Dr. Menke is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone that is having spinal issues. He was recommended to me as one of the best, and I would have to agree 100%.
Extremely unhelpful. Spent very little time with me. Wife had same experience at this practice with another MD. Also, the office still doesn't have electronic medical records OR digital x-ray imaging.
Was very cold. Made me as if I was wasting his time. Workers comp made me go to this doctor. He made it clear he was on their side. Told me he couldn't help me but would refer me to pain management or to settle. Rarely made eye contact. Spoke more directly to the workers comp case worker.
One star is honestly to prestigious a review after the experience I had with Dr. Vaughn's office..... Made light of my pain,basically told me my spine wasn't bad enough for surgery that I was wasting his time. Told me to go to a pain clinic. Complete waste of time,money, and anticipation of help from a medical (professional)..... Oh and his staff is rude and treat you as a aggrivation
Was sent to this doctor through workers care for a back injury and he spent almost the whole visit with his back to me just asking questions and when he did do an exam that consisted of how far could i bend forwards and backwards and when he looked at my back all he did was lightly press and ask if it hurt and that was the end but that was good enough for him tell insurance that i could return to full duty while i still have pain!
Beware of this Dr. Because he Is terrible about helping you if you need help with disability. Not only that but I had to get another Dr. That seen my problem and also he done surgery to repair where Stephens done, but this Dr. Stopped practice and I thought I would go back to Stephens again and he was not only rude rude rude with me but talked about the other dr. Like a dog. I will never step foot in his office again. If you've ever seen another dr or need help this man will not help you. beware
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