I had my sleeve done in June 2017. Less than 4 weeks later I get a call that he is gone. Anybody know what happened to him
Doctor Mark Dominguez Is The Best I had Gastric Sleeve and recently Gall Bladder Surgery .i have had almost no pain and Nice looking scars that look like they will disappear in time .Very Strick and Caring Doctor ..If You Need a Surgeon. Doctor Mark Dominguez Is Number #1 to Me.
Dr.Dominguez did my sleeve surgery on 5/30/17 very friendly and professional. The morning of surgery he came and sat with me as we waited for the Anesthesiologist. It was nothing but laughs and great conversation. Which made me very comfortable with him. His office staff is beyond amazing and always responds within 5-10 minutes. I couldn't have chosen a better DR.
My surgery is set for 6/6/17.... First Impressions is everything! Dr. Dominguez revised my information in the Myochsner portal b/c I had a lot of the footwork done due to the fact that Dr.Gridley of Slidell had been leading me to a dead end road.... Dr. Gridley used a Dr. Now Approach w/ me But Dr. Dominguez was straight to the point and could sense my determination in hindsight that's how he gained my trust! It is pertinent to have a connection w/ your surgeon and I felt just that. After all...
Dr. Caillouet performed a routine appendectomy on my daughter and botched it. Worse, she blamed my daughter, claiming that my daughter's bladder was "in the wrong place." This was clearly untrue (the Chief of Urology at Tulane said so). She was unable to apologize for her error and petty enough to try to trick a 13-year old into thinking there was something wrong with her body. Anyone can make a surgical error, but it takes a pretty terrible doctor to blame that error on a child.
Awesome, I had a big chunk of wood (big splinter) in my hand. Trying to avoid the emergency room I went to the after hour clinic only to hear them say I needed to go to the hospital. I wasn't doing that so I got online and found the first surgeon I could find, Dr. Ludwig Heintz. I was able to make an appointment for the next day. In less than an hour I was processed, the wood was out of my hand and I was on the road back home. Him & his entire team was awesome. Oh great looking nurse too.
Upon meeting Dr. Dominguez for the first time I felt very comfortable and confident with trusting him to do my weight loss surgery. He is a very confident individual that makes you feel at ease. Overall I am truly satisfied with the outcome of my surgery and the total experience with Dr. Dominguez.
I loved him and the staff... He has changed my life for the better!!! He has a fun personality!!! I didn't know him and I trusted him and he did what he does best....
This doctor performed my VGS 10/28/16, he was awesome at each visit and during my hospital stay. I loved the staff at the office and would highly recommend him.
Dr. Jones is amazing. He is so easy-going and has such great bedside manner. He made our son feel very comfortable and calmed his fear of surgery. He was on time the next morning and made getting ready for surgery quite easy. We were so lucky to be have him as the oncall surgeon for our son's surgery. Thanks Dr. Jones!
Dr. Dominguez did 4 procedures on me. 2 were in hospital and the other 2 were out patient. He has awesome bedside manners. When I was upset with what was going on with me, he could always make me laugh and talk me through it. He always took his time with me and answered all my questions. Would absolutely recommend him and if i ever need a general surgeon again I would go back to him. With that being said Thank you Dr. Mark Dominguez for all that you did for me! Your Awesome!
Dr. Dominguez help me change my life
Went to Emergency Room at hospital and had to have an emergency appendectomy. Did not know Dr Dominguez. He was professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Made me feel at ease with the surgery. Would highly recommend
The VA Medical Clinic, referred me to Dr. Heintz. Dr. Heintz addressed my test results as well as my concerns with care and professionalism. I left feeling at ease.
Dr. Dominguez is an amazing surgeon. He was caring, considerate and made me feel at ease with my surgery. His office staff was wonderful. I am completely satisfied with Dr. Dominguez and highly recommend him.
Saved my life~ Captured Dr. Dominguez from reference of Dr. Russell Wardlaw! It's been 8 years, since my gastro sleeve. Compassion Spectacular. Medical Direct breakdown on pre-during and after operation. Still star struck, by the top of the line health care Dr. Dominquez shared with me.~ Cherie Munster, Covington, Louisiana
The office staff is very friendly and accommodating . I received an office appt. 1 week after calling about my problem. During the visit, Dr. Heintz was thorough, professional and caring. He allowed plenty of time to discuss all of the issues that concerned me. He also made sure that I had a clear understanding of the surgery and recovery period. The surgery was scheduled for the following week and everything went according to plan. I'm now recovering very well.
I had my vertical sleeve surgery done June 22,2016 by Dr. Dominguez and it was the best experience ever. I felt at ease and he was very cordial and compassionate and answered all of my questions. He is an amazing person all around and it was a blessing for him to be a part of my new walk in life!!
Dr. Dominguez is very nice and professional. He is so down to earth. He listened and then gave medical advice. I felt as though he cared. He explained my procedure in detail and reassured me that I would be fine. He made me feel comfortable enough to ask any question. He is very knowledgable and confident for being a younger doctor. He has already performed surgery on my sister. Therefore I highly recommend him. In a few weeks he will perform surgery on me.
Discourages questions, dismisses client's concerns.
Very I had a very good experience with the doctor Dominguez that did my surgery I had no problems with the healing even after surgery no problems I ain't had no problems swallowing no pain the only pain I have is arthritis a lot of pain that's nothing to do with the surgery I was out of the hospital 23 hours from surgery I know I joined a support group on Facebook and all these people are showing all their bruises and marks from the hospital I come home with no marks thank you dr. Dominguez
This man is the TRUTH!!!! Surgical Excellence at its finest! He performed a Gastric Sleeve procedure on me on 3/22/2016.He was so professional from start to finish. He is very thorough in explaining everything to you. He is very relatable and I would reccomend him wholeheartedly. He was involved every step of the way and his staff is the best. I had a wonderful experience with his team!!! No Regrets!
Dr carpenter did a colon resection for me a year ago and I had fantastic care. It was an emergency and totally unexpected. My recovery was excellent because he took such great care of me
Dr. Dominguez is amazing. I am almost 3 years post gastric sleeve and doing great. I have sent several friends to see him and he worked his magic on them as well !!
Very personable! Warm and caring.
I absolutely love Dr.Dominguez!!! He is easy to talk to and was very thorough in the hospital...
Dr. Dominguez did my brothers appendectomy about 3-4 years ago. The surgery went smoothly and very successful. He was very friendly and knew exactly what he was saying.
I initially went to Dr. D for weight loss surgery. He is always friendly and professional. He was the first doctor to look at me and see me...not the obese person I had become. I still drive the 2 hours to see him instead of a local doctor for my gi issues!
I felt at ease with Dr. Jones, and he explained the procedure very well. I experienced NO pain, have been wearing it for seven months without a problem.

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