Dr Anthony was a caring, attentive, sympathatic physician while caring for me. I cried when I realized he had moved to KY, since he had always cared for me from the beginning of my diagnosis. I miss him very much and feel sort of like a stepchild with my new dr. New Dr inherited me because Dr Anthony moved. Mixed feelings, Debra Nilson
Dr. Anthony is knowledgeable, an expert/specialist in neuroendocrine cancer, compassionate, and patient-centric. He spends time with a patient answering questions and providing information needed by the patient. He never seems to be rushed when talking with patients. When his staff and nurses show respect and love for him, you know you have a winner.
Did not take time to ask questions of patient - Spent the 20-30 minutes talking about himself, and his accomplishments. Did not leave us with a feeling of hope, rather hopelessness.
He is not up to date on the latest advances in breast cancer treatment. He prefers Adriamycin even if there is a newer, less harmful, with fewer rounds, chemotherapy regimen available. His clinic herds patients through like cattle and the nurses are not compassionate or responsive. One if them yelled at me for reporting side effects from chemotherapy. Had a hard time getting in to see him after one treatment causes my lips and mouth to swell and I had sores in my mouth.
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