I was a patient of Dr. Bush when he practiced in Boston. I was in a diagnosis quandry. I have never forgotten how quickly he reacted when I suddenly could not walk. That the neurologist who saw me diminished my symptoms. It was difficult, to put it mildly, While MS is difficult to diagnose, insulting a patient personally is not professional. I wasn't an easy patient, in retrospect. I am thankful at least one doctor, Dr. Bush, to treat me with respect. Also, I quit smoking on 1-23-1989!
I find Jessica to be very helpful and very good at figuring out the best treatment and solution that is best for you. Especially when I broke my leg and had 5 surgery's every issue that occurred she was able to come up with and execute a comfortable and carefree solution that best fit my needs and concerns at that time.
Awesome doctor today was my first appt with her. She is very understanding and willing to listen. She didn't treat me as if I was just another patient.

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