Our family (7 total) have received great service from Dr. Curtis for over 20 years. He is excellent. In fact, we trust his ability and judgement so much that after moving to New Mexico my wife and I return to Kentucky for our annually exams.
Dr. Curtis is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. His staff is helpful and friendly. I had to wait but offices are like that these days. This guy knows his stuff!
Dr. Curtis is fabulous! He's pays close attention to detail and always listens to my symptoms. He is very patient, thorough, and smart as a whip. I highly recommend him as well as his eyewear store, Bella Eyewear.
Great experience!!! Dr. Curtis is the best!! Office staff is friendly. Everyone is professional. He performed my cataract surgeries and now I have 20-20 vision and colors are more vivid again! I would strongly recommend him to anyone for their eye care needs.
My mother had bad cataracts and Dr. Curtis did her surgery and she has 20/20 vision now. She is so happy with the results and she loves seeing Dr. Curtis for her regular appointments. Sometimes we have to wait a little to see him but it's worth it. I recommend him to everyone I know.
My family has been seeing Dr. Curtis for over 10 years and he is the very best in his field. He's fantastic with my kids and always makes us feel comfortable during our yearly exams, and he explains everything very well. His staff is friendly and we get our glasses there too. I'm happy he's seeing patients in Lexington now, because my sisters family has started seeing him too.
I was there over two hours and saw Dr Curtis maybe five minutes. Office staff is rude. The person doing the refraction was in such a hurry that she didn't even left you see choice one before flipping to choice two. Doctor didn't very refraction. They should not charge so much if the doctor is not going to at least validate the results.
Very skilled physician who performed an urgent procedure, which resolved my problem.
Very poor customer service. I was there for over two hours waiting to see the dr for a midday appointment and did not get called until there was no one else in the waiting room that they could call. Also, they somehow didn't manage to call in my greatly needed antibiotic eye drops to the pharmacy before it closed leaving me without any eye medication until the next day after I had called to inquire about the prescription 2 hours earlier. Very poor experience..would not recommend to anyone.
There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Curtis uses his many years of education and experience to provide the absolute best standard of medical care to his patients, and we are lucky to have him here! He and his staff are wonderful, and always brighten my day. I trust their medical opinions and advice wholeheartedly.
First time patient in March of 2016. Myself and my 10 yr old daughter both had appointments. Desk clesrk was completely rude.Waited an 1 1/2 to be seen. Dr. Curtis tried to sell me on a pair of $1000 Malabu Jim sunglasses. The office charged me two $60 co pays under my medical insurance when the procedures Dr Curtis did was covered under my routine eyecare policy. Which shouldve been $10 copays. Charged me and then my insurance company! Double dipping complaint to the board is pending!
He was so rude to my 84 year old grandmother tha t it was sickening. He got upset when we got a second opinion. I would never recommend him!

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