When I first saw it help for anxiety and depression in grad school, he was the college psych. He immediately threw me on a large cocktail of advanced drugs: clonazepam and Zoloft. I was on this cocktail for years until another doctor Exclaimed with concern over the doses, mixture and duration. It took me years to get off those drugs. I spent much of my early 20s in a zombie like state for nothing. I am on much more effective medications now. He also wasn't very nice.
Dr. Zaghloul is very easy to talk to, understanding and concerned,but not pushy or judgemental. I've been seeing him for around a year now and am usually very anxious about talking to anyone about what I feel,but he reads people very well and definitely makes me feel comfortable opening up. I've seen a counselor before who was just too bubbly and made me feel like I was thinking and feeling the wrong way. He is also great with prescriptions and getting them out in a timely manner,which is great.
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