Sara Rourke is a brilliant clinician. She has an understanding of substance abuse that is extraordinary. She calls it like she sees it and can be blunt but is always caring and supportive.
Dr. Rourke is an excellent practitioner. She listens and makes you feel like you're working as a team to solve health issues. Her staff are excellent at keeping you informed about test results as well.
So glad I chose him for my son before birth. He was my four grown nephews' doctor since the late 80's and early 90s. He was our family doctor for our children. We will miss him. So sad he is gone as my son's pcp. He always had this knack for knowing a head of time when something was to alerted or needed attention. He respected our homeopathic and natural lifestyle. And would give us natural remedies before attempting any pharmaceutical remedies.
Dr Rourke is a brilliant doctor, but lacks good listening skills, can be rude & obnoxious when it isn't warranted. Telling a patient each time they come how badly they reek of cigarette smoke (showered & clean clothes) & that even a box of insulin which is kept in the fridge reeks of cigarette smoke isn't conducive to getting a person to quit smoking & is why I quit seeing her. In reading her notes after I quit I saw how many times she totally had no clue what I was trying to explain to her.
Awesome Doctor, wish we had had him longer. He is extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, caring and professional. Best Doctor in a very long time. Always appropriate and asks pertinent questions very informative and helpful.
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