Finding Dr. Balette in a Google search for a Dr when I moved to this area was one of the best things that ever happened to my health. I transferred my records to him and he treated me with respect, taking time to look at past test results before ordering more or just dismissing my concerns. He always takes time to explain diagnoses, medications, side effects, and answer questions. Dr. Balette listens and thinks before drawing conclusions. It is obvious he is a man with strong integrity.
I would never recommend this doctor to anyone, not even an enemy. Very dismissive, did not address my concerns, belittled me, tricked me into having my father in the room (to try and force me on anti-depressants), and the nail in the coffin was when he tried to claim my "improved" attitude through his care when really, I was happily picking up my records to go elsewhere. I tried to give him a fair chance before judging (hence multiple visits) but I have heard similar concerns from other women.
Dr. Balette has cared for members of my family for years. He was the first to correctly diagnose my heart disease, and is probably , to a large extent, responsible for me being alive. He takes whatever time is necessary to explain each medical issue to us, and seems to truly care that we understand. Plus, he tells a good story.
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