He is the best doctor anyone could ever ask for. He has the perfect bedside manner any person could ask for.
He's very gentle and well explained to me.
If compassion, patience, reassurance and professionalism are qualities that you value in a physician, look no further. Dr. Waters is outstanding!
He's wonderful and compassionate. Best doctor I have ever had and I have had a few. Had a baby with major birth defect and he was so wonderful and held my hand every step of the way, gave me courage to deal with problem.
A friend recommended Dr Bertsch as I was searching for a new primary care physician. She was terrific. She took LOTS of time taking my medical history and discussing options for various concerns. She made recommendations I had not heard from other physicians. Highest recommendation!
Dr. Siegel is quickly becoming one of the most promising young physicians in New Orleans. Intelligent, friendly, and open-minded, he's unafraid of dealing with anything, which makes sense, given that he's being closely mentored by Christopher Lege, MD., a still very young, impressive looking (46 going on 36) but uncannily wise (46 going on 66), doc who has, himself, slowly and steadily built his career to the point where he is quite easily among the best and brightest medical minds in IM in NO.
I would not recommend Dr. Bertsch or this practice to anyone.
I'm 35 & Dr. Lepeyrolerie delivered my baby 10yrs ago. She's wonderful & I fully trust being in her care, she's respectful & informative. Even though I live on the West Bank, I still see Dr. Lapeyrolerie & when asked " who's a good OBGYN" that's exactly who I refer them to Dr.Lap.
Dr. Siegel is a gem of a physician. He takes the time to discuss your diagnoses as well as the different options to have as treatment, allowing you, the patient, to take the option that works best for you. He's funny, engaging and thorough. If you're looking for a physician, he's the one!
Dr. Jacob is the BEST there is when it comes to being a doctor. I love this man so much. He is very thorough and goes above and beyond for ALL his patients. He has an open dpot policy and his staff and his wife are AWESOME.
I have been a patient of Dr. Ross's for year and i couldn't ask for a better doctor. She is super sweet, very knowledgeable, listens to her patients, and works very well with her patients regarding treatments. Dr. Ross delivered all of my babies and she made each experience a very happy and memorable one. New Orleans and Touro are very lucky to have her.
I chose Dr. Perret because I wanted a natural delivery with an accomplished physician just in case anything went wrong. My experience during prenatal care was okay. Dr. Perret herself was always very warm and engaged. The downside was that she always ran very late. She was a no show when I delivered despite being on-call, which was very disappointing. I also didn't receive a follow-up call from her after the delivery to check on me or the baby. Overall, disappointing experience.
Great experience!! Straight to the point with me. Highly recommend
I've been going to Dr. Ross for several years now and have always been happy with her. She recently delivered my first child and I'm even more grateful for her now. She has a great bedside manner, is calm, always takes time to answer any questions, and she made the delivery process great. I was very impressed with her and her team.
She's a good listener. She doesn't not rush you through the office. She orders appropriate lands to help diagnosis your specific ailment. I will definetly recommend her.
Tisha is the first Midwife I've ever been to. I have to be honest I was a bit reluctant to have a midwife at the birth of my second child but Tisha turned out to be very smart caring and very knowledgeable in so many things. Turned my opinion and reluctance toward midwifes all the way around! Now I can't imagine not seeing a Midwife for any future births. I absolutely love having a midwife! Tisha is always available for any questions. The woman is so hard working and caring <3
Dr. Lapeyrolerie delivered my last 3 children and wouldn't want to go to anyone else. She listens to all of your concerns and answers every question. I absolutely love her. I really wish she would have delivered my first 2.
I have been a patient of Dr. Pais for a year now. She is awesome and has a wonderful bedtime manner. My initial visit with her, I was unstable and in crisis, so she meet with me in her office and listen to me as if she was a therapist. To top if off, which was the WOW factor for me she phoned me two days after this appointment to see how I was doing, which has never happen to me before.I knew she really cared and was concerned. It's definitely more than just a Job to her.
Been going to Dr. Bertsch for about 3 yrs. and have found her to be a good, caring, qualified physican that listens and is easy to talk with. I have never encountered any problems with scheduling, staff or time.
I love Dr. Perret but I do not love her staff. The admins make scheduling appointments, finding out results, or even talking to your doctor a process that can takes weeks or months. When I do get to talk to Dr. Perret, she is wonderful, but her gatekeepers have me looking for another doc.
Dr. Perret really took the time to get to know my husband and I. We weren't "just another patient" to her. We could tell that she truly cared. I'm grateful for her taking the time to check up on my family and I well after the usual round of post-natal visits, when we crossed paths at the hospital (I work there as well). I'm so grateful that I found my way into her practice.
Dr. Laguaite made me feel very comfortable by delivering care with great empathy and patience. She was very lucid in her explanations and made herself available for questions. Her nurse, Michelle, was also an exceptional health care provider and very knowledgeable. I had a great experience with this physician and her staff!
Dr.Lap is the best. She have been my OB for 15 years. She delivered 3 of my of my kids She made sure that I had a healthy and smooth pregnancy. I love my visits with her I feel like she is apart of our family.
She was so rude and impersonal. Her staff was also equally unfriendly and hardly ever returned my calls.
Cannot say enough good things about Dr Lap. She is one of few doctors in our area who is skilled in what most would consider "higher risk" deliveries. She is patient and has trust in a woman's body to do what they're made to do. There is typically a wait in her office but that is the nature of having an excellent OB. I've had an unmediated twin vbac delivery and an unmediated singleton vbac delivery with her and she always trusted my body and encouraged the delivery I wanted.
I had been a patient for many years (at least 7 maybe closer to 10 yrs) and in the beginning she was calm, kind, and had great bedside manner. However over the years she has turned into a a rude person who has no time for you. Her staff has taken on the same attitude. Plus a minimum of 2 hour wait. I recommend you find a new Dr or don't use her at all. I went to my new doctor today and it was like night and day the differences in staff behavior & how the Dr spoke to me and cared about my health.
The wait is ridiculous for the 5 mins that the doctor spends with you.
Tisha is the kindest, most compassionate caregiver I have experienced in a long time. She loves her work and is always available if you need her, or just want to ask a question. She calms any fears you may have and works with you closely to plan the birth you desire. She is very respectful about any situation and tries her best to
One of the best doctors! Strict about patients health and babies health. Good for high risk patients too. Nice nurses! Answers all my questions.
Genuine & non judgmental. Great relief. Very smart & top physician & nice to know he can you ease your anxiety.
Dr. Lapeyrolerie is a horrible human being. She does not have a good bedside manner at all. She is rude and I would not recommend anyone to become her patient. She is smart and good at what she does, but has a horrible personality and talks down to you. She is not a nice person. I would not recommend her to my worst enemy. If you are currently a patient of hers, you have my deepest sympathy.
GOOD wait time and scheduling. She has horrific bedside manner. She was very condescending, asked inappropriate personal questions and generally made me feel like a piece of poop. I wish that I was more outspoken. She yelled at me for not knowing certain things, she's just awful. Don't do it.
Very sweet a nice
A "real" doctor in the sense that you are not a number or a revenue generator. Dr. Occhipinti cares. He listens to you and communicates with you so that he can understand your issues and what is the best way to mitigate those issues. Has helped me through all the hurdles after brain surgery.
DuTreil is a fantastic doctor. He took the time to answer my many questions. He wasn't pushy at all, and he made me feel very comfortable (mentally) during my pregnancy. I wish he could deliver all my children.
Dr. Lapeyrolerie was very in tune with my wants and needs. All of my phones calls were returned promptly. I had a high risk pregnancy, and she was very patient and knowledgeable of any of my concerns. Any time the wait was long, it was worth it because I knew she was delivering the babies of her patients or building a quality doctor-patient relationship with someone just like she did with me! When I needed an emergency cesarean she was there within minutes, and I expected nothing less.
Hemelt refused to view the results of a less than one week pelvic ct scan I received at another doctor. She requested a pelvis ultrasound then never contacted me for a follow-up even after I called. After a few days of pain, I called her emergency line at 5 am and never received a call back. Instead, the next day after dealing with a very unprofessional answering service, I was accused by Hemelt of calling her 3 times and basically told she couldn't give me drugs when I never asked for any.
Dr. Ross has provided me with top notch care for years. She is always open & honest about health care options & makes me feel comfortable in every decision we make. When I became pregnant, it was a no brainer so seek Dr. Ross for all of my prenatal & delivery care. She & her staff were kind and accommodating throughout my pregnancy. My delivery experience didn't go exactly according to plans, as these things rarely do, but I had every confidence in Dr. Ross. I strongly recommend her.
My experience with Dr. Pais was very pleasant and delightful. She is very knowledgeable, and explained everything to me about my condition. I would definitely recommend her to other family members and friends.
I have been her patient for over 20 years and feel incredibly comfortable with her and her decisions on my medical care. As my daughter came of age she also was a patient before she moved awau
I always wait for a significantly long period of time AFTER my scheduled time. It's not respectful of my time or me.
Dr. Lapeyrolerie is so calm, confident, wise, and direct in her care. She is exactly who I needed in the delivery room. Her care for you is evident as she does everything in her power to provide you the best and thorough care also considering your hopes and desires for how you hope your birth turns out. I was able to have the healing VBAC birth of my dreams because of her and the team at Touro. I'm still in awe. I have complete trust in her and will continue to see her and her team in the future
Tisha is one of the most kind, professional, and hard-working medical professionals I've ever met. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she truly cares about providing the best care and makes you feel like you're the only person in the world when she's with you. She took the time with me during all my prenatal visits, during labor and delivery, and post delivery during my recovery. I had the birth of my dreams because of her care and direction. I completely trust her and am so grateful for her.
I've been seeing Dr. Ross for almost 10 years. She give quick exams that are as comfortable as you can expect them to be. Dr. Ross is always happy to sit and answer questions and never makes me feel rushed. More recently, Dr. Ross has been exceptional during my first pregnancy and the early delivery of my daughter at 25 weeks. She has been very supportive and helpful during this scary time. She's an amazing doctor!
Dr. Pais is a well rounded physician for being such a young physician. She is caring, compassionate and invested in the well being of her patients. She was very thorough and went through my complete medical history to have an understanding of my past health related issues. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a relaxed and trustworthy physician.
Dr. Pais is the best physician I have ever seen. She is patient, understanding, and attentive and will go the extra mile to make sure that all of your needs are met. Her entire staff is also friendly and amazing.
Love Dr Peeper and His Nurses Amy and Ashley xoxo
Tisha Seghers has been a true blessing to our family, she has been by my side helping me with a miscarriage, even asking me to have the hospital call her and wake her at anytime of the night if I had any questions at all. She is a true example of what it is to love your job and advocate for those under your care. Tisha set the bar so high that I wish she did it all and covered every single specialty known to man. Her staff is amazing as well. Thank you Tisha for all you do for your patients!
She is thorough, compassionate and knowledgable, she treats her patients with outmost respect and kindness.
Dr. Ross has been my OBGYN for 11 years. I would recommend her to anyone. She creates an environment where you feel safe to open up and discuss any health concerns. She was amazingly supportive during my miscarriage, and the successful birth of my son. I couldn't have asked for a better experience through my labor and delivery with her and her team. She is through and very knowledgeable. She takes the time to explain things, and I felt like she always had my best interest in mind.
Dr Pais is just like all the other useless Physicians at Crescent City Physicians. STAY AWAY! I went in for a simple Healthy Discount for my insurance company. All that it asked for was two simple forms to be filled out by her and faxed it. WAAAAAY too difficult for this firm to handle. You expect staff at a Touro facility to not read, be rude, but from her also. Unacceptable. You went to Medical School. Please try and read. Furious.
My husband and I are very satisfied with the care, time and concerns shown by Dr. Occhipinti and his staff when we had our appointments. Dr. Occhipinti was very attentive to our health concerns. We feel confident that our healthcare is in good hands.
I have been to Dr. Lapeyrolerie 3 times, and I am 100% done. WITH an appointment, the wait time will still be 2-4 hours. (Yes, that says 4.) She may be busy, but then don't take on new patients. Train your staff on how to speak with patients. Don't diminish my concerns about my own body. Don't waste my time. I am busy too.
This is my second time at the office. The first time I waited for 2 hours in the waiting room and decided to reschedule. This time I have been here 2 hours finally made it to the exam room and still have not been seen. Can you imagine if someone was seriously wrong besides my annual checkup. This is ridiculous. Putting on my clothes and leaving
I love Dr. Lap. She has delivered both of my children. She is a very busy Dr. so you just have to have patience when it is time for your appointment.
Dr. Currie saved my life. When I returned to New Orleans, I was seing a different doctor. I missed Dr Currie's wonderful bedside manner so I returned. During the initial check-up, she asked the normal questions concerning my health, and I told her that I had made a decision - a mammogram ever 2 years (No hx of breast cancer) other doctors were ok with this dcision- Dr.Currie insisted that I go and had her nurse follow up.-. I was dx with early stage 2 bx cancer. Tx complete, doing fine now!
Love Dr Peeper he just have the worst nurses working for him!!
I love her as a Dr. but there is always a 2 hr or more wait no matter what time u go to her office. The staff never is on the same page.
Doctor was very hands on and explained everything

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