Best Anesthesiologist ever. She made me sleep like I was in my own bed.
He showes empathy with patients and families. Very friendly, he is a person who shows pasion for pediatrics. You can tell he enjoys and love what he is doing. He is a teaching fellow, his expertice is in children weight and obesity. He is a promoter of healthy eating in children. I trust him with my kids, he is just amazing!
Too awful for words
Dr. Choi identified a life threatening situation with my son and reacted quickly which saved his life. He explained what was happening to keep us informed with the greatest level of compassion in an extremely tense time. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I can never thank him enough for what he has done.
I would recommend Dr. Chao to anyone. she is very attentive and goes above and beyond to help even when is not her issue. I feel safe with her being my daugther's neurologist and she is a God sent.
Dr. Duffy took so much time with my family to explain my granddaughter's neurological problems. I was not only impressed by his knowledge but by the person he is. He cares about his patients very deeply. In fact he is the only Neurologist in this country that I completely trust. He is not only caring, he is brilliant!
We had the pleasure of working with Dr. Fiechtner through The Raising Healthy Hearts Program at MassGen Children's Hospital. A great experience in quality of care and service. Knowledgeable, listener and transparent. Genuine and authentic.
Unsure of her diagnosis!Could not come up with a solid treatment plan for my baby!She just added more stress and anxiety to me and my spouse regarding my baby's condition!Will never recommend!
We know Dr.Henderson since 4 years for my son's treatment on CRMO condition. She always responds to our concerns by phone, email in case of emergency. Very kind hearted and responsible person. She has lot of patience to listen and answer all our concerns and helped us to make decision on choosing right medicine. I can say more than the doctor, she is well wisher of my son. We relocated to India and we still are able to talk to her and reach her for any queries.
We chose Dr. Ganor for our daughter's surgery after meeting five other Microsurgeons. He was the only one who laid out for us a full picture with four different surgical options, each had its pros and cons. He spent over an hour with us. Most importantly, of course: We are extremely happy with the result of the surgery, both aesthetically and the smooth recovery. In the weeks before and after the operation, Dr. Ganor personally kept in touch with us for all concerns. He was so good with our chi
We found Dr Furutani to not only inspire confidence in her knowledge, but also to be curteous, compassionate, and so kind. She treated our son for anemia and we really appreciated her not being an alarmist- our first visit we expected to receive a slew of "possible diagnoses" but she wanted to have full review of his labs before delving too deeply on all the potential diagnosis. She took her time with us and with our son. She was very prompt in calling each time with results.
Outstanding surgeon. Nice and caring.
Really knowledgeable and extremely caring with our infant- would definitely recommend him!
Dr. Ervin is a budding superstar. Of the dozens of residents my son has encountered at Boston Childrens, he is by far the finest. He was able to discern and communicate two key issues with my sons health after the attending, fellows and neurology team should have. He is personable, sincere, and brilliant in a way that parents will covet. Special.
I love Dr. Joseph.I pray that when I conceive again that she can deliver my baby. Brigham and Women's hospital has the best doctors for women.
Arrogant, and unreasonable. I think he was more interested in pursuing Munchhausen then treating my daughter's illness... never again for this doctor! Parents, beware...
Dr. Kissane tops the chart with caring compassion and communication! On time with appointments and surgery. Above and beyond expectations.
Dr. Kissane took the time to explain the procedure thoroughly and responded to questions with respect. She appeared to be quite knowledgeable and experienced.
Kind, straightforward, and practical for dealing with a cut. We were out in less than one hour.
Very pleasant experience. Office staff was professional and helpful on the phone. I arrived 15 minutes before my appointment and was seen in a timely fashion. Dr. Basheer sat down and explained things to us thoroughly and informed us of our options, surgical and non-surgical. He did not pressure us to make a decision and told us to go home and think about things we discussed and to call the office when ready. Highly satisfied with the care I got. A. Sanderson
Great manners and very professional.
She is the best very knowledgeable and confident. Totally recommend for any parents with kids having gastrointestinal issues
Dr Lo is an amazing Doctor & has provided exceptional care to my 5yr old. She really cares about her patients & continuously checks in. Even when we don't have an appointment she calls & is always checking her records to keep up with the results from different tests & doctors. She's also the first doctor that has finally provided an option to what might be the problem; we're still in process of determining if it. I highly recommend her and am glad that my daughter is under her care
A former colleague recommended Dr. Midura to me. We'd have an excellent experience with Dr. Midura - she is never rushed, always cheerful, and very responsive to questions that we've asked over several emails. Based on our experience over the last 7 months, we can confidently say that we trust her medical advice and judgment. PS - Our 7-month-old seems to like the environment of the office, even during vaccinations, which is great!
My experience with this doctor was not great. She straight out said that she did not want to run allergy tests on my child because I might remove foods based on false positives. I assume she said this because I was asking about the possible impacts of gluten and casein on my toddler who is on the spectrum and suffers from GI issues.
Kind and comprehensive professional with excellent technical knowledge and good thorough explanations.
Dr. Midura is absolutely amazing. Wonderful bed-side manner, fabulous energy. The children love her. She really puts parents' minds at ease. She is not a pushy or judgemental physician, not at all. You can't he wrong choosing her as a pediatrician.
Dr. Midurra talks down to parents as if they were the kids she is supposed to be treating. Additionally, Dr. Midurra was entirely non-responsive to any of the concerns I voiced about my child.
changed her as my daughter's peditrician after many trips and unanswered questions.. My daughter was always fussy and seemed uncomfortable .. Dr midura always said its colick she will outgrow it by 3 months... My daughter started having mucuous in stool and I took a stool sample to the office and it was not tested! The last visit we had with her, she seemed annoyed and brushed me off like I am a first time mom and I don't know what I am doing... Once I took my daughter to a new doctor, he diagno
I was concerned with my infant son's recovery after a head injury. As I was worried about a possible Absence Seizure. I feel Dr. MILLER took all the proper precautions necessary to ensure my son's wellbeing and recovery. I was very satisfied with the concern and compassion he showed towards my son, and I. I feel safe in saying that we were in best place, with the best knowledge in the country. I am thankful for Dr. MILLER and the staff at Boston Childrens Hospital Emergency Dept.12/26/2015
I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Rodan. He is smart, thorough, patient, and caring. He made a proper diagnosis of a very rare disease that had been a mystery to numerous other experts.
I feel bad for you that you do not know how to be nice. I hope to never come in contact with you as a doctor. I would NOT want your help. You should learn some manners.
Dr. Wang is one of the few doctors who has carefully listened to my illness narrative and who has validated my experiences. He is very empathetic and does not end the appointment until I have all my questions answered. My wait times with him have also been very short.
The staff member at the Hasbro checkout desk is extremely rude and unfriendly.
Does not listen to parents. Made a frivolous referral the first time she even met my child. Of course, the specialist stated it was unesessary to bring the child back and that they see saw no reason to have made a referral to them.
Dr Okawa addressed all of my child's concerns and took the time to explain his condition and treatment plan. I highly recommend.
Dr. Okawa has wonderful bedside manner and was attentive to my son.
She had great bedside manner and was also very knowledgeable. I appreciate that she actually took time to ask the right questions and take the right course of action for us, rather than just give us some cookie cutter solution.
Dr Okawa have us waited for half an hour before showing u. She is in a rush, and did not address many of our concerns and worries. If you are a first time parent, definitely avoid her as she shows no empathy towards the pain of babies. I definitely will switch to a different pediatrician for better service.
Haitian Creole

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