromDr. Mullins office.
Mullin diagnosed SIBO, but I had continuing symptoms which he couldn't explain. Instead of referring me to another specialty, he decided that anxiety was the cause of my issues & convinced my PCP of that. I continued to pursue a diagnosis & was diagnosed w/ Med Arcuate Ligament Synd. after 2 yrs of illness & a 35lb weight loss. Required major surgery. Dr Mullin refused to answer any of my messages though never formally discharged me from care. Continued to blame anxiety even after my surgery.
I've been a patient of Dr Myer for quite some time and I chose him to perform eye surgery on me. He is very skilled and my surgery was very successful. I am very impressed with his knowledge, skill, and demeanor and I recommend him most highly. He is an excellent doctor and when I need surgery again, I trust him to help me with the other eye. He is now practicing in Central Florida.
Dr Mullin has been very knowledgeable and helpful on combating my current health issues i would highly recommend him
he did not follow through on referrals to specialist and tests..had to badger him to get those results a month after..mri reviews never done after more than two months..though he promised to return my mri cds he has not done so after more than a month.. though i had explicitly explained to the people selecting him for me my health issues and that i required someone who was empathic with and would address them i was given to michael mueller and the opposite was my experience..i am very dissati
Dr. Michael Mueller is one of the most (if not the most) thorough and thoughtful primary care physicians that I have seen in my 65 plus years. He is patient, brilliant, explains and researches everything. His recommendations are well thought-out and his follow-up is something that I am not at all used to, even as one who remembers doctors making house calls. I've recommended Dr. Mueller to everyone I know! UHealth group provides a seemless experience that is a triumph in technology & care
She was interested in what I had to say, and then she listened...I like that trait. Administering she was confident and steady..i felt very comfortable.
I lloyd seipler met with dr lewsey and 1.5 hour with her i felt like she knew exactly what she was talk with me is the new life i have in makeing my life so much better i would recommend her to all of my friends and neighbors Hopkins watch out you have a great doctor thanks again to doctor Lewsey ..Merry christmas
Dr. Levy is wonderful. He listens to your concerns and questions, and is patient and explains his answers. He's very thorough.
She is cold mannered and seemed to deliberately cause pain. She needlessly picked at my tear duct 6 times until I told her to stop due to the pain. She didn't say I'm going to do this, it might be uncomfortable. No eye MD ever did this in past & I read several articles with tear duct irrigation procedure-it isn't part of it. Didn't even introduce herself. Very poor, astringent, cold manner. Did not help me. 2 days later I'm still in pain.
During my appointment, Dr. Pardo had 2 Students in tow. He seemed more interested in teaching his students than ensuring I understood my condition. Several times during the appointment, one of the students interrupted him to explain things to me. Thank goodness for him! At one point, Dr. Pardo nonchalantly answered the question of how I would know my condition had progressed, by advising I would become paralyzed! Horrible bedside manner. Although very pleasant, I found him to be disconnected.
He is one awesome Doctor along with his staff his PA Ben hurtig is closer to being a doctor than a PA and when you have to make an appointment if you are lucky enough to speak to Yolando she will take care of you and is one of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure to speak with I am giving DR OZTRK a 8 stars out of 5 I was not so happy with the nurses at all But DR Oztrk and his staff you will be very happy
He mostly talked, did not listen carefully, and failed to follow or appreciate the severity of my problems. For complex Nero problems, he is very scattered and disorganized, he is well meaning but just not a very responsible doctor.
He is one of the best, plain and simple!
Cannot think outside the box or explain his specific reasoning for specific hormone levels as it pertains to an individual's complex medical conditions. Strictly seems to look at standard ranges and does not consider the patient's long-term medical history. I had high hopes when Dr. Wand was recommended to me by my primary care physician, but was disappointed when he didn't seem to have the time to explain his reasoning. He would have flunked my high school writing class. Sorry I had say thi
Dr Wang is a very thoughtful doctor, skilled, caring and efficient. She really put both myself and my son at ease.
I was very impressed with Dr Spragg's knowledge and the way he explained. Procedures. I was transported to JHH as an emergency patient and left trying to find out what was going on since I was not assigned to any particular doctor. I was so fortunate to have Dr Spragg explain what procedures they were doing and what they were looking for. I would love to have another visit with him since I have since come up with questions I don't quite understand.
Dr. Spragg is a wonderful doctor. He knew in 5 minutes what was wrong with me that other doctors couldn't figure out in over a year.
Awful. His arrogance was astounding. He wouldn't listen to what I was trying to tell him Was a total waste of time. I cried all the way home.
very good surgeon and with a great personality had a lap band removed and a gastric sleeve very relatable sent a get well card and from her and the staff had surgery may 22 2017 and never felt better Louis Gasbarri
Dr Lamond performed my Sports Hernia repair. I have completely recovered with no lingering affects. She is very knowledgeable about this complex injury. She was very professional, and I could not be more pleased with the results.
Dr. Ross was assigned to us by Johns Hopkins when my husband was diagnosed with advanced, aggressive prostate cancer at 52 years old. We feel so privileged to have him as our doctor. He is unbelievably competent, decisive, and confident. He is on the cutting edge of medicine. He gets things done and makes time to meet with patients- including on his lunch break. He performed a complicated but successful 5 hour surgery last year and continues to oversee & administer treatments. We love him.
Excellent physician. Great bedside manner.
On our initial visit for prostate cancer treatment we found Dr. Ross to be thorough, personable and willing to listen. He explained the options for treatment and answered our questions. Dr. Ross performed a radical prostatectomy in Jan. 2016. The surgery went very well. He has been very accessible by phone to give advice or answer questions. He went out of his way to call us on a Friday as soon as he got the pathology report, rather than having us wait until office hours on Monday.
My daughter has Loeys Dietz syndrome. Dr. Vricella performed 3 very complicated surgeries on her. Each time he was compassionate, explained the procedure thoroughly and continued to visit and follow up with her until she was no longer in danger. I trust his judgment and would recommend him.
It is certainly interesting to see how low Dr. Venkatesan's "star ratings" are. i suppose this is a very different medical practice to what most people are used to. But this is no ordinary physician and no ordinary practice. Dr. V treats some of the most dificult cases of some of the most poorly understood diseases known to medicine. He is one of a very small number of doctors who even try to help people with these conditions (including myself). Shame on anyone who doesn't rate 5 stars!
Dr. Vricella and his entire team is OUTSTANDING!!!
Very informative, he has mastered his field of expertise. Explains one's situation and follow-up treatments in layperson terms. Also, very kind, considerate, compassionate, attentive, and takes his time so one doesn't feel rushed out of the office. He adheres to his schedule and I was seen right on time. His staff exhibits professionalism as well. An all around delightful experience!
Nice guy. Doesn't talk down to you and explains everything so you understand and are comfortable.
Dr. Kamel is a kind wonderful, competent radiologist. Completely happy with his care! I would recommend that anyone consult him.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Meltzer to any and all patients that require the services of an outstanding gastro doctor. He LISTENS, responds to questions in non doctor speak. He will revisit questions all ready asked. He is a mensch & a great diagnostician. It was worth the trip from NYC to see him.
Straightforward and honest. Two hard things to find in any doctor. Answered all of my questions and his staff is very involved in all aspects of care. Would recommend him to anyone looking for an honest, respectable and experienced surgeon.
An expert in vascular anomalies - Dr. Weiss was the first doctor to give me a diagnosis. He explained my malformation clearly and offered an understandable treatment plan!
Performed my left knee quad repair. Bedside manor was caring & professional.
I saw a lot of bad comments about Dr Stein on here and I don't understand why. I recently saw here and my experience was great. I had no wait to get into the examination room. Once there, I was greeted by Dr. Argawal (sp?) who spent an hour with me going over my medical history. Once complete, I saw Dr. Stein and she was wonderful. She had a few specific questions for me and and also went over my medical history. I wanted a 6 month plan and she was on board with this. Very good doc!
Dr. Streiff is a wonderful Physician. Nothing but EXCEPTIONAL professionalism. He cares for his pts as if they were his family, and for that I am extremely greatful. We met years ago while he was studying under another Heme Dr., and when he recommended that we stay under the care of Dr. Streiff we took his word and stayed until the very end. The best decision in health care as far as my mom goes. I could not be more thankful and greatful. Thank you Dr Streiff for everything....Nicole
Dr. Sulkowski was absolutely fantastic. He spent a great deal of time with me, answered every single question, was thoughtful and professional. He is considered by many as the creme de la creme in his field and, in my experience, I agree. His staff is also terrific.
His bed side manor is fantastic. He thinks of the whole patient, which is very important to me. Dr. Strife is a wonderful physician. He doesn't give up on his patients until he is confident he has uncovered the problem.
I recently had surgery by Dr. Lim. My surgery was very successful. He did a great job! I would totally recommend this neurosurgeon to anyone in need of brain surgery.
Dr. Lim is compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced, and listens to his patients. When another neurosurgeon and a neurologist in my town would not treat me because I didn't fit in their "normal" medical definition, Dr. Lim saw my pain, listened to me, and was willing to go outside the box. He proposed surgery which another neurosurgeon said couldn't be done. Dr. Lim was willing to try the surgery, and it was completely successful. I truly recommend Dr. Lim to anyone!
She is just about the best doctor I've met. But a surgeon who's an actual human being? Incredible. Every bedside visit was a minimum of a half hour, frequently more. Every question answered and more. She's great. So good that she will be my point person in New York, as she just moved to NYU Langone.
Dr. Lim removed a nearly 1-inch acoustic neuroma. Throughout the entire process he was upfront and frank about the surgery, the likely recovery experience, and the reasons the surgery was urgent. But he was also supportive and comforting (and even phoned upon learning my diagnosis from the MRI when he was on the other side of the world, to provide comfort and reassurance).
I would recommend Dr. Michael Lim to anyone who has been diagnosed or suffers with Trigeminal Neuralgia. He is very upfront and honest in explaining the disease, the procedures that could be done and the possible side effects of each procedure. He is an excellent surgeon and he has cured my trigeminal nerve issue for me. I cannot say enough excellent comments to fully explain my confidence and satisfaction with his surgery done and his staff.
Dr. Petri gave me my life back as well. I have been seeing her for 17 years. She has helped me to have two children and to continue to work full time. She always answers any questions that i have immediately. Her dedication to working towards helping people live full lives with lupus is remarkable.
Dr Petri gave me a life. I have 3 beautiful children and have been a nurse for almost twenty years. Without her I wouldn't have either of those things. She safely brought me through my pregnancies and has been with me for twenty years. Some people find her gruff, but she will fight like hell to get her patients what they need. She has given so much to lupus and lupus research. It's a debt that can never be repaid.
I went to Dr. Pierorazio in May 2015 for a 2nd opinion. After meeting him, I knew I wanted him to perform my surgery. He explained everything thoroughly, was very positive, and had a wonderful bedside manner. He gave me his email address and answered any questions I had within 24 hours. I had a partial nephrectomy in June 2015 to remove a renal cancer carcinoma. The surgery was a great success and Dr. Pierorazio was wonderful through the entire process.
Dr. Petri is very knowledgeable about rheumatologic diseases, and can calmly put a patient at ease as it concerns his/her health status and how to manage the condition(s). Overall, I can definitely tell she's been in this field for an extremely long time and she is extremely efficient at ensuring that you are seen as soon as your vital signs are checked! However, I did not give the full 5 stars because she can tend to produce a vibe that is not necessarily rude but can come across as stern.
I wouldn't recommend Dr. Pazoki to family are friends. Pulled tooth in supply room. Didn't asked about medical history. Chair was not normal dental chair. Poor lighting and not normal dental equipment. I almost fell in floor. Had to crab nurse. Didn't care about pain I was experiencing. I would not want another patient to have that experience. He was concerned about me having insurance. I have been to dentist in California and Hawaii but this was worst experience.
To the point and patient with his bed side manner
I like her take charge of your health Attitude. I always look forward to visits with her because she listens and she is genuinely interested in your well being. It would be nice for better office hours but I have no complaints. Her responses to emails still amazes me. Always available.
Dr yang is amazing My husband is here today because of him.
Very friendly and kind. Easy to work and talk to as a therapist.
I have been seeing Dr. Woodworth for nearly two years for monitoring of stenosis in my spine and neck. He and his staff are always wonderful!
Shiv is fantastic! He genuinely cares and answers all questions!
If Dr. Savitt is deemed to be compassionate, perhaps this compassion needs to rub on his Secretary. I found her to be rude, ill-mannered and with total lack of empathy. I called for a appointment at 9.15 AM and had to leave a message. Called again at 11 AM with no answer. Called again via Umass at 2PM and they too could not reach any of the three phone numbers associated with this practice. Called via UMass at 3PM and got through. On enquiring about the delay was told I was rude and she hung up!
Outstanding performance, likely saved my life
Dr. Trost is my Cardiologist. He also performed Angioplasty and Stenting procedures on me.
Dr Oppenheimer is an excellent professional his diagnostic is accurate and help me as a patien to take the right decision for my medical treatment on time. Thank you
Dr. Olivi is the greatest neurosurgeon on the planet. His love for me and treating me as though I was his own brother was especially important in such a difficult decision making process. He bedside manner was equally fantastic as he would sit with you and truly listen to your concerns not concerned about rushing to the next room. Sure this sometimes meant having to wait longer for my appt., but it was worth the wait. The staff he hired around him were equally great and reassuring.
Dr. Olivi was my neurosurgeon at John Hopkins..He is an amazing doctor..the best doctor I have ever had! My overall experience was excellent..He is an expericenced and knowledgable doctor..I will miss having him as my doctor! Very satisfiend and it was a blessing to have him treat me at John Hopkins!!!
I came to Dr. Massoud for a sleep study for CDL compliance. She did an evaluation of me on the first visit that was amazing. I have had physicals before but not as complete as the one administered by Dr. Massoud. I would love to have her as my primary care doctor.
He treats each of his patients as if they were the most important person in the world.He answers all questions and spends much time with each patient. He personally phones each patient to discuss test results.
Dr. Margolis does not work well with Children with Special needs. He doesn't have a CLUE about what he is doing. An appointment with him is a huge waste of time!!

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