I was a patient for 5 yrs. Out of the blue I could not get a prescription for a refill. Dr Creque told me he had never prescribed or filled the script, had no records of it, and I was not at McDonalds, and to find a new Dr. I went to Rite Aid and they were shocked.... and gladly printed five years of records for me with refills called in/faxed/emailed and approved by either Dr Creque over 20 times. I left it in his office. He then went to Rite Aid because he thought I forged the records.
Uncaring. Ready to move on to the next patient. Thorough is not in his vocabulary. Entire family used to be patients. initially satisfied but over long term it appeared more like we were just a paycheck than a person with a medical condition.
The overall story is to complicated to sdiscribe here but I can assure anyone reading this they are in capable hands with Dr.Creque.
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