I worked with Dr Agrawal recently at a stay at Brigham's for my Kidney Clots, he was without a doubt one of the best Doctors, Took charge, got things done, explained things well, went beyond to make sure i was taken care of AFTER leaving the hospital. Don McEachern
Dr. Aranki performed my surgery. I had my aortic valve replaced and my aortic root replaced and repaired. Thank you for saving my life Dr. Aranki. I came from Florida to the Brigham. Ps.. my room at the Brigham was amazing!!It was huge. The ICU nurse who sat by me all night long was incredible. I always felt safe. I highly recommend Dr. Aranki and the Brigham. Thank you. Michelle from Florida
Dr Ard is awesome!
Do not see this doctor he does not know what he is doing. he is no help and second too young to understand the depth of helping someone live. he lies lies lies, please stay away from him he will order lumbar punctures that make you hurt for months later never returns calls, won't prescribe medication you already have been taking for years. he will lead you to our grave
Professional, knowledgeable, and approachable with strong clinical skills -- Dr. Ard got me fixed right up!
He cares about his patients, tracks them closely, and is easy to talk to.
He is knowledgeable and is easy to talk to.
Dr. Barbieri is an incredible doctor who took time to get to know me, educate me and discuss options for treatment moving forward. As a young person who struggles with incredibly painful periods he was patient and understanding to why I would seek a specialist. When I received concerning test results he took time on his vacation to call me to discuss these results in effort to ease my anxiety. I cannot say enough good things about this man.
considerably poor experience. He really had zero bedside manner. He didnt share a lot about himself and it didnt feel like he cared if we connected. He seemed really in a rush. He didnt ask many questions that were really relevant to me. All he seemed to be up for was medicating me and not connecting or anything like that. He didnt seem happy with what he was doing.
An awkward visit with a doctor who seemed more concerned with how he looked than who i was as a patient. Very abrupt, almost disrespectful disposition. I didnt have any connection with him and felt that he wasnt someone i could trust with dispensing medication. I wont return to him.
It looks like she's going thru difficult times. She got upset when I asked about what to eat to get better! This is a simple question every patient probably asks right? I am not taking it personal but won't be visiting her again.
Overall bad experience. She is kind of odd and not empathetic. More like a robot.. Easily gets angry. Several visits, many lab tests and still no result. Her bad attitude is actually what let me put my experience here.
Though this was a difficult time, Dr. Braunstein and the team (the best nurses and therapists!) made it much easier.
Very smart and professional while patient and non-judgmental.
Superb. This doctor is thoughtful and was caring. I trust him with his medical expertise as well as his consideration for patient's well-being.
Mass General was a remarkable place to receive my cancer treatment and the staff were caring and excellent throughout. Treatments are coordinated by a whole team and Dr. Braunstein was terrific, thoughtful and kind.
Dr. Kurtz is wise beyond her years. Caring, professional, bright and, perhaps most important dedicated and committed to helping others. Is she infallible? No. But I would trust her with the care of any loved one.
Dr Kurtz ignored my two critical and written Mayo Clinic of Rochester diagnosis which has put my health and safety in jeopardy several times, including one Emergency Room trip after a test disabled my ability to speak or move and the ER doctors didn't know all I needed was to restore critical oxygen levels to my brain.
He is now arguably the best internist in Boston.
Dr Oser is the best hematology doctor you could find! He is excellent, kind, caring and a real listener. If you have concerns he will answer them. He cured my dad along with Dr. Jacobsen and we are so grateful.
Just relocated from Chicago and treated with an incredible team at UCMC. Dr Meisel is an incredible dr and I am thrilled to have transitioned to her care.
Dr. Meisel is the best Oncologist I have seen at Emory. She spends time explaining everything. Fell as though she genuinely cares for me as I didn't with my precious oncologist at Emory. Emory is lucky to have this fine, young doctor. Amazing part is she takes the time to coordinate with all my other Emory doctors to ensure I have the best medical treatment that can be had.
She did an excellent job explaining my condition and detailing the treatment plan, and I felt 100% confident in her decisionmaking and her recommendations. She treated me with compassion and gave me hope. She is generous with her time, always calling me with results immediately and calling back when I have questions right away.
Dr. Meisel took her time listening to my concerns and came up with a plan of care that was easy to follow and that (thankfully) was very successful in treating my cancer. She always calls back immediately when I have questions and has an excellent staff that listens to all my concerns.
1st visit she was V. clearly in a rush .She interrupted me, literally did not let me finish sentences. I emphasized that my (worsening) injury was v. hypersensitive, needed to be v. gentle. She jabbed it hard, I screamed. She hadn't listened, hurt for days. No apology, My quads got suddenly weak;she didn't understand my fright. Became clear she felt I was overreacting --it was a 'trivial' side effect to my minor diagnosis tho it impacted my life a long time. Only 1st, pivitol, visit was rushed.
Upon meeting Dr. Belkin I was told that I needed to have an aortobifemoral bypass ( a major surgery). He was very straight forward with me about how I got this condition ( mostly from smoking), what the procedure entailed, length of hospital stay and recovery period. It definitely scared me but I could tell right then that he was the Dr. I wanted to do the procedure. Surgery done 9/8/16 follow up 11/3/16 doing great, blood flow restored to legs, no pain from walking! Thank you Dr Belkin!!
On January 4, 2017 I passed out while leaving MGH. At the time I had an implanted heart monitor from Medtronics. I was rushed to the Emergency Room. Dr. Churchill was able to determine the problem. He spent a considerable amount of time with me and determined the reason I passed out. I hightly recommend Dr. Churchill.
Dr Choi was fantastic. Thorough, thoughtful, and patient. He explained everything fully, and took time to really listen to my concerns.
After waiting 1.5 years to schedule a neurology appointment due to severe temporal headaches, periodic episodes of sudden sleep onset, overall numbness, fatigue, and pain... Dr. Adam Chen not only left me with no diagnosis or direction on steps to reduce symptoms but also went as far as making me feel embarassed and discouraged to disclose my experiences. I was shocked at how a doctor made me feel stupid for my candidness and plead for help. The best he did was order a brain MRI and sent me away
Dr Cho preformed a thyroidectomy on me and she and her entire staff were absolutely wonderful. If you have to have thyroid surgery I highly recommend her. She did the incision in such a way that unless you look closely, you can barely se the scar
I've seen a number of GI Doctors over the last 5 years, in an attempt to get to the bottom of my bothersome digestive disorder, which nobody seems to be able to accurately diagnose or treat. Finally. Dr, Chan has identified the problem and recommended the treatment. What a terrific man. Dr. Chan is insightful, through, patient and explanatory. I am really pleased to have found him to be my Physician.
Dr. Edwards possesses the education, experience and training to perform anesthesia. My recovery has been spectacular and far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Edwards was amazing about going over all my options, general anesthesia vs regional anesthesia. He took the time to make sure this is what I really wanted to do. All of my questions were answered ahead of time, everything was as expected.
She saved my life. I'll never forget what she and her staff did for me at BWH.
Very difficult to reach. She seems indifferent to your medical issues. She tends to stretch the truth and does not acknowledge what you need when you ask. Very disappointed & I will not be returning to her practice.
Excellent bedside manner, thorough, explains procedures clearly and concisely.
Dr. Foer spoke down to me, as if I was unable to understand her. Very condescending & did not give any medical advise. Too much time in office - talking & her inferences were subtle and not accurate. Also, introduced to another doctor & they seemed to be having a grand time talking about their practice. Am seeking other medical professional; maybe she's too young to deal with patients effectively. Waste of time.
She is great. She took more than an hour to discuss my condition and seemed to be truly care about her patients.
I informed this doctor that my steroid meds were causing me to be very agitated so she prescribed more steroids. I became even more agitated because of this and called her office. Her nurse was not very compassionate about my situation and I got upset. The doctor fired me because of this. The nurse should be able to handle these kinds of reactions to medications. I was sick and very fatigued which was never looked into. I had gas poisoning and could of died. Agitation is a side effect.
Dr Gates saved my husbands life. After many leaks from AAA surgery that was done in Florida, Dr. Gates successfully performed the surgery two years later in Boston. No leaks since and he is enjoying life in good health.
The best one. We trust him
Dr. Gandy is very helpful and really spends time with you and your concerns. I would definitely recommend. She is very repsonsive to your needs.
She is knowledgeable, friendly, very easy to talk to. Great bedside mannor.
She pressured me into taking a medication that I was uncomfortable taking after explaining my reservations. Made me feel incompetent, judged, and bullied into this prescription. I expressed concerns with the resident at the time via email. Overall horrible experience and would not recommend Dr. Nivedita Restaino (formerly Ghosh). Doctors are supposed to make patients feel safe and supported, I felt humiliated after leaving my appointment with her.
Dr. Ghatan performed an in and out surgery for me November 2016 and she was awesome! Dr. Ghatan was attentive, informative, and professional. Appreciate the follow-up given by her after the procedure as well as the outstanding customer service I receive daily when communicating with her regarding other concerns.
Dr. Goodman is an excellent physician! He thorough and knowledgeable and explains everything so that I leave knowing the complete details of my condition. He has an excellent bedside manner. He is friendly and polite and a pleasure to talk to. I would travel from another state over 100 miles because I trust him.
Kind and excellent bedside manor, we loved Dr. Nick during our radiation treatments! Always took the time to explain!
For the first time in 30 years I have finally found the perfect doctor. Dr Freniere is , caring, great diagnostician, my list goes on. She follows through immediately with any results and wears a smile on her face ALL the time. She is approachable and brilliant. It can take me up to one hour to get into Boston, but that is NOT a deterrent. It was my lucky day when DR. Yialamas recommended her. I couldn't be more confident in this dr and her staff. when busy she gives up her lunch for me!!!
1) She failed to diagnose or treat the problem I came in with. 2) She was not well-informed about the condition I was experiencing, and clearly did NOT take the time to look up any information that would have helped her to actually make an accurate diagnosis. 3) She crossed a line by blatantly calling me a liar, rudely. She said that "we saw you walk in here", when I have not been able to do more than limp or hobble due to extreme pain for 3 days. Truly appalling behavior and careless work.
Dr. Hwang is a very good and personable doctor. He made me feel comfortable, He listens, and is very thorough when it came to explaining my diagnosis/results when I was in the E.R. Thank you Dr. Hwang! Keep up the great work! ~Zora C
We were visitng our son and his family in Boston, we are from a little town in Wisconsin. Two days before we were suppose to leave, my husband became seriouly ill. He was at Brigham and Woman's Hospital and had Dr. Lang as one of his doctors. Besides being a compassionate, attentive doctor, we felt we got the best possible medical. Dr. Lang, we felt, treated my husband Mike, with the best medical treatment possible, for his condition. He made sure my husband had a postive outcome.
Very caring and professional, someone who makes you feel cared for, Im very satisfied with Dr Lau
Dr. Issa is the kindest most compassionate dr Ive ever had. I email frequently (sorry!) with medication requests and questions and he gets back to me asap. He is very smart, he knows about all my meds, and you get the feeling that he genuinely cares. I see him at Brigham and Women's Pain Management in Chestnut Hill. In a world where you have to fight for yourself to get good care, Dr. Issa is a breath of fresh air. He listens, he cares, he knows. He's just the best.
Wonderful. Definitely recommend.
Excellent doctor. Kind and caring, highly recommend.
Found this doctor after a bad experience with another psychiatrist. Very easy going, kind and knows his stuff!
Extremely knowledable and very intelligent. Knows everything about medications and he listens and answers any and all questions I may have at the time. Spends a good amount of time with me at each of my appointments. If your looking for a smart and compassionate doctor, give this one a chance. You won't regret it.
Great doctor!! He really listens to your problems without judgment. I'm a pain patient and he has a lot of empathy. I feel blessed to have found him. Highly recommend!!
Very disappointing felt worse than better
Dr. Ko has been so wonderful, has demonstrated solidarity, presented information in an easy manner and has been accessible. She is providing and accompanying me and my family through an intense breast cancer treatment. I would choose no other!
Met with Dr. Molly Plovanich on West Roxbury campus with highly successful diagnosis and treatment prescription, extremely thorough in evaluation
After 2 years of being treated by Dr. Hartman, I have the utmost respect for her skill as a medical practitioner and remain impressed with her exceptional patient care. Compassionate, yet professional she stands out in her field.
Dr. Hartman was excellent at taking the appropriate time and quality of explanation of my skin situation. Although I wasn't nervous, I thought she was extra sensitive to people who may be and had a very calming affect. She performed all procedures with precision and confidence, again, in a very calming way. I would trust her judgement and seek her advice on other medical matters.
I met Dr. Lu for the first time recently after he performed emergency spine surgery on me on 5/28/16 (due to an abcess from a staph infection). I was very very sick, and he saved my life. I can never adequately express how grateful I am for his brilliance and expertise in doing so. He is gracious, and humble and absolutely wonderful as a surgeon. I highly recommend him as a top-notch surgeon.
Incompetent Doctor who has no knowledge in the field of neurosurgery. He caused permanent nerve damage that can never be reversed. Go to someone else.
DR. Lu was focused and took his time to explain my surgery, the details and recovery. He sat down with me in the OR and never rushed making sure I understood and walked me through the the procedure. the OR staff was reassuring and I felt in capable hands. I would recommend Dr Lu and his staff. I was however very disappointed with your nursing staff and did not feel I was taken care of. You needed more help and pain medication was always LATE. The nursing staff was rushed and no hands on care.
I do highly recommend DR. Yi LU I'VE experienced about 20 years of my life with back problems and due to an accident back in July 14 2015 I got worse couldn't function on my own my arms we're numb my right leg was numb and always in pain I had basically no life until dr. Lu proceeded to do the first surgery back in January 11th on my neck second surgery inn April 5th and now I'm recuperating thanks to dr.Lu for taking care of me and a special thanks to Karissa and Erica THANKS
He is very pleasant, knowledgeable, and experienced.
He performed an extremely difficult surgery sucessfully. He collaborated with numerous other surgeons and oncologists before proceeding with surgery and kept us informed about my condition and possible outcomes. He was extremely professional throughout diagnosis and surgery. His very wide smile when he came into the recovery room said it all!
Dr. Lu explained the procedure before hand and was honest about the length time to recover. During surgery he decided that what was expected and he had explained was not necessary. Consequently the surgery wasn't as extensive. His professionalism, training, and experience was exemplary.
Dr. Lu is caring and answered all my questions.
We met Dr. Lu 9/2015 when my husband needed emergency spinal surgery. The surgery corrected the problem and Dr. Lu called me when surgery was over and was very reassuring. At the follow up visit my husband had problems related to a subdural hematoma and Dr. Lu recommended surgery to correct it. The surgery was performed and was very successful. We found Dr. Lu to be very professional and caring. He has excellent reputation. We highly recommend Dr. Lu to anyone who needs neurosurgery.
We are very fortunate to have Dr. Nigrovic provide care to our daughter for juvenile arthritis at Boston Children's Hospital. He is considerate of our concerns and provides us with the information we need to make decisions that are right for our family. We are very pleased and have recommended him to friends.
I absolutely love Dr. Pocius. I've had poor experiences with GYN's in the past because the issues with my period I've been having my whole adult life aren't from a specific condition, and I went to 3 doctors who all seemed to think I was exaggerating. Dr. Pocius is the first doctor who really listened to me and validated that while we can't really pinpoint the exact problem, it's really happening to me and not in my head. I would recommend her highly to anyone who asked. She's been a lifesaver.
I went to see Dr. Pocius for an IUD consultation. During the consultation, she was very patient and attentive - she never made me feel rushed even though I asked her a thousand questions. Unfortunately, the IUD insertion did not go as planned - turns out my cervix was too tight. Dr. Pocius was very considerate and gave me alternatives. The whole process took a lot longer and I know she had a lot of patients waiting on her. I would highly recommend her.
Dr. Powe was attentive, knowledgeable, and compassionate. One of the best doctors who has ever handled my care.
Excellent, caring, skilled psychiatrist. I recommend him highly.
Comprehensive knowledge in areas of expertise and clear communication and easy assistance to another provider for areas outside of his expertise. Reliable, level-headed, intelligent, pleasant, compassionate, and understanding. Provides highest level of care in both individual appointments as well as recurring sessions.
Dr. Kevin Steiner is an amazing doctor. He totally impressed me with his knowledge of his department and compassion for me as his patient. He is one of the few doctors that took the time to get to know me and my situation and really seemed like he cared about me getting better instead of just the usual going through the motions. I completely trust and respect him and his medical opinion. Can't say enough great things about Dr. Steiner! I wish I could give him 10 stars!
Dr. Stergachis is one of the most caring and kind, thoughtful, and intelligent doctors I've ever known. He came downstairs to the ER when I was admitted there, just to make sure I was alright, even though he had a full day of appointments. Then, after his whole day was over, he came back down again to check on me before he left for the weekend. He is extremely knowledgeable about my disease, and very reassuring, but not in a condescending way. He shows me information and shares his reasoning.
One of the best experiences I have ever had with a doctor. Made me feel completely comfortable and most importantly didn't make me feel rushed. Really impressed by how amazing he is! Also his nurse asst was excellent as well! Completely normal people which made me feel so relaxed.
Dr Upadhyay is awesome! She removed my wife's vestibular schwannoma. She explained everything & sat with us until all questions were answered. She gave us full confidence going into surgery & everything went as she said. After 12 hour surgery ended at 9:30pm she still came by to check on my wife at 11:30pm! She also checked every day. She has a great combination of expertise and personality. We like her so much, it was like talking w/your best friend who happens to be a great brain surgeon!
My experience with Dr. Tullius was above average. Beyond being an expert in his field, his attentiveness and listening skills were amazing. He really made me feel that I was the only patient and responsibility that he had. From a kidney donors perspective. Healthy and fit. Choosing to take a risk. I can't imagine having a doctor perform such a surgery that has not been educated and influenced by Dr Tullius.
Dr. Loeb is my husbands doctor. He is very thorough and returns calls, updates on labs and an all around great doctor.
My husband was operated on for a quadruple bypass eight years ago by Dr. Rizzo. He remains in excellent health and I credit Dr. Rizzo. His expertise, bed-side manner and follow-up were extraordinary and we couldn't have been happier with the results. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing any heart surgery.
Excellant had two major surgies. Took excellant care of me if it wasn't for him i would not be here.
Very good experience at initial office visit. Professional behavior but very personable. Answered all questions so I could easily understand. Looking forward to a good doctor/patient relationship.
Dr. Ruff was one of several doctors following my care at the Brigham & Womens Hospital pre and post surgery for a Cardiac Bypass Surgery. What struck me about his unprofessional demeanor was he he suggested to me that I find another hospital?? what is this arrogant doc saying?? If he had said this pre-operation Idefinitely wouldn't have been operated on there. He chuckled with the other Cardiac resident when rounding seeing me in the hospital. I would not receommend Dr. Ruff.
the very worst Doctor I have EVER come in contact with...not only did she not answer any of my concerns face to face...she never called me back.... just completely left me hanging...never contacted me or responded to my P.C.P...Never heard from her again..From my experience with her..... she should not be practicing medicine....
Dr Rubin has always been very forthcoming and has always taken outside opinions into consideration to give me the best recovery possible. I have never had a doctor more invested in my care. I would highly recommend him!
Made a very comfortable environment.
Hi caring spirit and honesty A+. i have foot club on my left unkle fom childhood. with age my pain become unbearal and decided to look for surgical. Two different senior Doctors recomended him. Result after surgery: Now I can walk with minimal pain and with a better gait on short distances. At the age of 55, he did ten complecated surgical procedures. O am glad hi my surgen
He ultimately performed surgery which resolved my injury but the wait time at every visit is an hour or more.
The best!!!
He was called to see my Mom a inpatient 1st experience at Brigham and Women's Hospital,during late NIGHT to early am as she had been experiencing several muscle ? spasms of her upper arms and shoulders as well as change in her mental status ,quite a change from her baseline! Upon his first Few minutes of seeing her ,asking questions and most importantly, LISTENING, he knew exactly. what was wrong and educated myself, pt's daughter and staff. He reassured Mom had MYOKYMIA
Dr Wunsch was excellent she was very detailed and showed real concern. Her compassion for her patients was evident. I highly recommend her!!
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Penile Implants
Peripheral Angiograms
Peyronie'S Disease Injection Therapy
Pituitary Gland Tumor Excision
Preimplantion Genetic Diagnosis (Pgd)
Prostatectomy With Robotic Assistance
Psychiatric Medication Therapy
Psychological Testing
Pulmonary Valve Surgery
Removal Or Destruction Of Rectal Or Intestinal Tumor (Incl. Colonoscopy, Proctosigmoidoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy And Control Of Hemorrhage)
Renal Artery Angioplasty
Repair Intracranial Aneurysm
Repair Of Retinal Detachment Or Retinal Tear
Resection Of Cardiac Tumor
Reverse Total Shoulder And Total Shoulder Replacement
Rotator Cuff Surgery
Shoulder Dislocation Treatment
Skin Grafts
Spinal Compression Fracture Repair
Spinal Cord Stimulation
Spinal Fusion
Spinal Reconstructive Surgery For Deformities
Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Synovial Biopsy
Thyroid Lobectomy
Thyroid Screening
Thyroid Surgery
Thyroidectomy Or Thyroid Lobectomy
Total Cystectomy With Robotic Assistance
Trigger Finger Release
Umbilical Or Ventral Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic
Urethral Dilation
Urinary Bladder Reconstruction With Robotic Assistance
Urinary Stone Removal (Litholapaxy)
Vaginosis Screening
Varicose Vein Procedure
Ventricular Assist Device
Vitreoretinal Surgery
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