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Darlene May 03 2020

Review for Dr. Harnsberger

Terrible -bureaucratic problems with this practice -can't get paperwork!!

Apr 21 2020

Review for Dr. Zanghi

Ive been with Dr.Bradford for 2.5 almost 3 yrs maybe and since day one shes gone above and beyond for me. Quite honestly i couldn't ask for a better doctor.

Tiffany McIntire Apr 19 2020

Review for Dr. Bradford

Rude and dangerously incompetent.

Feb 06 2020

Review for Dr. Shahla

Jan 23 2020

Review for Dr. Thompson

Dr. L is personable, timely, and has a can do attitude. He asks questions and really listens. He's responsive to my questions and concerns. He did a knee surgery for me last year and it all went smoothly, very happy with the results and with Dr. L

Rachel Kanowsky Jan 16 2020

Review for Dr. Lichtman

She’s the rudest, most unprofessional person. The fact that she’s a pediatric doctor is very unsettling that she might talk to children the way she talked to me when I was admitted.

Dec 20 2019

Review for Dr. Shamash

Great listener. She clearly cares. Helped manage my medication.

Dec 19 2019

Review for Dr. Vargas

Cissa Nov 18 2019

Review for Dr. Bouchard

He's at Concord Hospital now. Today was my first visit with him as my new cardiologist. I am very, very pleased to be under the care of Dr. Kuo. He thinks systematically, explain things well, answers all questions patiently, and he obviously studied my case in detail. Very reassuring !!!

Christopher D. Costanzo Nov 14 2019

Review for Dr. Kuo

Saw Dr Kundu for the first time today. He reviewed my record & listened to/responded to my questions. Felt he thoroughly understood me & what he outlined seemed sound.

Nov 14 2019

Review for Dr. Kundu

Richard Lawler Oct 24 2019

Review for Dr. Witkowski

Great physician

Oct 21 2019

Review for Dr. Arif

Excellent. He has personally called me back each time I call with questions. He is caring and goes the extra mile. Very nice man.

Chris Schultz Sep 10 2019

Review for Dr. Yamin

Dr Richler is exceptional. Attentive and sympathetic listener. A relaxed and relaxing style. Thoughtful about treatment plan; doesn't just write a prescription and quickly move on to next patient. It's.so hard to find a good psychiatrist. With Dr.Richler I finally feel I'm in good hands.

Aug 26 2019

Review for Dr. Richler

Listened patiently, asked many questions. Spent over one hour with me on my first fist. He has contacted me personally to inquire re my condition and effectivness of medication. I would recommend him.

Jul 13 2019

Review for Dr. Abu-Hannoun

First visit and had to wait an hour. Had other appointments that day and could not wait any longer could not get another appointment until Fall.

Jul 11 2019

Review for Dr. Keating

Lacked compassion,

Jun 11 2019

Review for Dr. Marshall

Many to milk insurance never made me better or work on my well-being instead destroy my self-worth, my stability and self respect trust in doctors and she was well recommend.

May 28 2019

Review for Dr. Bradford

TBI - DAI 8/2018 post accident for 20year old young adult. She’s very thorough, easy to talk to and understanding.

May 23 2019

Review for Dr. Bakeman

Dr. Zanghi is kind and listens to me. He is a good doctor. I don't have to wait long at appointments. I would recommend him.

May 14 2019

Review for Dr. Zanghi

Apr 17 2019

Review for Dr. Yamin

Dr. Sadhujan is an excellent primary care physician who also specializes in sleep disorders and pulmanary issues. He is very personal and accessible and treats me for sleep apnea and COPD.

Apr 10 2019

Review for Dr. Sadhujan

She is very easy to talk to. She continues to pursue solutions and fine tune to achieve optimal results.

Apr 09 2019

Review for Dr. Cohen

I am blessed to have Dr. Bradford as my PCP. She is thorough, listens carefully and is non-judgmental. She takes as much time as needed in order to make sure you understand everything.

Apr 05 2019

Review for Dr. Bradford

blanein Shrewsbury, MA - Feb 06 2019

Review for Dr. Pratt

Great doctor. Helped my very young daughter watch baby shark on his cell phone as she was being wheeled away for her first surgery. Let feel at ease and he has great personality.

Feb 04 2019

Review for Dr. Patel

Dr. Sacco is a terrific Doctor in a busy Emergence Room. He made an Emergency situation not an Emergency!

Douglas Sylvanin Paxton - Nov 24 2018

Review for Dr. Sacco

As a former healthcare healthcare professional, I can truly say that he should not have a medical license. He's a disgrace to the medical profession.

Springfield, MA - Oct 25 2018

Review for Dr. Kaczor

He was assigned to admit me from the ER at Marlborough Hospital, His pertinent questions, asked in a logical order, give him a good base to build on. He’s very polite, very empathetic. His medical knowledge is excellent, even beyond his field, infectious disease.

nancy galein Northborough MA - Jul 20 2018

Review for Dr. Jubbal

Paula Cotterin MA - Jul 14 2018

Review for Dr. Fullington

I found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, and great bedside manner. I have called a few times since my initial encounter and always receive a call back from him either the same day or the next. Highly recommend him.

Earlin Hyannis - Jun 12 2018

Review for Dr. Yamin

I had 5 surgeries done by conejero he made 2 big mistakes that costed me time an money never accepted responsibility also very erratic with the instructions horrible following up

ct - Mar 16 2018

Review for Dr. Conejero

Dr. Berrios is very thorough and knowledgeable. She is very kind, taking her time to explain things as well. I would highly recommend her

Feb 14 2018

Review for Dr. Berrios Morales

I met her for the first time on Saturday February 10, 2018. She is and was treating my daughter. She is kind, compassionate and very thorough. She took the time to explain in detail (as much as I could handle) the diagnosis and how to move forward.

Staceyin Sutton - Feb 12 2018

Review for Dr. Berrios Morales

Very kind and took the time to listen to what I had to say. I was nervous but she made me feel very comfortable. Wonderful doctor.

Aliciain Whitinsville - Feb 09 2018

Review for Dr. Williams

My first and only experience with Doctor Kaufman was great. He was very knowledgeable, attentive, explained things well and put me at ease with what would be forthcoming. I would highly recommend him as anybody’s GI Doctor.

Mike M. in Shrewbury - Jan 09 2018

Review for Dr. Kaufman

Dr. Pratt is very professional. She listens to you and gives you insightfulness feedback. And you can call her any time to talk to her.

Worcester, MA - Dec 19 2017

Review for Dr. Pratt

I have been treated by Dr. Shteinlukht with ECT for over a year. I have found her to be thorough, compassionate, and sincere about my well being. She has always been available to me by phone if I needed anything to discuss. I would highly recommend Dr. Shteinlukht.

Ashby, MA - Dec 09 2017

Review for Dr. Shteinlukht

Great doctor. Very easy to talk to, extremely compassionate and takes the time to listen. Doesn't just try to get you in and out like other doctors. If you're looking for a new primary care doctor, he is the guy to go to.

Daniel Cin Worcester - Dec 02 2017

Review for Dr. Sadhujan

Inexperienced. Did not feel comfortable with her knowledge level or treatment plan. Would not recommend. Long wait to book appointments, long wait in waiting area.

Northborough, MA - Nov 17 2017

Review for Dr. Murphy

Shrewsbury, MA - Sep 18 2017

Review for Dr. Boyle

Fitchburg, MA - Aug 10 2017

Review for Dr. Alvarado

Dr. Carlson is a wonderful doctor! Easy to understand, friendly and kind. Her expertise (along with the Umass team) saved my partner's life! We couldn't be more thankful for the care and compassion we received. Highly recommend her.

Joannein Auburn - Jun 28 2017

Review for Dr. Carlson

dr Jason Kovacevic He is very nice and Explains things well and Concerned ! He will do great in years to come !

Paxton, MA - May 20 2017

Review for Dr. Kovacevic

Dr. Fullington has done 2 procedures on me. She's a kind, professional, friendly surgeon. She gives you the time and attention you need to address any questions or concerns. Without hesitation I will recommend Dr. Fullington.

Melissain Milford, MA - May 15 2017

Review for Dr. Fullington

Dr PG is great! He cares about the patients and is very thorough.

Paul Spagnoliain Shirley MA - May 10 2017

Review for Dr. Sadhujan

Great Doc, He leaves no Arterey clogged !!!! Very Personable and always gives you options ( might not be the ones you want,but you get them) I leave the decisions up to him. I would bet my life on him. Andy Greenwich Oxford Ma

Andrew Greenwichin Oxford ma - Jan 29 2017

Review for Dr. Bouchard

Yuda Osturkanin Hallandale - Jan 09 2017

Review for Dr. Zanghi

Wonderful experience! Dr. Cohen was very helpful and attentive. Extremely knowledgeable!

Meridian, MS - Nov 27 2016

Review for Dr. Cohen

I'm so glad I've found Dr Cohen. I really feel like she LISTENS to me and it is so obvious she cares, too. This hasn't always been the case, in the past with other doctors. Thank you Dr Cohen for being awesome

Cara Rin Lutz, Fl - Nov 27 2016

Review for Dr. Cohen

I thoughtful psychiatrist who really cares.

Michele Nov 26 2016

Review for Dr. Cohen

Wonderful experience.

Ellain West Hartford, CT - Nov 26 2016

Review for Dr. Cohen

Very sweet and caring. Wonderful personality. Actually my most favorite doctor I've ever seen.

Nov 26 2016

Review for Dr. Cohen

Marlborough , MA - Nov 26 2016

Review for Dr. Fullington

Doctor is void of personality and bedside manners. Session was a waste of time and money.

Anne H.in Tampa, FL - Oct 25 2016

Review for Dr. Cohen

Mean and condescending. Made me fee uncomfortable by being short with her staff

Rebeccain Gardenr, MA - Oct 18 2016

Review for Dr. Ward

Nancy Therouxin The Villages, FL. - Aug 27 2016

Review for Dr. Fullington

Aggressive, steps on toes of other providers and can act like she knows everything very prematurely.

Washington, DC - Jun 29 2016

Review for Dr. Patel

Li brown in Worcester, MA - May 25 2016

Review for Dr. Ward

I found him professional, interested and thorough each visit.

Bellingham MA - Apr 22 2016

Review for Dr. Shaikh

He is a doctor that is slow to speak but quick to listen. Yet, when he has taken into account all of what you have said and your past medical history; the depth of knowledge he shares is calming and reassuring to know you are in good hands. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Ilena M. Apr 13 2016

Review for Dr. Valizadeh

Excellent physician, pleasant bed side manners; comforting and exudes well placed confidence.

Worcester, MA - Feb 29 2016

Review for Dr. Sadhujan

Gentle, caring, smart, and really took the time to talk to me about my medical issues.

Feb 24 2016

Review for Dr. Charpentier

Knowledgeable and understanding

missymuffinin ma ma - Feb 16 2016

Review for Dr. Kruskal

She is embarrassingly ignorant of the current scientific consensus about so many things. She is condescending and arrogant, but cannot back up her claims with research. Do NOT trust her. Do not let her give you ECT. Do not refer her to anyone you know. STAY AWAY!

Feb 02 2016

Review for Dr. Shteinlukht

Needham, MA - Jan 27 2016

Review for Dr. Boyle

Extremely caring and helpful to patient and family

Rowlandin Overseas - Jan 08 2016

Review for Dr. Patel

I found Dr. Ward's manner to be somewhat impatient and dismissive. I did not feel much compassion or concern from her, nor much interest in my health or in me as a patient.

New York, NY - Dec 23 2015

Review for Dr. Ward

Coventry, RI - Dec 19 2015

Review for Dr. Franco