BeSt experience with a surgeon ever! Efficient, practical, kind, comforting, knowledgeable. If I ever have to back again for another surgery, I will choose Dr McGory!!
Dr. McGrory is a caring and professional doctor. He completed two total knee replacements within two months and I am thrilled with the results. I always felt I was in good hands, he took time to explain things to me and my husband and always did so in a caring, friendly and professional manner.
Dr Endrizzi and his team are outstanding. My shoulder replacement was 100% successful. I highly recommend him.
Fantastic doctor and entire staff! Very thorough and communicative.
Dr. McGrory replaced my right hip fifteen years ago. He did an excellent job. Upon seeing Dr. McGrory on 4/26/17 for a five year check, we were both very pleased to see a hip replacement that looked almost brand new after fifteen years. He has been responsive to questions over the years and shows that he knows you even after five years. He's a likable physician who, I believe, takes excellent care of this patients. I would, and have, highly recommended him to others who are struggling.
Dr. McGory performed my total hip surgery less than a month ago and I am happy to say that it was an amazing experience from start to finish! Great per-op care. Great hospital care and follow-up. the recovery was amazingly fast and I am now experiencing no pain and can do almost all my prior activities. Wish I had done it sooner!
Easily the most enjoyable experience I have ever had in a doctors office. George is thoroughly entertaining, knowledgable, personable and caring. The woman he works with is equally amazing. What a team. They provided very straightforward answers to all my concerns & gave me great piece of mind.
Dr. Rana performed a bi-lateral anterior hip replacement procedure (had both hips done on the same day) on December 23rd, 2016 and went home the morning of December 25th feeling like a million dollars--don't ask me why but there was very little pain caused by doing extensive carpentry on my two hips. Today, March 23rd is my 3 month anniversary and I am walking 6 miles a week with my dog (3 days @ 2 miles/day) and going to two yoga classes a week .Dr. Rana and his team were GREAT to work with!
Add me to the list of patients who is extremely satisfied with Dr. Rana. The entire experience was exceptional, from the initial visit to follow-up phone calls. Dr. Rana and his staff members were excellent in person and on the phone. When I called with questions, they were prompt and helpful with their responses. The actual surgery went extremely well, as did his follow-up care. I shall have my right hip done in the future and I am definitely going back to Dr. Rana and company.
Could not be more pleased with Dr. Rana and his staff. Had left hip replacement three months ago with better thanew results. Wish I had had surgery sooner.
I'm a relatively young guy so convincing a surgeon to perform a total hip replacement was no small task. Thankfully, after checking in with Dr Rana over the course of a year we finally agreed it was time. I did my research. I wanted him and although I am less than a week post-op I couldn't be more pleased. He's a triple threat. He's smart as a whip, talented, and is a compassionate provider. You won't find a better choice.
Dr. Rana and his staff are everything you could want as providers! I feel absolutely amazing after my hip replacement I was back on my feet after two weeks. I can get back to a normal active life thanks to him, I would recommend him to everyone!
I am someone in my early 80's who was having increasing difficulty walking and standing. I finally decided to have both knees replaced. I was impressed with the timely way in which I was able to have an appointment with Dr. Rana as well as the the care and efficiency with which he worked. Instead of going to a rehab facility, Dr. R. recommended going right home with the help of family and care givers. A good decision. Throughout the recovery period Dr. R. showed remarkable attention and care.
Excellent from start to finish! Amazing results as well!
The very best!!! An an amazingly kind wonderful man! And the finest staff!!! Donald verger
Very knowledgeable, explains in laymen terms, answers all questions. Great bedside manner. I was up and walking on the day of surgery. I also achieved a 94% bend. It is now almost 2 wks post op. 105% bend on my own. Little to no pain. Some stiffness. His team is also awesome. A Dr is nothing if he does not have a great team to support him. Cannot say enough about Dr Guay and his staff.
Have a hip problem? This is the doctor to see. I think he's the Monet of hip replacement, which sounds silly, but after you meet him, you'll agree with me. He is an artist of the highest caliber. He fixed my hip with an operation that was free of angst or incident. It's been three years now, and I don't have the slightest twinge of a problem. What's more, he is a very interesting man. You will enjoy your appointments with him and look forward to seeing him
Dr. Guay treated me for knee pain that ultimately wound up being treated with surgical replacement with excellent results. Dr. Guay is technically excellent and he has a caring quality, a rare combination.
Five years ago I was a 53 years old man that lived with worsening and debilitating hip pain. Driving a car, getting up from a table, especially a booth at a restaraunt was agony. One Dr recommended pain meds and advised I was too young for Hip Repacent. Finally I found Dr Babikan. He was excellent. Surgery on a Tuesday morning. Walking stairs that night. Home on Wednesday with no pain. It's been 5 pain free years. I can only say it felt like a miracle and I am very Grateful.
Dr. Endrizzi completely over-hauled my right shoulder, after a lenghty cortizone treatment by another physician. The surgery was completely successful and I've been pain-free since then.
I had Total Shoulder Replacement surgery with Osteotomy by Dr. Endrizzi at MMC Portland in 2013. He has done tons of them and frankly was the only one I wanted to do it because I had two other very well respected doctors (one I worked with in the OR at another hospital) tell me they would rather not do the procedure. It normally would take 2 hours, my surgery was 3 hours plus. The repairs worked and I am 100% thankful for the job he did. You must do your rehab though! I Completely recommend him.
The best dr. I have ever had.
Amazingly gifted Surgeon. Out of a possible 5 stars I give him 100. All the positive traits you wish for in a health care provider. The entire staff is wonderful.
He was awesome. Next time a coworker falls on her butt and breaks his/her leg. I would insist they see him?? Very professional. Kind. Have'nt been to the office yet
after several years of mis-diagnosis I finally found my way to Portland and Dr. Babikian. He was perfect. I had both hips replaced, never had a problem, he explained everything in a clear and gentle way and I have recommended him to at least 10 people who had equally successful outcomes. He's the BEST.
Over the past 13 years, from age 42 to 55, Dr. McGrory has totally replaced both of my hips and right knee, so far. I have him on speed dial for when the left knee is ready for his skillful hands. I have genetic osteoarthritis. All 3 surgeries were wonderfully successful. One hip had the posterior procedure using titanium & plastic (in 2003), the other had the anterolateral using ceramic & plastic (in 2015), and the knee was the standard method (in 2013). He is a medical magician!
Outstanding provider. Skilled surgeon. Extremely knowledgable.
He saved my hip! I had a traumatic injury to my femur and hip joint. He's calm, understanding, and doesn't overwhelm you with information. He genuinely cares about his patients. I'm so lucky to have had him as my surgeon.

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