She took excellent care of our son in the emergency department.
Came in with multiple symptoms (unable to urinate, lower back pain, fever, headache, and nausea) that had persisted for 4 days. Dr. Fannin proceeded to give me Toradol 30MG IM without explaining what I was getting and send me home.
Dr Nelson is one of the best Dr's. I've ever had. He diagnosed my interstitial lung disease and has always treated me so good. I sure hope he gets well enough to come back to the practice. I'm going to have a real hard time adjusting to another lung Dr.
Gave my adult daughter MORPHINE when she came in after 9 days of Nausea, Vomiting Diahrreah &Migraine headache. My daughter even said Excedrin Migraine was managing the pain, and the nausea was the issue. She failed to notice that her Calcium was low, a possible cause or exasperation of migraines. Absolutely unacceptable
DR. Mehdi emotionally very tough, emotionally very intelligent/forensics ,intellectually, huge reserve of patience, compassionate, shows empathy with feedback, has good listening skills, establishes trust, paraphrases, understanding, firm, doesn't easily give in to power struggles, or challenging, or go against medical advise, makes patients take responsibility for their own actions, quiet, reserved, well-mannered, good eye contact, observant, picks up subtext, 8-9 out of 10. no privatepractise
Does not meet with patients to discuss care. Keeps patients and families waiting on test results. Does not return phone calls or pages.

Emg (Electromyography)
Excision, Shaving, Or Destruction Of Skin And Subcutaneous Tissue (Incl. Mohs Micrographic Surgery), Tissue Transfer
Psychiatric Medication Therapy
Ablation For Treatment Of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Abscess Or Fluid Incision And Drainage
Arterial Blood Gas Test (Abg)
Cardiac Catheterization (Incl. Coronary Angiography)
Cardiac Electrophysiology
Cardiac Imaging
Cardiac Mri (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Of Heart Or Chest
Cardiac Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Cardiovascular Stress Test
Cardioversion, Elective
Cardioverter-Defibrillator Or Pacemaker Insertion, Removal Or Repair
Chest Ct (Incl. Heart And Lungs)
Colpopexy With Robotic Assistance
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (Cpap)
Coronary Angioplasty, Atherectomy And Stent
Destruction Or Excision Of Vaginal Lesions
Dressing And-Or Debridement Of Wound, Infection, Or Burn (Incl. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy)
Eeg (Electroencephalogram)
Electroconvulsive Therapy (Ect)
Endocervical Curettage
Excision Of Skin Lesion
Fetal Monitoring
Group Psychotherapy
Hysterectomy - Laparoscopic
Incontinence Sling Procedure
Joint Drainage
Laparoscopic Excision Or Destruction Of Ovary With Robotic Assistance
Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure
Laparoscopic Vaginal Hysterectomy With Robotic Assistance
Lung Surgery
Myomectomy - Open And-Or Laparoscopic
Nerve Block, Somatic
Nerve Block, Sympathetic
Pacemaker Insertion Or Replacement
Pap Smear
Peripheral Artery Catheterization
Peripheral Nerve Block
Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Ultrasound
Psychiatric Evaluation
Psychotherapy And Psychophysiological Therapy (Incl. Biofeedback)
Pulmonary Function Test
Removal Of Reproductive Organs (Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Resection Of Peritoneal Malignancy)
Removal Or Revision Of Pacemaker Or Cardioverter And-Or Defibrillator
Respiratory Management
Rh Incompatibility Screening
Skin Grafts
Smoking Cessation Counseling
Steroid Injection
Thyroid Screening
Tilt Testing Or Cardiac Event Monitors
Tubal Ligation
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (Vbac)
Vaginal Delivery And Vbac
Vaginal Surgery
Wound Repair
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