I would never recommend this practice to anyone for any reason. The office is disgusting, the staff and doctors are not friendly and actually quite rude. The doctor at one point had not documented four months + worth of visits in their own notes. They don't introduce themselves and have no experience whatsoever with kids. I'm alarmed that they practice medicine. The wait times are ridiculous, we've waited over three hours at one point. The doctors are not receptive and rush you through. Terrible
We used Dr. Umar for 2 years. He is very inconsiderate of your time with long wait times (2 hours) each visit. The front desk staff (who was always great to us) said they may start scheduling at 11 a.m. but he doesn't come in sometimes till 12 or 1 p.m. We received the correct diagnosis from Dr. Umar but as far as a treatment plan there was none. It was just come in every 2-3 months, here's your prescription, see you later. Some may be okay with this but we wanted more. We won't return.
I am the maternal grandmother of the patient. I have taken my grand child to several appointments. The waiting to be seen is beyond professional. Average wait has been 2 hours. I now call ahead and see when to bring in the patient. The last appointment, I accompanied the patient into the room. During the first part of the appointment, I interrupted to ask if he had the right chart. If I hadn't done that I am concerned how that appointment would have turned out!
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