Katie spent a lot of time with my father and showed she really cares about his welfare. She returned my call when she was out of the office starting her vacation and answered all my questions and followed up with what she said she would do. ??
Professional, caring, and really listens to the patient. Loves what she does, and it shows. Wouldn't go to anyone else!
Dr. Shah is very conscientious and easy to converse with. His explanations are simple for a nonmedical person to understand. He is very concerned and takes his time with patients and family.
I couldn't have been more impressed with Dr Remmel. Her bedside manner was wonderful and she took real interest in me and my situation. It was a great experience.
Dr Shafer is a great doctor he goes over everything in your medical history and takes time to listen to your concerns.
Excellent bedside manner. Takes time to explain the health condition. Friendly. Compassionate.
The staff, his nurses, and himself had no respect for the individual patient, could barely answer questions, did not check my current meds with the new one for interactions, lost my records - I could go on but in the end that appointment was a waste: I'm on a medication that doesn't work and has given me worrisome side effects, I have no idea what he diagnosed me with and nobody in the office will give me a note to return to work. Changing offices.
The rudest, most unconcerned doctor I think I have ever met. I was referred there by U of L pain management trying to get some help and answers, and after maybe a 10 minute visit, that he was rude, unconcerned, unprofessional and started asking me why I came to see him, why was I there, the list goes own, I left in tears. I did not go there to be treated so badly by this terrible doctor. I plan on filing a complaint with the head of Neurology and with the Head of U of L Pain management
I participated in Dr. LaFaver's MORE program at Frazier Rehab in Louisville and cannot be thankful enough for having my life back! Wonderful experience and great team!
Seemed preoccupied, not very attentive. Acted like she couldn't be bothered with questions. No plans to deal with her again in the future. Thumbs down :(
I would give Dr. Abou-Chebl the highest recommendation. He really helped me out when I needed it the most. You won't go wrong with him as your doctor.
A bit "prickly" in bedside manner, but outstanding in decisive and aggressive surgical response. Super when we needed him to be!
Fantastic neurologist, thorough, made me feel at ease.
Very thorough and caring doctor. Would highly recommend her.
Very compassionate care. Dr LaFaver is brilliant!!
Dr. LaFaver is very compassionate!
Very knowledgeable and caring. Very thorough.
I have just started seeing Dr.Nord and she is a truly awesome doctor after seeing my local neurologist for 17 yrs I left Dr.Nord office and for the first time I can say I left a doctor's office feeling very hopeful and encouraged. I recommend her to anyone needing a professional and courteous doctor.
My neurosurgeon laughed at what they said and sent me to another neurologist that diagnosed me correctly and gave me the only med that helps. I'm doing much better
He's the best neurologist I've worked with for my Myesthenia Gravis. He has my best interest at heart. It's well worth the 240 mile round trip to see him. In the past two years, I've been in the hospital in Owensboro and Dr. Brown has worked with the doctors here to help me recover.
Dr. Alex is a very caring and dedicated doctor. My husband had been ill for 3 years when we came to the ER at Baptist Health. Once admitted to the hospital Dr. Abou-Chebl and Rose Ballard never left our side until they found and answer. My husband went from being in a wheelchair to walking with a cane after Doctor's diagnosis. We Thank him for being and excellent doctor.
I have called Dr. Lui's office many times in the last month. I told both Leslie and Sherry that I was having some of the same symptoms that I had with my previous stroke. They have not returned my calls and today I was informed that Leslie was to busy to take my call. I have been trying to get a scan scheduled for the past month. I like Dr. Lui very much, however I feel that his staff does see any urgency in my request.
This was my first visit with Colleen . She was knowledgeable, kind, & helpful. I will see her again !
always a great visit with Dr. Knoop... she is happy and encouraging.. she asks alot of questions first to me. then dr. calls her my bride..
we have always had a great visit with Colleen Knoop
Good all the way had a good experience
Colleen Knoop has been extremely helpful with the treatment and management of my Dad's Parkinson's Disease. She is very knowledgeable, personable, and always takes time to answer our questions.
This was a very good, very productive visit. As they always are when I have an appointment with Colleen Knoop and the entire Neurology Dept.
I was so please with dr Knoop. she was great
Dr. Knoop's professional attitude attitude, cheerful countenance and knowledge of PD and they medications used to treat it made me feel very comfortable with her suggested course of treatment for me.
Dr Knoop was very professional, had a very up beat and pleasant personality which i think is important in her line of work. She took time to listen to her patients' concerns . I felt it was a very satisfying and informed visit. I would have no problem recommending her,
Very professional and thorough during exam. Left nothing to chance during the diagnosis portion of the exam. Very pleased with the entire experience.
The best?? I needed a coil and stent and they got me in asap. Anytime I have a question,I call and get an answer within a day. A doctor I trust.
Dr. Friedland is a clinical and research neurologist so yes, he is busy but is extremely knowledgeable about his field and is even actively looking for new treatments. He was able to diagnose my mom after we saw multiple other specialists and she had tons of other tests. He was always polite in our appointments and seemed to give us honest answers to our questions. I appreciated his expertise during a difficult process.
Never familiar with my case. Asked questions not pertinent to me. (He had the wrong chart). Documented notes & results in my record that weren't mine. ordered a test & on return visit for results said I didn't do test, Asked who ordered it, (HIM) where I had it done (THERE). Insisted I hAd not done the test,brought nurse into room & told her to inform me there weren't results then left room. Nurse able to find results immediately but it was 2 1/2 HOURS before he came back to go over them.
He was very arrogant. I saw him the day after my TIA in the hospital. He said that I was probably making more of my symptoms of the day before since I had a little knowledge of speech. However, I had paralysis of the right side of my face and slurred speech. He may very well be quite good at his profession but his bedside manner is non existing.
I am seeing Dr. LaFaver for torticollis. She has been treating me with Botox which has made a world of a difference for me. She is always kind and treats me like family. I would highly recommend this doctor.
The most uncaring doctor I've ever met. And, as a nurse I've met my fair share. I don't even know how she has patients, she's cold and it's obvious she could care less if you lived or died.
She is a very caring, understanding, down to earth Dr. that knows her business. I feel completely safe in her care. The first time I met her I knew I had finally found the Dr. I needed to be seeing. The waiting room is clean and neat, . she is awesome and I feel very fortunate to have found her.Her waiting time in not always the time I chose. sometimes it is less than 10 min. it is according to what she had scheduled before my appt. and I am willing to wait, Not a problem.
He is very compassionate about his patients!! I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and him and his resident answered ALL of my questions and concerns and did not try to rush through the appointment. They also had a great sense of humor. I would definitely recommend Dr. Evans to anyone looking for a neurologist!!
From the check-in to my initial visit with Dr Abou-Chebl, I was treated professionally throughout the visit. Dr Abou-Chebl is a man of energy as he went about his examination. He was very thorough, asked many questions of me and in turn offered me many opportunities to provide my own input. I am favorably impressed with Dr Abou-Chebl, his PA Laura, as well as the screening assistant and reception area personnel. I walked out with the sense that I am being well cared for.
He was very professional and so very nice. I felt very comfortable talking to him. I would recommend him to anyone.
The calmest, most timely, office visit I've ever had. The receptionist was friendly, unrushed, and thoughtful to the elderly woman in front of me. I was treated with the same respect. She was obviously happy with her job. The admitting nurse, Kellie, I believe, was very professional and easy to talk to. NP Rose was friendly, and knowledgeable and put me at ease. Dr Alex was thorough and down to earth. I will go back if I have a problem and I will recommend this Dr and staff to friends
Dr. Abou-Chebl is fabulous. He treated my mother at Baptist East after she had a stroke. His quick reaction, calm demeanor and compassionate yet direct personality enabled the best decisions to be made for her to have a full recovery. I would highly recommend him.
Excellent neurologist, informed, caring and honest
Dr Farber was simply amazing! We did have to wait for a few months to get in to see him but he was well worth the wait for us. We did not wait very long in the waiting room nor in the room once we got back. He listened to us without interrupting, he was very warm and kind, made me feel right at ease. I feel that he truly knows what he's talking about. He was EXTREMELY good with my son and make him so comfortable by making jokes with him. He did not rush us out and answered every question Ihad
Spends inadequate time (5 minutes or less) and does not listen.

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