Dr. Bensenhaver does move swiftly with his patients, but he's professional. When I was inpatient he was the doctor assigned to me. After I transferred to outpatient care he still stopped by a couple of times per week to make sure that I was doing well using the medication he prescribed. It's like he can look at you and tell which medication will work for your condition! The medication he chosefor me has given me a new life. He is not my regular psychiatrist, but I am grateful for his care!
NEVER allow this doctor to see anyone you care about.
Dr. Brown hardly saw me at all when I was hospitalized. He stated in my medical records that I was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital for a lengthy time. This is totally untrue. I have NEVER been a patient in that hospital and provided him proof. He refuses to change the records.
I had my 3rd appointment scheduled 2 months ago with Dr. Bays (Dr. Bozo). Since then, I now qualify for Medicade. I called and told them this 1 week before my appointment. They told me they would have to refer me to someone else, but i should keep my appointment anyway to make sure my meds were extended. They also said a copy of my records would be made at that time. Well, after 47 minutes, no records made, I was told "He can't see you because he had a patient that went over their time today" Ha
Wonderful! I was uncertain about talking with anyone about the problems I was experiencing, and Jessica was very easy to talk to.
Dr. Harris takes the time to make sure I'm not having any complications with my medication and he takes the time to make me feel like a patient and not a paycheck. It's a huge part of why I am sharing this review.
Dr. Deland is an amazing, compassionate, insightful Doctor. He listens and cares about your input as well as offering his, which he does respectively and professionally. I feel incredibly blessed to have Dr. Deland as my Doctor.
I went to Dr. Bays 3 times. He was over 45 minutes late each. He was condescending most of the time as though I had no idea what I was talking about for my own mental health. I do not recommend him.
Tried another therapist and was 3rddissatisfied. Psychiatrist recommended Ms. Parker. She was very good and has helped me greatly.
Similar to a tree stump but not as concerned. Very curt, abrupt and non-communicative. Absolutely no empathy or time taken to answer questions. He appeared to be just putting in his time. I would not let him treat my dog.

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