Dr Anderson is a very good mechanic, that is his surgery skills are excellent but in order to be a good doctor you need to be considerate of the needs of your patient. He is very good at what he does but what he doesn't do is consider that his patients have lives too. We make arrangements for our families and with our jobs in order to schedule medical procedures, yet he cancels on a moment's notice. If it was an emergency,fine but he cancelled to go on vacation. This was just one of many times.
I am a trained physician myself and have been taking my mother occasionally to see Dr. Devlin for her severe arthritis. She is very caring, good at listening and follow-up and really wants to help her patients--all important when dealing with the elderly and chronic conditions. I would highly recommend her to others for similar chronic joint conditions.
Dr. Husain correctly diagnosed the problem I was having with my thumb. He discussed my options in detail. He did the surgery himself and everything went exactly as he described. My thumb hasn't felt this good in over 15 years. I highly recommend a consultation with him.
Total knee replacement, four months out. Still having pain. Very poor pain management. Very poor bedside manner. Rude, condescending and intimidating. Should not be allowed to work on humans. Should join his wife's Veterinary Clinic and operate on animals. Check that. Should go back to Mechanicall Engineering. No doubt brilliant but uncaring. Agility Orthopedics is simply a money mill. Stay away!
I had a dislocated shoulder issue from years ago adn was having pain. Dr. Anderson took care of it the best it has ever been and he controlled the pain very efficiently as well as PT.
Friendly, thoughtful, thorough, helpful
She is so thorough and makes sure you know exactly what is going on. So friendly too!
Pleasant and professional
I met Dr. Byrne when he treated my daughter several years ago. She broke her ankle playing softball and needed surgery as a result. He treated her very quickly and effectively and her recovery was rapid and lasting. His quiet, easy-going manner was perfect for gaining my daughter's trust and he provided a sort of calming effect after the trauma she had just experienced. Dr. Byrne came highly recommended by a friend and I'm so glad I took her advice and brought my daughter to him.
Fantastic surgeon. My ACL repair, shoulder Librium repair and cubital tunnel surgery were extremely successful. All pain was alleviated and function recovered after post-PT.

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