Dr. C is very thorough in her examination and very attentive to what you are saying and asks good questions. I was ecstatic that she listened and did tests to confirm that I wasn't making up my problems, contrary to what a previous doctor said. It did take time to get in to see her but I had figured I waited years so what was a couple more months- well worth the wait.
Dr. Velu is a fantastic Doctor. She is knowledgable and also personable! Definitely the best GP that I've ever had!
I love *Dr. Velu. She is a lovely person and a great doctor.
Dr. Velu is a masterful physician. When she meets with patients she makes you feel as though you are her ONLY priority. She takes time to explain - and time to listen. I would highly recommend her to anyone, male or female. She is also my wife's Primary Care Physician and she feels the same way I do. He staff is equally as efficient and friendly.

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