My first visit he did all of the standard neurology tests and decided to put me on Topamax twice per day, and refer me to Dr. Zeibo for sleep apnea. After that, all he'd do was walk in, check my reflexes, say it looked good and walk out in less than 5 minutes. When I went in complaining that the Topamax wasn't working, causing me serious side effects and needed changing, HE REFUSED to do ANYTHING for me when I told him I couldn't do CPAP therapy for causing worse headache. DO NOT GO TO THIS MAN!
I recommend this neurologist to anyone with cerebrovascular disease. He will do a battery of tests on his patient to determine what the disease is defined as and the next step to taking care of yourself. I am very satisfied with this doctor in the way he handled my problem and helped me to understand what exactly it was that he saw on my MRI. This is a very knowledgeable doctor and he makes me feel like I'm in good hands.

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