Dr. Chang is far and away, the best primary care physician I have ever had the pleasure of being cared for by. His attitude, level of caring and his willingness to talk with me rather than at me are unsurpassed any other. He even stopped by my room to see me when I spent a few days in the hospital and I did not even know he knew I was there.
Dr. Gour was always professional. Listened to your concerns and offered appropriate follow up. Mailed results of blood tests etc. in a timely manner and offered suggestions to improve your health and well being.
Dr. Li has been such a huge help over the last decade and really appreciate her excellent care.
Kind caring and considerate. My PCP of 30!years retired on md and I am so happy to have found Dr Chang. He listens and cares about what you are experiencing. 5 Etars in my book
i had her for over 4 years, i had a signed contract with her for my oxycoddone for chronic pain and nerve damage and muscel damage. as long as i went in any time she called and i took my pills in every appt. and i always did. she was great. then about three months ago she stopped lissoning to me made me go to different drs. and started saying to me dont you see the news about all these people dying? and i said but im not them i do everything you ask, and now your going to take them away from me?
She is very true to her profession and she is genuine
P A -C Christine collotta is the best Pa around ! Very smart and knows medicine inside and out ! Highly recommend !
Went for a routine physical exam and was billed for both the routine physical exam AND an office visit all because I was asked questions about my medical history and answered that some past problems are still current conditions. They were by no means treated during my visit and in the past answering those standard questions would just be part of a routine physical exam. But by answering the wrong way, my visit was subject to a copay that I shouldn't have had to pay!

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