Dr. Duncan was my son's doctor for 5 years, then she left Berea Whitehouse Clinic with no notice to us. She is a great, caring doctor. I wish i knew where she was now because i would move my son to where she is now. I don't care for the doctors that are at Berea Whitehouse Clinic. The two my little boy has seen since Dr. Duncan left are uncaring and cold
Dr. Drenkhahn seems to have limited knowledge in her field, yet disregards patients knowledge of their own bodies and knowledge of treatments that have worked for them in the past. I visited her several times for tiredness. She said I was ok. After several visits, I asked to see someone else. Turns out I have a Vitamin B deficiency - she never even tested me for it.
Drenkhahn seems to have limited knowledge. Appears disrespectful. Shows no empathy. Makes assumptions without taking time to read patient history (I have been a patient for 10 years) Extremely rude - her lack of knowledge & lack of professional judgement has caused me 10 weeks of excruciating pain every single day. I never use pain meds - It took 6 calls in 3 weeks to her to get a referral to see a QUALIFIED physician. I have spinal surgery in three weeks. I wish her the pain I suffered.
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