Donna's bedside manner leaves much to be desired. She is rather condescending and speaks at you and not to you. I have often felt as though she would rather be a million other places, than in a room with patients. She has frequently had to reschedule appointments which has been an inconvenience to me on more than one occasion. I would not recommend her because I don't feel as though she has compassion and understanding of her patients and that she can't wait to bolt out the door.
(Part 2 of 2) you will be reprimanded if you are even 5 mins late and call them ahead of time, charged if you're over 10 mins late, the list of un-professionalism with the front desk goes on and on. My most recent gripe is I called them 5 weeks ago so that I could fill out a medical release form to change doctors--it took them 10 days (with many calls) to fax me the form. The new medical practice I'm going to just received my files from them YESTERDAY, a week after my first appointment with them
She is a very nice person.
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