Dr Allen is the best!! He has taken care of my daughters for years and there's no one else out there like him! He takes his time and makes sure he answers every question and if your not happy he will find a way to make sure you are!! Thanks for all you do Dr Allen, you rock!
Dr. Cornett is the kindest person I have ever met. He took time to explain my treatment plan thoroughly & answered all of my questions. Cancer treatment will be a lot less scary with a Dr. who is kind & caring!
Over quite a number of years, Dr. Hill has been nothing short of caring, compassionate and trustworthy. I've followed her move from facility to facility, even though it's far from my home. That should speak volumes.
I'm a a 69 year old male and had a terrible upper resp. infection and was unable to see Dr Miller my primary Dr. Dr. Calhoun was assigned to me instead. he ask questions, did some examination related to my condition. I had 2 shots in the hip and 4 prescriptions assigned. Dr. Calhoun was efficient and thorough. A week later I'm well and about 90%. Dr. Calhoun was very professional and did what his job is to heal people. I'm very thankful to him. Thanks Dr.Calhoun much appreciated. D.Perry
My family and I go to Dr.Dave no complaints from us. Dr.Dave and his staff have always gone above and beyond for us!
Great doctor!
Very thorough. Addresses my concerns in a timely manner. Only downside is that she is sometimes hard to get in to see, but the Nurse Practitioners in the group can squeeze you in.
Dr. Hammerbeck is one of the most caring doctors I have ever known. She listens to your needs and follow throughs in helping you to get well. She is located downtown in Louisville. That is the only problem for me. As I have no clue in driving there. My daughter has to take me. I wish she would work out of Norton's on Bardstown Road.. Then I would only be driving for 1 mile. This does not stop me from having her as my doctor. I don't want to change doctors. She is the BEST doctor.
This doctor was not very professional in the ways that matter. She made light of my yearly physical and at one point told me to be concerned about Ebola because of the area in which I worked at the hospital. Had she read a single one of the Ebola updates put out every day, she would have known that my area would never a receive a specimen from a suspected Ebola case. She had a condescending tone and fake demeanor.
Seems to be a decent doctor with fair bedside manner but being a part of Norton Healthcare system makes getting anything done quickly or easily an impossibility.
Was looking for new physician and went to see Katie and she was very nice. Listens to you and I would highly recommend her. I will be switching.
Great Dr
She's the best Dr I've found by far
Dr. Brown has been my Dr. for many years and has helped me to maintain my health through her very competent care. She is a wonderful and caring person. Her knowledge of my several health concerns and keeping my symptoms under control through the different medications is a comfort to me. I am blessed to have as my Dr.
Hammerbeck listens and takes time to go over my medical concerns. The staff at CMA are also very helpful.
Excellent bedside manner. She really takes the time to listen and explain. Very sweet gal. I highly recommend her as a pcp
He is my family Dr. He is very attentive to my needs and easy to deal with.
One of the nicest APRN I have ever seen! Was very attentive to my concerns and took every step necessary to help me. I highly recommend her!
Dr. Hammerbeck was thorough in her examination, she spent time discussing my health and my concerns, she is personable and very witty. I am extremely happy with her as my physician.
Apart from the very good experiences with Dr. Dave. I've have had the most stressful problems with the staff not communication pertinent information to my pharmacist to acquire my medicines! Presently I'm OUT OF meds for my sleeping disorder due to false information from Dr. Dave's office concerning my patient status. After talking to staff & being promised it's taken care of i still cannot get meds? It is now Xmas Eve and still no meds & my health is being adversely affect!
He's knowledgeable but not very friendly or personable. I like the Norton system though and can't get into the doctor I'd really like to see there. Wish I could find someone I felt more comfortable with.
I don't normally leave reviews; but seeing some of the others, I thought I would. Dr. Schulman has been my Internists for 4 years and is very good at what he does. If you are looking for a "life coach", therapist, buddy, comedian or grandmother-ly physician, he is probably the wrong person to visit. I appreciate his forward, no-nonsense approach to my visit and am always seen in a reasonable amount of time when I arrive on time.
I'm 60 yrs old. Been going to Physicians for a long time. I've never known a physician who is more thorough, prepared and knowledgeable.
I appreciate Dr. Spalding a great deal. I had basically quit going to the doctor because I always felt like I was not heard and always rushed out. I have been going to Dr. Spalding and so greatly appreciate the fact that I feel I have been heard and never rushed out. I think he is awesome.
Excellent doctor! I wouldn't recommend anyone else as a primary care physician! He always listens to any concerns I have. One of the nicest, most caring doctors I have ever met!
Dr. Spalding is great! He actually listens to you and doesn't try to push meds like some doctors. My husband and I both go to him. My husband is not the best at staying on top of his refills. Dr. Spalding is always great about calling them in for him in a pinch. The office is also always on schedule. You never wait long for your appointment.
My son and I both go to Dr. Ryle. We both think the world of him and neither one of us would think of going to anyone else. He's a wonderful person, and an outstanding doctor. He's very knowledgeable of current medications. He's a great listener. He tries his to make sure he covers all your medical issues. Best of the best!
Dr. Spalding is always prompt to respond, whether is be by phone call or through my chart.
This man has very poor bedside manners. He is rude. Does not allow you to explain your issues. Spends majority ofthe appointment typing on the computer (without advising you of what he is entering). My insurance was billed 305.00 for a first time office visit and all he did was critique and talk over me and type on the computer. He was more concerned with changing my medicine than being concerned with my current issues. I advised him of his poor bedside manners and poor listening skills.
If you expect your internist to always ask about your life and lifestyle (stress, sleep, sex, exercise, etc.) and what changes have occurred since he last saw you, you probably do not wish to engage Dr. Schulman. If you expect that your internist will always be truthful, observe the patient privacy rules and be at all times professional, you probably do not wish to engage Dr. Schulman.
Dr.Scales is a wonderful doctor. She always spend a lot of time in the room with my family and I. The staff always takes great care of us. I love this office and group of Doctors and would not trust the care of my children with any other Doctor!
Dr Smallwood is the most thorough and caring doctor ever. Office staff are pleasant and helpful. Highly recommend.
Wold not recommend. Poor decision making skills. Great with beside manner. Okay if you only need to treat a cold.
Dr. Lori is a blessing to our family,I remember bringing in our son Sam for a check up when he was a little fellow .He was so nervous .Dr. Scales and her staff calmed him right down and was able to give him the exact treatment he needed. Thankyou Norton family for taking such good care of us
If I could give negative stars I would. When Walgreens decided to not refill my blood pressure medication I was told I needed to schedule an appointment. Seeing as this was a Friday and I was moving across the country 2 days later I needed to speak with Dr. Spalding directly to work out a resolution. After talking to a receptionist and explaining my situation 3 times I was told I could not speak to him without an appointment but there was no openings before my move. He STILL refused to call me.
Doctor Ryle will provide the best care for his patient and tries to prevent high expenses. He is very reasonable and an all around great Doctor. I would recommend him to anyone.
Was my family doctor. Was in hospital for 3 days and never showed up. When I got out, I made an appointment for a follow up. I was 10 min late and I called. They said fine, come anyways. I got there 10 min, nurse took another 10 to check me in and then said, he won't take you because you're 20 min. After being in hospital for 3 days, he still turned me away. Though you sit in waiting room for a bit and nurse didn't check me in for another 10 min, they still turned me away. Can't care to much.
Dr loehle is the best of the best my doc takes time with you. I lost my mom last year he was very very helpful to my care
I actually happened upon Dr. Kauffman when I had to go to Urgent Care. I had just moved back to Louisville and was looking for a new Primary Care. She was so great with my visit that day I asked if she was accepting new patients. Luckily she was. I've been to her ever since. Once I got engaged and now married, I got my new husband on board and he is seeing her too. She is confident, recommends and reassures. She cares and remembers you each time you go in.
Best doctor I have had in a long time. Period.
Dr Poorkay is very friendly and very personable. He's very popular so be prepared to wait to see him.
I would never recommend Dr. Kocian to family and friends. His bedside manner is terrible. At my last apt, he rolled his eyes when I attempted to bring up my medical concerns. He does not focus on my physical well-being but insists on analyzing my mental health which is not why I go to see him. I see a number of medical specialists and as my primary care provider, he is the worst to interact with. I will be switching providers.
Dr. Poorkay prescribed new meds. one week later, still pharmacy has not received insurance authorization from his office. Daily phone calls to his office are either on hold, the lady who answers the phone says she will leave a message for Shiela or you get the answering service. After one week, received no followup concerning my inquiries.
While u may have to wait past ur appointment time with him . He is worth the wait . He has helped keep my diabetes under control for about 4 years and even helped with my children and advice . I don't say this about my physicians but he is one of my top 3 . Thanks for all u do for all ur patients.
Dr. Johns is an exceptional doctor the kind they used to put on TV decades ago. She will always go the extra mile for her patients. She treats people with the same respect she holds for her family.
Stacy is wonderful. She takes time to educate and explain diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. Very personable!
I just love Dr Jennings. He really is awesome. I actually look forward to seeing him. He is easy to get an appointment with and always spends as much time as he needs to with each patient without every being late. He takes the time to explain things to you and really seems to care about you and your problems.
I found Dr. Kapp to be very pleasant and knowledgeable. I do recommend him to people who I know. I feel very comfortable with him as my doctor.
Poorly run practice, very inept staff and Dr who doesn't care how long patients wait while fasting. Husband was there early for 11 a. m at 2;30 still waiting to see dr for first appt girl who answered phone said that is a standard wait for his patients. REALLY ? he has to work 3rd shift tonight. ! No reccomendations for this Dr, they are earned when they value the clientele. Don't make an appt unless you have all day to wait. No Dr worth that
I waited 2 hours and the front staff said I was disrespectful because I was very unhappy. I felt I had been very disrespected due to keeping me that long did not even get to see the Dr. I am a person with other things I am required to do as well as sit and wait.
Dr. Miller is the BEST doctor ever. He is kind and patient and always goes above and beyond for the health of his patients!
I came to Dr Kaufman because my other dr went to a program of special patients for a extra price . The first visit to Dr Kaufman was VERY PLEASANT from the time I walked through the door till when I left the office . I was taking promptly and NEVER felt rushed , She answers ANY questions and explains completely .My wife changed Dr and now goes to her and also satisfied . If you have questions she will have answers you understand and NEVER RUSHES YOU ,I am so glad I found a Dr TRUELY CARES !
Qualified, considerate, personable and attentive.
Just recently met Dr. Kocian for my issue with my right knee. Very impressed with him. He has a wonderful bedside manner that you don't find much anymore. Going to see him again soon!
He's been my Doctor since he came to this location - "double ditto" to all the good that's been said about him here. He is that terrific! ?? And, the office is well managed by a top notch staff.
I was introduced to Dr. Poorkay through Dr. Rodriguez in 2013. Dr. Poorkay has been with me every since then. He is a Wonderful and very Thoughtful doctor. I has treated me Diabetes Very Good!! He listens, He Respects And He Cares about All of his patients. He has guided me through this journey in my life and fine job!! I have great respect for Dr. Poorkay and Always will have. His staff is Wonderful and Very Nice. Thank You!!
Dr. Miller is from the old school of doctors he is kind, caring, personable and thorough. Bottom line he cares about his patients we are not just a number to him. He has taken care of me since the early 90's and I cannot imagine using a different doctor. I have to go to specialist for my health and they don't even come close to comparing to Dr. Miller. Too bad more health professionals are not as loving and caring and kind, towards their patients this can at times make bad health issues easier.
I really liked the way Dr. Miller treated me and my husband. He spoke to us with respect and I trust his opinion and judgment. I wish more doctors could be like him. Thank you Dr. Miller.
I have already recommended dr. Kocian and he now treats my brother and sister in law
Dr. Poorkay's office staff does nothing to help him in the form of acknowledging their tardiness nor being helpful or sorry for, in their words, always running 2-4 hours late.
Miss Jones was very understanding and listens she was very friendly,and understood my problem and helped very much with it.
Dr. Metz-Dunn is an excellent doctor. she takes her time and truly cares. She has been my doctor for over 25 years and can't imagine having to go to any other doctor. I have such faith and trust in her that when I moved 10 years ago, I still drive 1 1/2 hours each way for my appointments.
Dr. Loehle always takes the time to have patients understand and he listens. I accept his recommendations. Simply the BEST.
Thank You Dr.Kapp !! Finally a doctor that won't say two words and run out the door . Dr.Kapp sits down and talks and explains everything. I highly recommend him !!
Dr. Kauffman is very compassionate and thorough. She takes as much time as needed to listen to you and get a thorough grasp of what your symptoms are. She looks for any possible interactions between current meds and anything new that she might prescribe. She is confident, yet humble. Of all the doctors I've seen over the years, I would say that Dr. Kauffman is my favorite.

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